5 Nicknames for Vintage Rolex Models That You Should Know

5 Nicknames for Vintage Rolex Models That You Should Know

What’s in a name?

Rolex watches are known for their attractive features, preeminent accuracy, and rich allure. Inside the Rolex gatherer community, they’re additionally known for their eccentric epithets, particularly vintage models. Truth be told, these substitute marks are so generally acknowledged that, notwithstanding being utilized among gatherers, they are additionally commonly utilized by sell off houses, news sources, and all around regarded Rolex reference book writers to discuss certain Rolex watches.

Freccione, DRSD & Paul Newman

Rolex Nicknames To Remember

Some Rolex watches acquired their epithets in light of celebrated individuals related with them, like the “Paul Newman”, “James Bond” or the “Jean-Claude Killy”, while others got them because of their unmistakable tone, specific shape or configuration detail. Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned authority, or a beginner simply joining the community, here are five nicknames for vintage Rolex watches that you will unquestionably come across .

The Double Red Sea-Dweller

Double Red Sea-Dweller

Rolex dispatched the Sea-Dweller 1665 out of 1967 after a coordinated effort with COMEX to deliver a jumping watch that could withstand extraordinary profundities. On the dial of the recently delivered ref. 1665, “Sea-Dweller” and “Submariner 2000” were composed on two lines in red content, along these lines, giving the piece its moniker, the Double Red Sea-Dweller, or DRSD for short.

The Sea-Dweller Great White

Great White

A decade after the underlying presentation of the Sea-Dweller 1665 out of 1967, Rolex revealed another Sea-Dweller model in 1977, yet it kept a similar reference number, ref. 1665. On the new 1977 Sea-Dweller, the trademark red content on the dial had now been supplanted with an all-white textual style across the four lines of text, clarifying why the piece has acquired the moniker the “Great White”.

Explorer 1655 “Freccione”


In 1971, Rolex delivered the Explorer II 1655 and it is currently commonly called the “Freccione”, which is Italian for “huge bolt” concerning the additional hour-hand with the huge bolt tip. Strangely, the Explorer II 1655 is additionally often named the “Steve McQueen” because of gossip that the King of Cool himself wore one , nonetheless, that reality is profoundly contested among Rolex collectors.

GMT Master II Pepsi


Originally a watch for Pan Am pilots to monitor double cross zones during the 1950s, the Rolex GMT-Master immediately turned into an amazingly well known games watch to a lot more extensive crowd. A significant part of the allure of the GMT-Master is the two-conditioned bezel found on a large number of the models inside the assortment. The red and blue bezels are quite often referred to as the “Pepsi” bezel for its closeness to the logo of the famous soft drink. This name spun off others, like the “Coke” for the red and dark bezels, and the “Root Beer” for the earthy colored and gold bezels. One of the numerous monikers in an assortment of GMT-Master watches.

Paul Newman

Cosmograph Daytona Paul Newman – as though you didn’t as of now have the foggiest idea what it was…

Without an uncertainty, the most mainstream vintage sports watches among Rolex authorities are the Cosmograph Daytonas “Paul Newman” watches. At the point when Rolex initially revealed the Daytonas with intriguing dials, they were not generally welcomed by any means, and it was exclusively after Paul Newman was seen wearing them in prominent pictures, just as in his consistently life, that their interest flooded. Furthermore, in spite of the fact that Paul Newman was never an official Rolex minister, the Daytona “Paul Newman” epithet is presently acknowledged as the official name.