A New Type of Dive Watch: The Rolex Sea-Dweller, Reference 1665

A New Type of Dive Watch: The Rolex Sea-Dweller, Reference 1665

As the company that developed the world’s first waterproof watch, Rolex has consistently been a pioneer in building watches that can get by in amphibian conditions. Nonetheless, during the last part of the 1960’s, remote ocean tests required an alternate sort of watch – one that could withstand the extraordinary pressing factors of immersion jumping. From this underlying need, Rolex rehashed the plunge watch and made the primary Rolex Sea-Dweller .

The “Twofold Red” Rolex Sea-Dweller 1665 was the absolute first form that was delivered to the public.

Rolex and COMEX

The French remote ocean plunging company, COMEX was among the first to explore different avenues regarding immersion jumping – a strategy for making a plunge which helium replaces nitrogen noticeable all around, permitting jumpers to work at a lot more noteworthy profundities and for expanded timeframes without the need to reemerge. The various hours (or days) spent in compressed chambers would compel helium atoms inside the jumpers’ watches, and during decompression, the caught helium would extend, making the gems pop wipe off their watches.

COMEX was among the first to explore different avenues regarding immersion diving.

The answer for Rolex’s compression issue came as a helium gas get away from valve on the Sea-Dweller. These valves permitted caught helium particles to exit uninhibitedly, without creating pressure inside the watch. The first since forever helium get away from valves showed up on standard reference 5513 Submariners that were models made explicitly for COMEX. These Submariners got 5514 reference numbers, and were never delivered to the public.

Experimentation with these altered Submariners drove Rolex to make the Sea-Dweller, significantly increasing their past profundity rating. The first since forever Rolex Sea-Dwellers were altered Submariners, and they didn’t highlight helium gas get away from valves. It is accepted that 30 such watches were made, albeit few stay as many fizzled eventually during immersion jump testing.

The Rolex Sea-Dweller 1665 was the principal creation watch to highlight a helium gas escape valve.

Rolex Sea-Dweller 1665

Two various variants of the reference 1665 Sea-Dweller were delivered – excluding the 12 model “Single Red” Sea-Dweller (SRSD) watches that were utilized for testing purposes or given as grants to choose people. At the point when it initially made its introduction, the Sea-Dweller 1665 got a dial that had the words “Ocean DWELLER” and “SUBMARINER 2000” imprinted in red ink (consequently their “Twofold Red” Sea-Dweller or “DRSD” epithet), while later instances of the reference 1665 embraced dials with all-white content, and deserted the “SUBMARINER 2000” marking completely, prompting their “Incredible White” nickname.

Later renditions of the Rolex Sea-Dweller 1665 got dials with all-white text.

Additionally, when the absolute first bunch of Sea-Dweller watches were made, Rolex had petitioned for, however had not at this point got the patent for the helium get away from valve. Thus, these early Sea-Dweller watches have the words, ‘ROLEX OYSTER GAS ESCAPE VALVE (PATENT PENDING)’ engraved on their casebacks, which was subsequently supplanted by “ROLEX PATENT OYSTER GAS ESCAPE VALVE” on all later forms of the reference 1665. Since just a modest bunch of these early “Patent Pending” Sea-Dweller watches were at any point delivered and they address the actual beginning of the Sea-Dweller assortment, they are currently staggeringly significant and exceptionally moan after by collectors.

The reference 1665 Sea-Dweller is important to Rolex’s set of experiences since it addresses the brand’s continuous promise to deliver top notch watches that dominate in outrageous conditions. When propels in plunging innovation made the requirement for another sort of jump watch, Rolex was there to fill that need with a watch that outperformed each fundamental detail. While the down to earth utilization of mechanical watches has been everything except dispensed with from present day scuba jumping – not to mention are proficient immersion jumpers actually depending on mechanical watches – the Rolex Sea-Dweller stays a backbone the brand’s list, and Rolex even delivered an extravagant two-tone adaptation in tempered steel and 18k gold recently at Baselworld 2019.

The reference 126600 is the latest variant of the hardened steel Rolex Sea-Dweller.