Alec Monopoly Joins The TAG Heuer Universe:  A (Street) Artist In Swiss Residence | Quill & Pad

Alec Monopoly Joins The TAG Heuer Universe:  A (Street) Artist In Swiss Residence | Quill & Pad

If you thought TAG Heuer was distinctly about games replica watch reviews and great chronograph designs, you’re going to have to look again . . . there’s a very new thing going on in Heuerland.

This new thing came to TAG Heuer, a brand generally known for its historical stopwatches and arrestingly masculine designs, alongside Jean-Claude Biver, chairman of the LVMH replica watch reviews division, who assumed control over the reins of TAG Heuer in December 2014.

Alec Monopoly wearing a TAG Hauer Caliber 5 Aquaracer that he has painted

This new thing is called “universes.” And these universes are what permit TAG Heuer to experiment with ideas, links, and strategies that may not officially fit with the golden thread of the brand’s set of experiences. The universes permit the generally quite customary TAG Heuer to open out into new possibilities of combination without forsaking the age-old messages already incorporated into the brand.

These universes are divided into four distinct sections: sport, heritage, lifestyle, and workmanship & music. Furthermore, one thing these all have in common is the idea that they need to speak to a younger – next or millennial – generation. Examples of collaborations that already exist in this vein comprise work with David Guetta (workmanship & music), One Republic (craftsmanship & music), Martin Garrix (craftsmanship & music), Cara Delevignge (lifestyle), Chris Hemsworth (lifestyle), Red Bull Racing (sport), Manchester United (game), and Muhammad Ali (heritage).

Alec Monopoly at the TAG Heuer boutique in Miami’s Design District

And this is correct where Alec Monopoly enters the scene.

Alec Monopoly

Using Art Basel Miami Beach as the backdrop, Alec Monopoly was announced as a new collaboration for TAG Heuer (workmanship & music universe). Presently, opinions have been divided on this – and Biver admitted additionally understanding that this would be a controversial and “disruptive” choice – so let’s take a closer glance at what makes this particular collaboration a potential turning point in the modern history of TAG Heuer.

” Alec Monopoly ” is the nom de plume of a youthful spray painting craftsman originally from New York City. He covers part of his face with a kerchief, handkerchief, or stylized surgical veil in public as spray painting craftsmanship is often illegal and punishable by law since it defaces the property of others. Spray painting actually falls into the category of vandalism.

Alec Monopoly’s own TAG Heuer Caliber 5 Aquaracer, which he painted

Graffiti as an artistic genre has emerged from modern splash paint spray painting, which often encompasses social or potentially political messages just as personal expression. An unrelated type of spray painting is pack territory marking; this does not matter to Alec Monopoly’s expression of the workmanship form.

Graffiti/street workmanship entered official craftsmanship galleries in the early 1980s, at which time numerous workmanship critics considered it revolutionary, while others considered it to be perpetuating crime.

Alec Monopoly moved to Los Angeles in 2008, mainly because the abundance of bulletins made it easier for him to work there. Apparently he had likewise had enough of being chased by the NYC police, yet additionally ostensibly because of the Wall Street crash. “This was my method of making a statement about what was happening,” he said.

His first independent craftsmanship show occurred at a gallery in New York in November 2010, and from that point his particular image of workmanship, which often showcases Rich Uncle Pennybags from the Monopoly game, has headed into a more corporate, mainstream place.

Alec Monopoly painted this Carrera Caliber Heuer 01 for Jean-Claude Biver, presenting it to him on the evening of the joint announcement in Miami

By 2013 Monopoly hosted not just hosted a yacht gathering sponsored by Samsung during Art Basel Miami Beach, yet he had additionally created a live painting on a piece of red carpet to help publicize Justin Bieber’s concert documentary, Justin Bieber’s Believe .

So while Monopoly’s street workmanship seemingly symbolized the descending winding of the world economy, particularly after 2008 – and he has been quoted in the LAist as saying, “The Monopoly fellow represents what was happening in Wall Street, a great deal of evil investors like Bernie Madoff” – numerous currently question is whether that is still what the Monopoly man represents to him after he became rich from his art.

Monopoly, who worries less about his critics, is clearly doing acceptable business. The word is that he has an extensive collection of replica watch reviews including timepieces by Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, and some more – however he declined to name any of these during our interview in Miami out of deference to his new collaboration with TAG Heurer, you can see some of these replica watch reviews on his Instagram account .

The jewel set one-off TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-02T that Jean-Claude Biver gifted Alec Monopoly to launch the artistic collaboration

“My collection is growing,” he said in answer to my query about what kinds of replica watch reviews he already possesses. “I actually started selling my paintings for a great deal of money now, and I’ve generally been passionate about replica watch reviews yet I could never manage the cost of them. Presently, with success, I can stand to get some replica watch reviews This [he gestures to the one-off jewel encrusted Carrera Heuer-02T with chronograph and tourbillon that Biver had recently gifted him] is my new favorite replica watch reviews It’s my first tourbillon replica watch reviews ever, so this is a defining moment for me. It’s an accomplishment to possess a tourbillon watch.”

He came to the TAG Heuer event in Miami in a quite pompous Lamborghini that he had of course painted in his own style. His Instagram feed shows him hobnobbing with celebrities and living the Dom Pérignon life.

Is Alec Monopoly’s image of craftsmanship really a “nouveau” workmanship for the nouveau riche? Or on the other hand is it “just” a new style that appeals to the youngest generation of exceptional craftsmanship (and replica watch reviews consumers?

Alec Monopoly in his self-painted Lamborghini at the TAG Heuer collaboration introduction in Miami Beach

Alec Monopoly’s self-painted Lamborghini

For TAG Heuer, this question most likely isn’t relevant. What is relevant is that the association attracts attention from the new generation of replica watch reviews consumers as much as youthful craftsmanship consumers.

In 2014, Alec Monopoly was in the main ten most searched specialists on Artnet . When I consider the other nine listed there, I believe it is safe to say that this street craftsman has made it, and that he can bring to the TAG Heuer family that which is desired: a large following.

Art Provacateur: TAG Heuer’s craftsman in residence

The TAG Heuer boutique in Miami Beach’s new Design District “tagged” by Alec Monopoly

Art Basel Miami Beach with its laid-back, yet glitz ambiance was the perfect backdrop for Biver to make the latest TAG Heuer announcement. Craftsmanship Basel Miami Beach has become a famous area of interest in which replica watch reviews brands can attract solvent American and international consumers; the workmanship reasonable’s timing is perfect not long before Christmas and well ahead of the 2017 replica watch reviews fairs, and numerous replica watch reviews marks presently take advantage.

It is here that Biver announced the new collaboration between the craftsman and the replica watch reviews brand in the TAG Heuer boutique in Miami’s Design District – in a boutique that Alec Monopoly had the pleasure of “tagging” (street speak for decorating with spray painting workmanship, could there be a more fitting slang word at this moment?).

“I have consistently had an enthusiasm for replica watch reviews I am excited by this great chance to give my creative ideas something to do for TAG Heuer. This is a perfect chance to combine my artistic abilities with my love of timepieces,” he explained.

Alec Monopoly and Jean-Claude Biver (in a great state of mind) at TAG Heuer’s Miami boutique

This adventure started between Alec Monopoly and Biver in St. Tropez numerous months prior, where Monopoly was hanging out with a well known designer friend.

Biver, who was directed to see Monopoly’s work by his youngest child, had seen some of his paintings, looked him up, and they began talks.

“He’s a very inspirational man,” said Alec Monopoly when I could find a few moments with him away from the excited crowd in the boutique to inquire as to why this cooperation is coming together. “I love replica watch reviews and I’ve been a major enthusiast of everything [Biver] does, between Hublot and now TAG. So when he mentioned a collaboration I was very excited.”

While Biver’s “other” brand, Hublot, has additionally engaged modern craftsmen, and even announced more such collaborations during Art Basel Miami Beach, TAG Heuer’s contract with Alec Monopoly is much more extensive and comprehensive than what has at this point been done in the replica watch reviews world. “We’re going to be working for a number of years, hopefully indefinitely. I love the brand, it’s an amazing partnership,” Monopoly enthused.

Alec Monopoly spares a moment to take a wristshot of his new TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-02T at TAG Heuer’s Miami boutique

“This is something new to the replica watch reviews market, nobody’s ever done a collaboration like this, where I’m going to be working in Switzerland at the factory, will have my own studio where I’ll be designing replica watch reviews coming up with a ton of new things, and working in the boutiques, turning them into workmanship galleries,” Monopoly describes the collaboration. “It’s very rare to stroll into a replica watch reviews boutique and see beautiful paintings and installations, and I’m doing sculptures, as well, so we’re really pushing the envelope. It’s tied in with doing something that is never been done before; that is the key to success in art.”

Being named “Workmanship Provacateur” is a somewhat vague description, so I asked Monopoly what exactly this entails.

“For me this is making an interruption in the craftsmanship market and in the replica watch reviews market too. So for me it’s two different universes converging. I’m creating new works in workmanship, things that have never been done – and in the replica watch reviews world too now. We’re making a disturbance, we’re making waves, we’re doing things that have never been done before – I’m a spray painting craftsman, and for a major company like TAG Heuer to bring me on as an envoy and as a designer and creating works of art especially for the boutiques, this is something that has never been done before. I think it’s really cool. To be a spray painting craftsman and to be at a replica watch reviews factory in Switzerland is amazing!”

Biver later stated that he has created a workshop for the craftsman in his own Swiss chalet in the mountains, yet that he likewise needs to travel the world with the artist.

Miami Beach’s Mondrian hotel with Alec Monopoly’s TAG Heuer spray painting spanning 10 floors

The following day, Biver and Monopoly inaugurated a monster divider in favor of Miami Beach’s Mondrian Hotel, which the craftsman had decorated. Not to be missed, even from a good ways, the installation featuring depictions of Alec himself, the TAG Heuer logo, Steve McQueen, and – of course – Rich Uncle Pennybags traverses ten stories and will continue to grace the hotel as long as its owner wishes. The craftsmanship reveals were crowned by the live completion of a picture of Biver holding a stopwatch, to which Biver likewise added a few brushstrokes.

Jean-Claude Biver and Alec Monopoly before the artist’s spray painting representation of Biver

“He will connect us to craftsmanship,” said Biver, who additionally already possesses a few of Monopoly’s paintings. “This is an extraordinary step throughout the entire existence of Swiss replica watch reviews allowing the craftsman to influence the whole brand – inside and out.”

Quick Facts Alec Monopoly’s Carrera Heuer-02T

Case: 45 mm, stainless steel set with precious stones

Movement: automatic Caliber 02 Tourbillon, C.O.S.C. certified. one-minute tourbillon made of titanium and carbon fiber, 65-hour power reserve

Functions: hours, minutes, seconds; date, chronograph

Constraint: one unique piece only for Alec Monopoly

*Disclosure: Elizabeth Doerr’s outing to Miami Beach was paid by TAG Heuer.