Bond Watch: License To Kill Rolex Submariner Up For Auction

Bond Watch: License To Kill Rolex Submariner Up For Auction

Yet another Rolex Submariner will be going under the mallet this year.

In a totally obvious new development, the watch world will see another Rolex Submariner  worn by a trick twofold go available to be purchased. This time, UK based Fellows Auctioneers will put the Submariner worn by Timothy Dalton’s trick twofold in License to Kill under the hammer.

The watch going available to be purchased was worn by Timothy Dalton’s trick double

According to the auction house, this particular Rolex was included in a vehicle pursue during the film where it was then harmed. The watch was then fixed by Rolex free of charge.

The champ of this watch will get official desk work from Rolex, photos of the team during the recording of License To Kill, and a book enumerating the creation of the film, among other things.

Certificate of Authenticity from the production company

The declaration of the offer of this watch comes only days after Phillips pulled the profoundly speculate Loren Janes McQueen Submariner from auction. The watch’s authenticity had been raised doubt about, and suspicions only continued to mount once the McQueen domain stopped a proper complaint. The Submariner in question was purportedly talented to Loren Janes by McQueen himself and was revamped by Rolex after the watch was annihilated in a fire that leveled Janes’ home in 2016. The family even had papers from the Swiss watch goliaths to help approve their story. What’s more, while the story at first looked at, the watch was at last pulled from auction.

The watch was apparently given to Janes by McQueen himself, yet was subsequently pulled from auction

That being said, papers from Rolex and a couple photos from the arrangement of a production doesn’t really mean the watch is legitimate. While we are eager to continue to see energizing historical watches being brought to people in general, there is positively a degree of distrust this specific watch makes certain to face.

The 5513 being sold was harmed during the production of License to Kill

Pre-auction gauges place the estimation of this watch in the low $100,000’s .  Honestly, we wouldn’t be amazed if the watch went for above and beyond that sum. The truth of the matter is, there’s a ton of history among Rolex and the Bond establishment, and individuals are continually able to pay a premium to possess a piece of history. We likewise wouldn’t be amazed if, a long time, the watch is pulled from auction in light of the fact that the authenticity of the watch was called into question.

As with most things, the truth will surface eventually. Up to that point, stay tuned for breaking news in regards to the License To Kill Rolex Submariner 5513 as this story continues to develop.