Book Review: ‘Breguet, Story Of A Passion 1973 – 1987’ | Quill & Pad

Book Review: ‘Breguet, Story Of A Passion 1973 – 1987’ | Quill & Pad

This fascinating book intently examines a crucial 15 years in the existence of the long, long career of Breguet , the brand. These years are particularly important to the present-day incarnation of the marque; its advanced re-establishing occurred similarly as the alleged quartz emergency that nearly killed off the Swiss watch industry was coming down.

Breguet, Story of a Passion 1973 – 1987

This book is composed as a sort of journal, a personal account. It is a long narrative, not necessarily a professionally composed novel or piece of genuine. It is an insider’s gander at how one exceptional extravagance brand was re-created in the late 1970s in Switzerland.

“Mr. Bodet has allowed his musings to stream unreservedly to help us grasp, however his own story, the profound significance of time in the advancement of information,” the distributer’s note explains. “These pages are loaded up with a feeling of modesty sustained by a conviction that – as the author aptly communicates – information is passed on by individuals filling in as controlling lights in encouraging the development of talent.”

From the book ‘Breguet, Story of a Passion 1973 – 1987’

“All his masters are named and due accolade is paid to them, since it is so clearly evident that the current fame of Breguet originates from the combined talents of all the individuals who made it conceivable to see ‘the nostalgic sound of the spirit’ in each of these watches.”

This is the unadulterated story of how the advanced Breguet brand was created after the Chaumet brothers, Jacques and Pierre, acquired it in 1970 “for an unobtrusive sum.”

From the book ‘Breguet, Story of a Passion 1973 – 1987’

The author

This story is told by François Bodet, a trained goldsmith from a French gem dealer family. In 1972, Bodet went to work for Chaumet’s store on Paris’ swanky Place Vendôme, and simply a year later he was tasked with another shop called Les Temporelles Chaumet, which zeroed in on the sale of watches, including a few brands that were addressed in France for the absolute first time.

The brands sold there included Audemars Piguet, Chopard, Corum, DeLaneau, Ebel, Gérald Genta, Jaeger-LeCoultre, and Rolex.

From the book ‘Breguet, Story of a Passion 1973 – 1987’

In 1975, Bodet was “offered” Breguet to create as the general manager, an obligation that he performed for some time alongside leading the Chaumet Les Temporelles store. Bodet often compares Breguet to a gem in the book, “a three-carat diamond.”

“I planned to approach Breguet from the viewpoint of a jeweler!” he exclaims in chapter 2, “The House of Chaumet.”

“Real goldsmiths don’t make watches. These are two unique areas and outlooks that are largely ignorant of each other, as well as two completely free expertise sets.”

With elegance always premier in his psyche, Bodet set out to target adornments rather than watchmaking customers for the recently re-created brand. One of the ways he made these watches more attractive to a refined European at the time was to create an identification connect between mechanical watchmaking and Parisian extravagance – consequently, he utilized Hermès straps for his Breguet watches.

Bodet’s tasks all through his fascinating career included being manager of Les Temporelles Chaumet at Plâce Vendôme (until 1983); project manager for Breguet’s re-launch; head of Chaumet’s gems business in Japan; and from 1983 until 1996 chief, leader chief, and chairman of Breguet, as appointed by Chaumet and Investcorp respectively.

Breguet’s advanced history

Bodet portrays the absolute starting point of attempting to reclassify a legend. And here his story actually agrees with one that our own Ian Skellern informed not so some time in the past regarding an exceptional encounter he had in The Watch That Changed My Life: The Jean Daniel Nicolas Two-Minute Tourbillon By Daniel Roth .

From the book ‘Breguet, Story of a Passion 1973 – 1987’

In the chapter “The House of Breguet,” Bodet depicts characterizing the five unmistakable features of another Breguet, with the assistance of watchmakers like Daniel Roth and Louis-Maurice Caillet (who actually works for Breguet!) and fashioner Gérald Genta.

The Reference 3050 perpetual calendar that they all created during when perpetual calendars were practically non-existent is something Bodet thinks back on proudly. “This is the manner by which Breguet launched the fashion for complicated watches,” he says.

The brand took off, and Bodet comprehended the critical need to employ more watchmakers. At the point when the Chaumets hesitated, he even offered to utilize part of his own salary to this end (he didn’t wind up having to).

In 1983 Breguet headed to Basel to show interestingly at the incredibly famous fair in a “little corner beneath the escalator.”

Prior to 1983, Bodet relates that the brand had sold 500-700 pieces, “50 percent of them through the Chaumet association.” But by 1987, things had increased exponentially inside the resurgence known as the mechanical renaissance.

A 1990 Breguet tourbillon in platinum, reference 3350 (photograph civility Sotheby’s)

It was in 1987 that Bodet and his watchmakers began to contemplate the Breguet tourbillon, which Abraham-Louis Breguet had developed in 1795 and patented on June 26, 1801. After three years of research and improvement, Reference 3350 was launched in 1990, a 36 mm watch containing a one-minute tourbillon that was completely noticeable in a cutaway at 6 o’clock.

“It addressed the pinnacle of Breguet’s virtuoso and was a notorious piece for this great watchmaker and for watchmaking in general,” composes Bodet.

However, all was not peaches and cream. Like all the other watchmakers, Breguet experienced hard monetary realities prior to 1987, at which time approaching bankruptcy constrained Breguet into the hands of Investcorp – which saved it.

From the book ‘Breguet, Story of a Passion 1973 – 1987’

Breguet took off, sales increased somewhere in the range of 1987 and 1993 from 1,200 to 4,700 pieces, and around this time Breguet acquired Lémania so as not to be reliant upon development manufacturers.

And, Bodet composes, the purchase was also made so the brand could also call itself a manufacture, “a carefully regulated title, which necessitates that virtually all creation be undertaken by the same company.”

Breguet was offered to the Swatch Group in 1999.

The brand is “still in excellent hands,” Bodet is certain. “Nicolas Hayek had unquestionable flair, and the quality and fame of this esteemed brand would serve him well.”

In his afterword Bodet expresses, “One of the motivations for composing this book was the craving to pass on the apparatuses used to design Breguet’s ascent. In the current age of information innovation, standardization, and an inclination to favor quantity to the weakness of quality, I wished to feature the important part of human creatures, of relationships, of harmonious teamwork and regard for various societies. These are the sort of components that ought to never be failed to remember altogether that is undertaken.”

A reproduced Japanese Manga from the book ‘Breguet, Story of a Passion 1973 – 1987’

Sizing up the writing

As I said above, this story is a narration. It was committed to paper by Françoise Favre in French language as advised to her by the 72-year-old Bodet.

I feel that in the hands of an alternate essayist this might have been a page-turning story. Or then again even perhaps if simply an alternate format had been decided to tell the story.

Still, it remains a one of a kind and intriguing narrative. And rare regarding the very fascinating investigate the cutting edge reappearance of what is currently a major name brand. Its beginnings at when the quartz watch was dominating and such an extensive amount the business was going under was nothing not exactly captivating to read.

From the book ‘Breguet, Story of a Passion 1973 – 1987’

And it teaches us a vital exercise since its resurrection was so typical of the Swiss business. Never to fail to remember that at heart extravagance watchmaking is a personal and cottage industry. It appears to be that Bodet isn’t sure that the cleaned, industrialized turn the universe of extravagance watches has taken is necessarily a decent one, however he speaks of the brand’s present proprietor just in the most elevated tones of praise.

While the translation is strong with a couple of trivial misunderstandings, with some copyediting this content might have been quite a lot more. All things being equal, I energetically recommend it.

Breguet, Story of a Passion 1973 – 1987 would make the ideal present for the horophile in your life and is available to arrange online at Watchprint and Amazon .

Quick Facts

Author: François Bodet as advised to Françoise Favre

Photographs: 28 shading illustrations and 24 black-and-white archive photographs

Distributer: Watchprint

Book style: hardcover, 19 x 19 cm

Year of publication: 2015

Number of pages: 128

ISBN: 978-2-940506101

Language versions: English and French

Cost: $60/58 Swiss francs