Book Review: ‘Cartier Magician: High Jewelry And Precious Objects’ | Quill & Pad

Book Review: ‘Cartier Magician: High Jewelry And Precious Objects’ | Quill & Pad

Cartier Magician: High Jewelry and Precious Objects is a book is devoted to another assortment of high gems and valuable articles called Cartier Magicien .

Cover of ‘Cartier Magician: High Jewelry and Precious Objects’ by François Chaille

It is an incredibly delineated book imprinted on similarly delightful, polished paper – paper that is a genuine bliss to contact, paper that grandstands the high-goal photographs imprinted on it as though they had consistently been there and never mean to leave.

Page 238 of ‘Cartier Magicien’: Quetzal neckband in white gold with one 68.82-carat pad molded cabochon-cut rubellite, dark polish, and splendid cut jewels (photograph civility Vincent Wulveryck © Cartier)

The book praises the incredible maison‘s special capacity to carry lifeless things to a gleaming, shimmering, happy life. These pieces and the portrayals of them uncover a supernatural universe where the imagination of the expert diamond setter and watchmaker combine their gifts to make authentic works of art.

Page 142 of ‘Cartier Magicien’: Apparition arm band in platinum with two pad formed Colombian emeralds adding up to 15.11 carats, dark jade, onyx, tighten cut precious stones, and splendid cut jewels; they can be worn as studs (photograph civility Creation Drawings © Cartier)

“The Magic of Light” section starts toward the finish of the nineteenth century with Louis Cartier, a relative of his high-society family with an energy for the excellence and art of adornments. The explanation the story begins there is Louis’ mission to carry platinum to Cartier gems, and the clarification is riveting!

Page 83 of ‘Cartier Magicien’: Illumination arm band in white gold with one 31.16-carat D IF type IIa emerald-cut precious stone, one .80-carat D VS2 and one .77-carat D VVS1 trapezoid-formed advance cut jewel, cut stone gem, calibré-cut jewels, and splendid cut jewels; the jewel can be worn on a ring and be supplanted by a pavé-set theme (photograph politeness Vincent Wulveryck © Cartier)

“The Magic of Design” section represents the significance of three-dimensional operation workmanship as it considers along with Cartier’s virtuosity – including the acclaimed Mystery Clocks, yet in additionally shining precious stone manifestations and the staggeringly similar pieces from the creature collections.

Page 62-63 of ‘Cartier Magicien’: Magie Blanche wristband in platinum with one 10.90-carat extravagant earthy colored yellow pear-formed rose-cut precious stone, one 2.15-carat briolette-cut jewel, briolette-cut precious stones, 48 catch molded common pearls adding up to 66.08 grains, andbrilliant-cut jewels (photograph graciousness Vincent Wulveryck © Cartier)

The creatures are the place where the last part, “The Magic of Reality,” gets. Also, it is here that Jeanne Toussaint shows up. See Why Is The Panther Cartier’s Pet Animal? Express gratitude toward Jeanne Toussaint for a full clarification of her job in Cartier’s innovativeness and longevity.

Cartier meshes its wizardry into each gem and each item appeared in this book – which catches everything. It’s really enchanting.

Page 43 of ‘Cartier Magicien’: Paillettes Solaires accessory in platinum and yellow gold with rose-cut jewels and yellow, orange and white splendid cut precious stones (photograph graciousness Vincent Wulveryck © Cartier)

François Chaille is a history specialist of workmanship and brightening expressions. He has just created various enormous, shiny foot stool books for Flammarion and a few books regarding the matter of Cartier. The model I read was in English, interpreted by a Deke Dusinberre. A speedy online pursuit disclosed to me that Dusinberre is a bilingual American abstract interpreter who lives in Paris. The interpretation of this book mirrors the entirety of that; it is done so beautifully.

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Quick Facts

Author: François Chaille

Distributer: Flammarion

Dialects: English and French

Pages: 272

Delineations: 215 in shading

Restricting: hardback

ISBN: 978-2-08-020307-6

Cost: $125/€95