Book Review: ‘Chronographs For Collectors’ By Sébastien Chaulmontet And Joël Pynson | Quill & Pad

Book Review: ‘Chronographs For Collectors’ By Sébastien Chaulmontet And Joël Pynson | Quill & Pad

Vintage watches are an interesting issue right now.

But that isn’t the explanation that Sébastien Chaulmontet and Joël Pynson decided to compose and distribute a book on vintage chronographs: they composed this book since they love these little items stuffed with pinion wheels, wheels, and springs, yet in addition history, custom, and imaginative craftsmanship.

Vintage chronographs, one may say, is their thing. What’s more, spreading their adoration for these articles and their insight into them is the sole motivation behind this book. What’s more, it shows!

‘Chronographs For Collectors’ by Sébastien Chaulmontet and Joël Pynson

Chaulmontet, a prepared legal advisor, is an authority of both vintage chronographs and Angelus watches. He likewise has a splendid horological mind as proven by his work with La Joux-Perret and its completely possessed brands Arnold & Son and Angelus (indeed, really, they are totally claimed by Citizen now). Chaulmontet is head of development for each of the three entities.

Co-creator Joël Pynson, a French specialist of ophthalmology and aeronautical medication, has been companions with Chaulmontet for years. Additionally intrigued by vintage watches, Pynson created 2015’s Le Chronographe de Poche Suisse, distributed by Antoine Simonin , which is the account of the Swiss pocket chronograph told in broad way. It puts in excess of 160 types and 800 complete representations on display.


Chronographs for Collectors is honored with extremely clear structure.

This starts with “The 30minChrono-Index” on page 2, a helpful diagram clarifying the rating arrangement of every one of the 30 verifiable chronographs portrayed in this book. Innovation, extraordinariness factor, and value make up the rating criteria.

‘Chronographs For Collectors’ by Sébastien Chaulmontet and Joël Pynson

After the chapter by chapter guide comes a presentation that incorporates a short history of chronographs.

Then the main part of the book comprising 30 sections is delineated by the writers’ decision of 30 chronicled chronograph wristwatches. These 30 imitation watch reviews don’t really incorporate well known or uncommon chronicled watches, but instead copy watch reviews that are “trademark” of their time. Today these are obviously to some degree belittled and undervalued timepieces.

And this is the best thing about this book: it’s clearly determined by “genuine” decisions demonstrating the genuineness of the writers’ energy; there is not a single Patek Philippe to be found and just a single Rolex model. A reviving condition of being.

The reason of this book, truth be told, is to list the verifiable chronographs that the writers find critical and to disclose to us why utilizing four-overlay part association: a short-however sweet rundown of the picked brand, unique photographs taken by Pynson of the picked imitation watch reviews an “well-qualified assessment” segment, and a connected watches/types area called “family resemblances.”

‘Chronographs For Collectors’ by Sébastien Chaulmontet and Joël Pynson

Finally, there is the end matter, which incorporates the French-English glossary of imitation watch reviews terms utilized, a file, a book reference, and a showed chronograph development to help clarify component terminology.

And the 3D image delineation on the title page is a propelled detail that makes certain to pull in purchasers in a physical book shop. As somebody who as of now has the joy of possessing this book, I additionally particularly appreciate this fun loving detail.


There are a few chronographs depicted in this book that I would have expected to discover here, and there are some that I might not have expected, however whose presence truly excites me actually in light of the fact that they were so extraordinary at their time, yet then completely forgotten.

I would have expected to discover passages for Omega, Breitling, Lémania, Vénus, Longines, Valjoux, Minerva (however Minerva’s consideration is something I additionally find exciting), and the Angelus Chronodato – as I said above, Chaulmontet is an eager gatherer of that brand.

One of the more forgotten chronographs included here is the Dubey & Schaldenbrand Index-Mobile from 1943. This specific model may have stayed stowed away from me too – since I’ve just been working with copy watch reviews since 1991 and am not especially knowledgeable in profound vintage – if not for my own fellowship with Cinette Robert.

Robert, a recognized master on vintage imitation watch reviews from Les Ponts-de-Martel, fabricated her assortment and notoriety primarily during the long periods of the quartz emergency. In 1995 she got proprietor of Dubey & Schaldenbrand, restoring the brand and even the Index-Mobile as a copy watch reviews called Spiral One, for which she utilized the first unveils obvious to the dial.

The creators start the Index-Mobile’s part as follows: “If there is a solitary great representation of inventiveness applied to the chronograph then it must be Dubey & Schaldenbrand’s Index-Mobile.”

‘Chronographs For Collectors’ by Sébastien Chaulmontet and Joël Pynson

I’ll allow you to discover the explanation behind this articulation yourself in the book. I simply needed to put it out there as an incredible illustration of the kind of not-your-normal material this book offers.

As for the book mechanics, the design, printing, and restricting are incredible quality. Time to Tell is another distributing company established to accommodate the distributing and dissemination of reference books this way. Especially, I expect, those that the couple means on publishing.

Its site is intriguing as it likewise accommodates an information base of 120 types. I trust the creators plan on growing that piece of the site.

This book was initially written in French, so the English is interpreted material. The interpretation is acceptable with just infrequent abnormal phrasing, which is the aftereffect of an absence of copyediting (a common general situation for all book distributing these days).

‘Chronographs For Collectors’ by Sébastien Chaulmontet and Joël Pynson

The broad photography was finished by Pynson, a well-suited photographic artist. The incorporation of vintage promotions is an intriguing touch that adds a lot of interest.

‘Chronographs For Collectors’ by Sébastien Chaulmontet and Joël Pynson

This is a genuine item made from the creators’ enthusiasm for the subject. It is an extraordinary perused for specialists and collectors and furthermore for those recently inspired by horological history.

For more information and to buy this book if it’s not too much trouble, visit .

Quick Facts Chronographs For Collectors

Publisher: Time to Tell

ISBN: 978-2-9555627-1-0

Page tally: 232

Representations: 450 already unpublished photos

Restricting: hardcover, 24 x 28 cm

Dialects: English and French

Cost: €145/160 Swiss francs/$199