Book Review: 'Kari Voutilainen Horlogerie d’Art’ | Quill & Pad

Book Review: 'Kari Voutilainen Horlogerie d’Art’ | Quill & Pad

“Työ puhuu puolestaan.”

This Finnish precept signifies, “A man is esteemed by his work, not his words.”

And it most certainly describes the withdrawn, Finnish expert watchmaker Kari Voutilainen to the notorious tee. It is no big surprise that this book distributed by the store distributing house called Editions Simonin established and run by WOSTEP ‘s first chief, Antoine Simonin, starts out with these savvy words so full of importance for its subject.

Cover of ‘Kari Voutilainen Horlogerie d’Art’ by Theodore Diehl

Written by a long-term onlooker of the free watchmaker scene, Theodore Diehl, the book entitled Kari Voutilainen Horlogerie d’Art was delivered so as to praise the 10th commemoration of Voutilainen’s store image and the 30th commemoration of his general work as a watchmaker in 2014.

Kari Voutilainen Horlogerie d’Art is separated into seven sections whose titles practically clarify their content: “Preamble” (a presentation by Diehl), “The Watchmaker,” “The Passion,” “The Workshop,” “The Creation,” “The Watches,” and “Epilog” (Diehl’s wrap-up).

From the book ‘Kari Voutilainen Horlogerie d’Art’ by Theodore Diehl

The Content

“The Watchmaker” segment follows Voutilianen’s biography, while “The Workshop” goes into the reasonable strategies rehearsed inside the exquisite domain in Môtiers that is at the same time watchmaker’s atelier, creation workshop, and home to the Finnish watchmaker and his family.

From the book ‘Kari Voutilainen Horlogerie d’Art’ by Theodore Diehl

“The Passion” is fascinating in light of the fact that it recounts the tale of how Voutilainen chose to make watches with his own name on them and what it took to draw in other great watchmakers to work with him.

“I couldn’t endure in the event that I at any point lost contact with the underlying foundations of my enthusiasm,” Voutilainen clarifies in the last sentence of that segment. What’s more, I accept him.

From the book ‘Kari Voutilainen Horlogerie d’Art’ by Theodore Diehl

“The Creation” goes more into the way of thinking behind Voutilainen’s watches, what starts with his investigation of the eighteenth-century saints making up the brilliant time of horology – watchmakers like Ferdinand Berthoud, Thomas Earnshaw, John Harrison, and George Graham.

And in this part, Diehl composes a shrewd and intriguing thing, which is more important than any other time in recent memory with respect to the present horological scene.

From the book ‘Kari Voutilainen Horlogerie d’Art’ by Theodore Diehl

“In this present reality, there is no production in Switzerland today that makes everything absolutely all alone, yet for customers unconscious of the genuine financial matters and history of the business, the term ‘fabricate’ still frequently impresses.”

“I will surrender it to the perusers if this is positive or negative; is fascinating that today some very good quality watch authorities will regularly knowledgably gather a particular assortment of type and additionally escapement type for their assortments dependent on private investigation into how and maybe where they are assembling, and it is this sort of connected revenue that upholds and pushes the business to additionally build up a rich and changed embroidered artwork of mechanical arrangements of all kinds.”

From the book ‘Kari Voutilainen Horlogerie d’Art’ by Theodore Diehl

This part likewise portrays different completing methods that Voutilainen’s workshop aces. He is broadly recognized as one of the best grinding away today with regards to nature of finishing.

“The Watches” investigates the entirety of the watches endorsed by Voutilainen, starting with the tourbillon pocket watch that he completed in 1994.

Perhaps most curiously, a few pages cover the subject of repeaters in point by point way, including Masterpiece 6, the decimal repeater that Voutilainen presented in 2004.

From the book ‘Kari Voutilainen Horlogerie d’Art’ by Theodore Diehl


I am all around familiar with the visual style of this book as it has to a great extent been made by the very visual artists and photographic artist that were behind the visuals of one of my own books, Twelve Faces of Time .

Baumann + Baumann from Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany planned this visual treat. Barbara and Gerd Baumann are probably as great at planning books as it comes: the pair has won for all intents and purposes each plan grant there is to win, including the pined for Red Dot. Hence, it makes sense that this book would be downright a jewel when combined with the fascinating and delightful photos by Ralf Baumgarten .

From the book ‘Kari Voutilainen Horlogerie d’Art’ by Theodore Diehl

I partnered with Baumgarten on the origination of Twelve Faces of Time, which won an IF-Design Award in 2010. So I know very well how fastidiously he functions and what visual fortunes are probably going to rise out of his shoots. The photos here are no exemption; in a word, they are stunning.

Some of them were taken during our goes for Twelve Faces of Time nothing unexpected there as Voutilainen was additionally one of the 12 watchmakers we highlighted in that book – yet the majority of them were accepted later as Voutilainen had in the mean time moved into his new workshop in Môtiers.

My possibly fuss with this wonderful book – in the event that I may voice it thusly – would be the shortfall of copyediting. The story is dazzling, and Diehl worked really hard giving it the individual inclination of an insider because of his years-long kinship with Voutilainen.

The small amounts and sways of deviant language that might have been made basically wonderful by the cautious compass of an expert copyeditor stick out like a scratch on a generally delightfully completed Voutilainen component to my rehearsed, stickler eye, though.

From the book ‘Kari Voutilainen Horlogerie d’Art’ by Theodore Diehl

All in each of the, a magnificent book, however, loaded up with extraordinary data on perhaps the most epic watchmakers within recent memory. This is an absolute necessity have for any aficionado of autonomous watchmaking all in all and Voutilainen’s image of horology in particular.

“The key for me is by and large extremely, select, similarly as an artistic creation or a show-stopper is remarkable,” Voutilainen is cited as saying in the book – a book that unequivocally demonstrates why his work genuinely is art.

Kari Voutilainen Horlogerie d’Art would make the ideal present for the horophile in your life and is accessible to arrange online at  Editions Simonin , Watchprint , and Amazon .

Quick Facts

Author: Theodore Diehl

Photographic artist: Ralf Baumgarten with watch photography by Guy Lucas de Peslouan, Patrick Perriard, Martial Racine, and Olivier Ziegler

Distributer: Editions Simonin

Book style: hardcover

Year of distribution: 2013

Number of pages: 272

ISBN: 978-2-9700731-4-7

Language: English

Cost: $330/€232/255 Swiss francs