Celebrities and Their Vintage Rolex Watches

Celebrities and Their Vintage Rolex Watches

Synonymous with progress and individual accomplishment, vintage Rolex watches are much of the time the watches of decision for a large number of the world’s generally well known and powerful people. While most of VIP Rolex proprietors decide to decorate their wrists with the producer’s most recent contributions, there are various others – typically those with a solid premium in watches – that decide to wear vintage Rolex watches .

John Mayer possesses an extremely uncommon Submariner Ref. 5517

John Mayer

As an energetic watch gatherer, John Mayer possesses various exceptional watches – both vintage and contemporary – from a wide assortment of producers. Among the various vintage Rolex pieces in his assortment, the vocalist lyricist claims a reference 5517 Military Submariner, a few vintage Daytona chronographs (counting a couple of Paul Newmans), and a reference 1680 Submariner that was given to COMEX and has the dial to demonstrate it.

Ellen Degeneres claims various vintage Rolex chronographs

Ellen DeGeneres

Although it is essentially male superstars that are most habitually seen wearing vintage Rolex watches, Ellen DeGeneres has a genuinely noteworthy assortment of a portion of the more uncommon and attractive vintage Rolex watches in presence. Notwithstanding a reference 1655 Explorer II and a “Blueberry” GMT-Master, DeGeneres claims a Paul Newman Daytona, a 1970s reference 6265 in gold, and various other vintage Daytona chronographs.

Eric Clapton is a purveyor of uncommon and vintage Rolex Watches

Eric Clapton

Another notable watch gatherer and vintage Rolex fan, Eric Clapton has either claimed or by and by possesses probably the most uncommon and collectable Rolex observes at any point fabricated. Notwithstanding various super collectable Submariner and Daytona references, Clapton recently claimed model Yacht-Master chronograph from the last part of the 1960s. It is accepted that solitary three of these Yacht-Master models were at any point made; one dwells inside the Rolex protected in Geneva, and the other is essential for John Goldberger’s own assortment.

Gordon Ramsey wearing a submariner supposed to be made the year he was born

Gordon Ramsay

Like numerous VIP culinary specialists, Gordon Ramsay appreciates a fine watch, and can oftentimes be seen wearing one while cooking in the kitchen or shooting one of his numerous network shows. Albeit the watch most commonly connected with him is a Breitling chronograph with a yellow dial, the culinary expert and restaurateur additionally claims a vintage Submariner, which is supposed to be fabricated the very year that he was conceived.

Adam Levine wearing a vintage Paul Newman Daytona

Adam Levine

Joining the rundown of famous people who decide to wear and gather vintage Rolex watches is artist and TV character, Adam Levine. Notwithstanding a reference 1655 “Steve McQueen” Explorer II, a reference 1675 GMT-Master altogether gold, and a reference 6538 “Major Crown” Submariner, Levine has likewise been captured wearing various distinctive vintage Daytona chronographs, including in any event a few unique varieties with Paul Newman dials, both in hardened steel and in yellow gold.

Rolex Air-King 5500 as seen on Ryan Gosling’s wrist during the Golden Globe awards

Ryan Gosling

Although his assortment doesn’t comprise of the most uncommon or costly Rolex observes at any point made, Ryan Gosling possesses a few distinctive vintage Rolex watches that can be spotted on his wrist at different honorary pathway occasions. Rather than zeroing in on mainstream big name top choices like the Submariner or the Daytona, most of the watches in Goslings assortment are little, basic Rolex watches, similar to the reference 5500 Air-King that he wore to a year ago’s Golden Globes entertainment ceremony.