Daniel Craig’s James Bond Omega Seamaster on SNL

Daniel Craig’s James Bond Omega Seamaster on SNL

Daniel Craig facilitated the latest scene of Saturday Night Live on March 7, a gig that was clearly reserved before the very late choice to delay the new Bond film, No Time to Die because of fears encompassing the spread of Covid. Shrewd eyewitnesses and James Bond fans noticed that while Craig’s outfits were curbed all through the majority of the night – dark jeans, dark shirt, with the exception of when the production required some abnormal getup – one thing that stood apart was his wristwatch: the pristine Omega Seamaster Diver 300M James Bond Edition.

The New James Bond Omega Seamaster on SNL

The latest scene of Saturday Night Live marked the first occasion when that Daniel Craig has worn the new Omega Seamaster Diver 300M 007 Edition watch in public. The watch was made explicitly for the 25th James Bond film and is precisely the same watch that Craig will be wearing all through the upcoming film. We had anticipated that Craig should don the watch at the Oscars as an unpretentious method to advance the upcoming Bond film, however he was inquisitively absent.

During the course of his SNL stretch, Craig affirmed to watchers that No Time to Die will surely be his last James Bond film, and ridiculed the flick with an entertaining gambling club scene “see” of the film. The 42mm watch combines retro looks on account of a guess of a ‘tropical’ patina on its hour markers and bezel, while at the same time flaunting innovative qualifications, because of the utilization of evaluation 2 titanium and a cutting edge, in-house movement.

The new James Bond Omega Seamaster was planned with contribution from Craig, who is a long-lasting fanatic of both Omega and Rolex, and who has a sizable individual assortment of both current and vintage watches. The Seamaster Diver 300M 007 Edition was “intentionally worked in light of military requirements” as indicated by Omega, and it’s quite possibly the most attractive James Bond Omega observes at any point put forward.

The watch’s caseback is engraved with a progression of numbers that “follow the configuration for certified military-issue watches.” There’s “0552” – a maritime code-number, followed by “923 7697” meaning a jumper’s watch, and the letter “A” connoting a screw-in crown. At that point “007” is obvious, while the last number “62” alludes to the year the absolute first Bond film made its debut.

While it was initially booked to be delivered next month, No Time to Die is presently planned for discharge on November 25, 2020, when it is trusted that the Covid alarm will be finished and individuals will indeed be rushing to cinemas. Nonetheless, regardless of the postponed arrival of the film, the most recent Bond watch is as of now accessible for procurement, with the absolute first models presently beginning to advance under the control of the public.

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