Domino’s Rolex Air King Watches: Everything You Need to Know

Domino’s Rolex Air King Watches: Everything You Need to Know

Those acquainted with the Rolex Air King assortment have likely perused plenty of popular models. While some of these references are common for authorities to have known about it’s protected to say that less know about the Domino’s Rolex, which isn’t an epithet instituted due to a particular tone or style, yet rather the mark given to Rolex watches made especially for the goliath pizza chain.

This converging of two inconceivably various brands, where one represents riches and the other reasonableness, may surprise some as it is not really the most expected pairing. Notwithstanding, Domino’s Pizza has been requesting custom Rolex watches from the Swiss watchmaking monster for more than 40 years.

History of the Domino’s Rolex

Tom Monaghan, the originator of Domino’s Pizza, uncovered the birthplaces of the Domino’s Rolex watch in his 1986 autobiography, Pizza Tiger. He expressed, “I began parting with watches in 1977, when I wore a Bulova with our Domino’s logo all over. A franchisee asked what he needed to do to get that watch from me, and I advised him, ‘Turn in a 20,000 dollar deals week.’ He did it, and for the following not many years I parted with a few Seikos and after that many $800 Rolex watches.”

The Rolex watches he referenced were indeed, the Air-King ref. 5500. With its hardened steel 34mm Oyster case, steel Oyster arm band, and time-just dial, the Air-King 5500 is one of Rolex’s most understated watches. In any case, the lively Domino’s blue and red logo embellished on the dials of the Air-King watches granted to successful head supervisors makes the generally careful Rolex stand out.

Monaghan comprehended that the opportunity to win a Rolex would be a phenomenal motivator for head supervisors, so the pizza company set up the Domino’s Pizza Rolex Challenge. While the first method to win a Domino’s marked Rolex was to hit $20,000 per week in deals, the objectives turned out to be more aggressive as the pizza chain developed. Furthermore, as Rolex’s catalog has likewise changed, Domino’s marking has appeared on different watches as well as in various structures throughout the long term. Also, indeed, the Domino’s Pizza Rolex Challenge is as yet going on today with the fresh out of the box new Oyster Perpetual 36 ref. 12000 remaining in as the desired prize.

It’s important to emphasize that certifiable Domino’s Rolex watches are not secondary selling pieces with custom marking done by Domino’s – these come directly from Rolex outfitted with fundamental logos, some even with paperwork stating “Domino’s Pizza” as the purchaser.

Features and Variations of the Domino’s Pizza Rolex

With a set of experiences that spans more than forty years, there have been a few variations of Domino’s marking on Rolex watches. For example, prior models remembered the Domino’s logo for the dial. There are examples with shading logos (blue, red, and white) and highly contrasting logos, notwithstanding bigger logos, more modest logos, straight logos, and shifted logos.

–Color Logos or Black & White Logos

–Smaller Logos or Larger Logos

–Straight Logos or Tilted Logos

Sometime during the 2000s, the Domino’s logo moved from the dial to the arm band. The Domino’s logo, which is additionally formed from treated steel, is attached to the main connection (later, the subsequent connection) of the steel Oyster wristband for a more attentive approach to the co-marking exertion. There are examples with the full square Domino’s logo on the wristband just as models outfitted with a simplified logo with simply the domino piece without the name of the pizza brand. There are a couple of uncommon temporary examples from around 2003/2004 that have the logos on both the dial and the bracelet.

–Full Logos with Domino’s Name

–Simplified Logo with No Name

Domin’s’ Rolex watches typically have inscriptions on the caseback, which can likewise fluctuate depending on the year they were granted. Some have casebacks with the Domino’s logo, some have the initials of the awardee, some with the date and deals target (for example $20,000) accomplished, thus on.

–Full Logo Engraving

–Simplified Logo Engraving

–Initial of Awardee Engraving

–Date & Sales Target Engraving

Which Rolex Watches Have Domino’s Branding?

Although all Domino’s Rolex watches have been hardened steel time-just watches, there have been different models utilized throughout the years including Air-King and Oyster Perpetual watches. As previously referenced, the primary Domino’s Pizza Rolex was the Air-King ref. 5500, which is one of Rolex’s longest-running models.

When Rolex stopped the Air-King 5500 in the late-1980s, the Air-King ref. 14000 dominated and in this way turned into the watch Domino’s utilized as the prize for its Rolex Challenge. There’s likewise the Air-King ref. 14010, which is like the ref. 14000 however with a motor turned bezel rather than a smooth one. During the 2000s, Rolex upgraded the Air-King to the ref. 14000M (and 14010M) with an updated development, trailed by the Air-King ref. 114200 in 2007.

In 2014, Rolex ceased the Air-King line altogether however kept the ref. 114200 as part of the Oyster Perpetual assortment. Alongside Domino’s variants of the Oyster Perpetual 114200 with 34mm cases, there are likewise Domino’s Oyster Perpetual 116000 models with bigger 36mm cases.

In 2020, Rolex delivered a fresh out of the box new generation of the Oyster Perpetual in different sizes and true to form, there’s another Domino’s Rolex too as the Oyster Perpetual 36 ref. 126000 with the silver dial and gold hands and indexes.

Late-1970s – 1989: Domino’s Rolex Air-King ref. 5500

1989 – 2000: Domino’s Rolex Air-King ref. 14000 and ref. 14010

2000 – 2007: Domino’s Rolex Air-King ref. 14000M and ref. 14010M

2007 – 2020: Domino’s Rolex Air-King ref. 114200, Oyster Perpetual 34 ref. 114200, and Oyster Perpetual 36 ref. 116000

2020 – Present: Domino’s Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36 126000

There have additionally been a couple of more modest women’s Domino’s Rolex watches made over the course of the years including the Oyster Perpetual ref. 67194, 67180, 76080, and 176200.

How Much Are Domino’s Rolex Watches?

With treated steel cases and wristbands and simple three-gave dials, the Oyster Perpetual and ceased Air-King references (not the current Air-King ref. 116900) have consistently been a portion of Rolex’s more moderate models. Verifiably, a pre-claimed Domino’s Rolex watch sold anyplace somewhere in the range of $3,000 and $6,000 depending on the specific reference and condition, for certain gatherers willing to pay a slight premium for the bizarre branding.

However, the current estimation of the latest 2020 Domino’s Rolex Oyster Perpetual ref. 126000 on the auxiliary market is around $8,000, which is on par with the estimation of a standard pre-possessed Oyster Perpetual ref. 126000. To put this into setting, the authority retail price of the Oyster Perpetual 126000 is $5,600. In any case, in the same way as other current Rolex models, these references (Domino’s marked ones included) sell at greater expenses on the open market on account of buyer request fundamentally outpacing supply.

The Unique Rolex Watches Made for Domino’s Pizza

While there are a few co-marked Rolex watches out there including Tiffany, Cartier, COMEX, Pan Am, and Chevrolet (just to give some examples), the Domino’s Pizza ones stand apart for a few reasons. For example, this has been a relationship that has suffered for more than 40 years and still proceeds with today. Alternately, a significant number of the other corporate co-marked Rolex watches were stopped many years ago.

Furthermore, these Rolex watches are not what we generally consider corporate watches, like those given following quite a while of administration (like Coca-Cola and Winn-Dixie). All things considered, the Domino’s Pizza Rolex watches are prizes offered consistently for the most noteworthy accomplishing individuals from the company.

Although some may look with disdain upon the inquisitive co-marking of super lavish Rolex and mass-promoted Domino’s Pizza, it’s important to recollect that these watches are images of difficult work and unimaginable accomplishment with respect to the first recipient. As gatherers we regularly talk about the story behind the watch and all Domino’s Rolex watches have an account of personal dedication and triumph.