Ever Heard of the Texas Timex? Spoiler, It’s a Rolex

Ever Heard of the Texas Timex? Spoiler, It’s a Rolex

Rolex watch lovers know about the plenty of epithets joined to specific models. Some are fitting, similar to the “Paul Newman” while others are very heartbreaking, similar to the “Smurf.” Regardless of your considerations on Rolex epithets, they have been around quite a while and it doesn’t appear as though they’re going anyplace at any point in the near future. One moniker that has stuck throughout the many years is the Rolex President – a watch that is formally known as the Rolex Day-Date . However, did you realize that Rolex’s unique valuable metal dress watch is otherwise called the Texas Timex

The Texas Timex

Texas local Lyndon B. Johnson filled in as the 36th leader of the United States from 1963 to 1969. In Rolex gathering communities he otherwise called the principal U.S. President to wear the Rolex Day-Date observe freely and it is assumed that he is the explanation that the watch got the “Rolex President” moniker. Truth be told, Rolex distributed a promotion in 1966 broadcasting that the Day-Date was “The President’s Watch,” no uncertainty implying President LBJ’s watch choice.  

Fellow Texans turned out to be so enchanted with the strong 18k yellow gold Rolex status watch that nearby goldsmiths couldn’t stay aware of interest and shortlists for the Day-Date started shaping. Oil-creating Texas was flush with money and the state’s mantra of “Everything’s Bigger in Texas” was the perfect climate Rolex’s flashiest watch to become the must-have timepiece. 

By the mid-1980s, more Rolex watches were sold in Texas than some other state in the country. In 1983, a yellow gold Rolex Day-Date began at $7,950 at retail. However regardless of the powerful sticker price, the watch turned out to be so pervasive in specific circles that it was named as the Texas Timex. This is obviously regarding the economical and common watch brand. The “Texas Timex” name before long extended to allude to any strong yellow gold Rolex watch. 

The allure of Rolex is as yet solid in Texas. Notwithstanding being home to one of Rolex’s own Service Centers (situated in Dallas), the brand’s true site records 33 approved retailers in the Lone Star State, remembering an independent store for Houston. Just California outperforms it with 40 approved retail stores present in the state.

If Texas had an authority state watch, it would no uncertainty be a gold Rolex.