In the spotlight:  Heuer ‘Jo Siffert’ Autavia Ref. 1163

In the spotlight:  Heuer ‘Jo Siffert’ Autavia Ref. 1163

You could say the Heuer Autavia Ref. 1163 is from the prime of the chronograph. That notorious ‘panda’ face has been darling since its namesake, Formula One driver Jo Siffert, started wearing it back in 1969. That should sound recognizable. Rolex’s white and dark face chronograph, the Daytona, shot to notoriety simultaneously, as racecar driver Paul Newman started wearing one himself. However, we should not get diverted.

Paul Newman broadly wore a Rolex Daytona Chronograph each day

While Newman was revolving around the track in the States, on the opposite side of the lake, the Swiss Siffert was lapping the competition and getting sponsorships of his own. He got Jack Heuer’s own consideration when he won the Formula 1 British Grand Prix in 1968, and by the following year, he’d slapped a logo on his overalls and was wearing the shiny new 1163 on his wrist.

The Heuer ‘Jo Siffert’ Autavia Ref. 1163

That famous face and VIP underwriting immediately grabbed the world’s eye and hardened the Heuer Autavia Ref. 1163 as one of the holongeries most popular vintage chronographs and race watches.

The Heuer Caliber 11 Movement

The watch was additionally weighty precisely, as the Caliber 11 (with 17 gems) appeared in the Heuer 1163 was the primary automatic chronograph movement to hit the market. Heuer built up the movement close by Breitling, Hamilton/Buren and Dubois-Depraz to destroy Zenith and Seiko. Venture 99, as it’s known today, delivered three separate automatic chronograph calibers sometime thereafter.

The competition to make the world’s best movement was well publicized

Now, while we may have alluded to that well known white and dark face as a ‘panda’ previously, concerning Heuer, and the 1163 explicitly, it’s known as a Jo Siffert face. Characterized by those two dark subdials at three and nine and the date at six, it’s probably the most extraordinary model available today. On the off chance that you look a little nearer you’ll additionally see those striking cobalt blue accents over the dark “furrowed” steel radiant twirly doo numerals. The shading goes around the face painted on the arms of the hands, as well.

The Jo Siffert face is characterized by  two dark subdials at three and nine and the date at six

Around the face you’ll additionally see that dark tachymeter bezel and the hardened steel case encompassing it. Presently, incline toward your screen a smidgen — around the case, you’ll detect those fluted pushers that have a reces cut into the top side. Observe, the pusher at nine is constantly set apart with ‘Heuer.’

The attractive, intense look of this watch is similarly as noteworthy today as it was 50 years prior. However, while it’s not difficult to fall head over heels in love for this watch, it’s difficult to get your hands on one. In case you’re intrigued, make certain to look at the Siffert 1163 we as of late sold and sign up to get informed when we have one back in stock.