Jeff Goldblum Style

Jeff Goldblum Style

Jeff Goldblum knows some things about the better things, and he likes to wear a Cartier …

Some things just improve with age, and no one represents this slant more than Jeff Goldblum. His style and persona have energized Hollywood for quite a long time, and seeing as he is slated to appear in no under five movies this year, it would seem that he has no aim of easing back down.

He has starred in probably the most elevated netting motion pictures in the advanced era, including the Jurassic Park  and Independence Day series. His talents aren’t just restricted to film industry blockbusters, as he has also starred in a portion of the cinema’s most celebrated movies such as The Fly, The Life Aquatic, and the stop-movement animated Wes Anderson film Isle of Dogs. As if that wasn’t sufficient, when he’s not occupied with breaking film industry records he much of the time drops by his favorite L.A. jazz club to chat casually and jam with his friends.

Jeff Goldblum sporting a Cartier Tank Santos

For an individual of his status and VIP, you would expect a taste in watches with an eye-watering value point. Shockingly, Goldblum’s watch assortment is amazingly unobtrusive. His watch of decision? The Cartier Tank Santos .

Why Jeff Goldblum isn’t a Cartier ambassador is anyones question

“I’m really not consumerist… I needn’t bother with anything grand,” he says in his meeting with Shortlist. While that may not mean a lot coming from a person worth north of $40 million wearing a $10,000 outfit, the reality is most famous people are sporting watches well in abundance of $100k.

Jeff Goldblum wore his Cartier Tank Santos while receiving his Hollywood Star recently

It’s hard not to like Goldblum. His charismatic energy and sans care persona spill over into his performances, where he is regularly educated by chiefs to just be himself. Perhaps its fitting, at that point, that he isn’t wearing a gaudy watch, and instead allows his threads to do the talking.

And while the vast majority won’t probably ever have the option to afford the wardrobe he boasts, you can at least possess the same watch as one of Hollywood’s most dearest actors.