Live Photos Of Harry Winston Opus 14 Plus Comments From Marc Hayek | Quill & Pad

Live Photos Of Harry Winston Opus 14 Plus Comments From Marc Hayek | Quill & Pad

In Baden-Baden, Germany, the Harry Winston Opus 14 was presented at a superstar studded occasion featured by pop star Robin Thicke.

The genuine star of the occasion for watch aficionados in participation, obviously, was simply the watch: the new Opus 14 with a second concealed time region planned by Franck Orny and Johnny Girardin, a similar development designers behind the Montblanc Metamorphosis .

At the after-party following the occasion, Swatch Group leader Marc Hayek set aside the effort to show this energizing complication to the enthusiastic gatherers going to the event.

Let’s watch Hayek showing the Opus 14’s large stunt: uncovering and concealing the subsequent time region and showing a “Highway 66” style American star.

Marc Hayek showing the Harry Winston Opus 14 to individual gatherers at the private after-dispatch party

The second time region sign on the Harry Winston Opus 14 appeared at lower left

On its way: the subsequent time region of the Harry Winston Opus 14 halfway retracted

The star logo on the Harry Winston Opus 14, mostly deployed

The star logo of the Harry Winston Opus 14 completely sent and second time region completely hidden

Hayek was very energized as he gladly showed the new watch to the little gathering of authorities in participation; he was loaded with acclaim for development architects Orny and Girardin.

“As you can envision, the creators confronted numerous difficulties in conveying this complication in a functional way,” said Hayek. “I was pleased with how they saw each challenge not as an obstruction, but rather as a chance to make an answer. They worked connected at the hip in the course of the last over two years with partners at Blancpain to recognize potential arrangements and acknowledge them. This quest for approaches to convey groundbreaking thoughts is at the core of the Opus series.”

Harry Winston Opus 14

I found out if this implied that the Opus arrangement would proceed, and he said, “Totally! The following watch is now well in progress. As demonstrated with this dispatch, we have liberated ourselves from the limitation of dispatching precisely at the hour of Baselworld every year. While I would obviously be charmed on the off chance that we could dispatch another individual from the arrangement every year or even at regular intervals, the assumption ought to be that we will offer new Opus watches for sale to the public when they are completely ready.”

The Opus 14 will start conveyance immediately.

We will distribute more photographs and data on the Opus 14 very soon, so if it’s not too much trouble, stay tuned.

If you might want to get familiar with the historical backdrop of the Opus arrangement and see the remainder of the assortment, kindly see The Harry Winston Opus Series: A Complete Overview From Opus 1 Through Opus 13 .