More Than Black And White – The Other Rolex Daytona Watches You Should Be Coveting

More Than Black And White – The Other Rolex Daytona Watches You Should Be Coveting

Everyone knows the two current tempered steel Rolex Daytona watches available; there’s a white dial and a dark dial, both accessible with ceramic bezels. They’re sought after, and they keep on pulling huge expenses on the auxiliary market, selling for well over their retail list cost.

Meanwhile, what individuals will in general fail to remember is the critical volume of other Daytona watches, frequently accessible in various gold and two-tone variations, that have been delivered by Rolex throughout the long term. Incredible as the steel models are, there’s something to be said about having something somewhat “strange” in your own assortment, so we’ve compiled a rundown of current and as of late suspended Rolex Daytona models that you should investigate.

Rolex Daytona ref. 116506

This watch will look natural to a few, yet marginally off. This is all things considered; while the reference 116506 is created from white metal with an earthenware bezel, this specific Rolex Daytona is developed from strong platinum with a chocolate earthy colored fired bezel and coordinating accents. While valuable metal Daytona watches can be somewhat of a gained taste, this platinum form with its fresh ice blue dial is really hard not to cherish. Despite the fact that chocolate earthy colored may not appear to be an undeniable pair with ice blue, it’s an ideal counterpart for this dial tone. Not especially common, these platinum Daytona watches are somewhat of a “mic drop” with regards to establishing a connection, however this one does so elegantly.


Rolex Daytona ref. 116528 

Sitting at the far edge of the materials range from the hardened steel variant of the Daytona is the strong yellow gold reference 116528. Rolex doesn’t create all that numerous watches with white dials – not to mention sports watches with white dials; anyway the blending between the warm 18k yellow gold case and the unmistakable white dial is a totally exemplary combination. While this piece was really delivered in the ahead of schedule to mid 2000s, its general tasteful is totally immortal, and it might have simply been fabricated a very long time after (or previously) its real date of creation.


Rolex Daytona ref. 116509

Back to the more unpretentious finish of the range, this dark dial 116509 is an enchanting white gold Daytona variation, and one that starts appearing as though a very decent arrangement when you consider that it’s exchanging hands for possibly $10 over the steel Daytona models nowadays. Like different instances of this reference, the dial on this ref. 116509 is outfitted with Arabic numerals, and the energetic splendid red accents make this one a simple top pick. Again being a new/current model, it’s fueled by the type 4130 development, and is of equivalent spec as the 116500LN, other than the absence of a clay bezel.


Rolex Daytona ref. 116523

Mixing it up a bit, we chose to toss this two-tone 116523 in with the general mish-mash not just due to its tasteful dark/anthracite dial and two-tone case and wristband combo, yet additionally in light of its truly receptive retail cost. Frequently gliding around the $13-$15k territory, these Daytona watches are a genuine deal when you consider that the prevalence of two-tone watches has been soaring again in the most recent year or thereabouts, and a two-tone Daytona can regularly be bought for not exactly the cost of a tempered steel one. It’s a sleeper in the market at the present time, and with so numerous other Daytona watches (and Rolex watches by and large) moving in worth, this is a genuine savvy purchase.


Rolex Daytona ref. 116508

Skipping the fired bezel, however staying with valuable metals, this variation of the 116508 is definitely not “under the radar”. Champagne/gold dials have positively fallen once again into favor of late, and it appears Rolex was a decent route on the ball on this one. In reality, if memory serves effectively they have kept up their utilization of gold/champagne dials for a very long while. In any case, the gold on gold arrangement with dark sub-dials and red accents gives this piece a substantially more vintage feel, making it difficult to accept the piece is really a cutting edge Daytona reference.