New Blue Chips In Grieb & Benzinger’s Blue-Tone Polaris And Tulip Collections | Quill & Pad

New Blue Chips In Grieb & Benzinger’s Blue-Tone Polaris And Tulip Collections | Quill & Pad

At Grieb & Benzinger , blue is something of a corporate shading with regards to decorating the exceptional and extremely uncommon watches that the shop brand situated in a noteworthy mansion close to Stuttgart produces.

The blue shading found on the developments adjusted by Hermann Grieb and decorated by Jochen Benzinger is significantly more than just “shading,” however. Grieb once revealed to me how he and Benzinger happened upon the thought for it.

“The thought for this tone came to us following a debilitating day of work in a neighborhood grape plantation while getting a charge out of a cool beverage,” Grieb clarified in his naughty dull vigorously arched with nearby vernacular. “The setting sun and the tones it created in the northern Black Forest sky essentially inspired us.”

Grieb & Benzinger Blue Polaris Midnight Imperial

According to the accomplished expert watchmaker, who is perhaps the chief master in vintage watchmaking in Germany, the novel blue tone normal for Grieb & Benzinger’s exceptionally decorated developments represents the time span of time starting at nightfall until where night begins.

“This timeframe, going on for around twenty minutes, is the point at which the sky is colored in the most excellent dim blue and red tones on account of the daylight reflecting in the atmosphere and the channel impact of the ozone layer,” Grieb proceeded. “This interaction of tones recreated on our developments comes from an uncommon, galvanic treatment utilizing rhodium and platinum.”

Hermann Grieb, Georg Bartkowiak, and Jochen Benzinger at Schloss Dätzingen, where the shop brand is at home

Blue Chips

This shade is likewise pervasive in the latest arrangement of novel piece watches created by the German group, which Georg Bartkowiak – the third accomplice directing the fussy store brand – has packaged under the astute name Blue Chips to mirror the dependability of the developments utilized and the predominant attractive blue tone describing the timepieces.

Grieb & Benzinger Blue Polaris in pink gold

The energizing utilization of the sky blue tint truly comes to the bleeding edge when sun hits the guilloche plates, dials, and different components, making for an authentic ocean of glimmering blue.

Components seem to float inside the lavish, open cases; time becomes practically auxiliary against the craftsmanship that is Benzinger’s workmanship. Benzinger loves to work with Unitas developments, thanks in great part to their far reaching spans offering him a lot of creative freedom. Also, their unwavering quality is, obviously, legendary.

The full Grieb & Benzinger Blue Chips collection

The arrangement of Blue Chips incorporates three variants of the current Polaris model and two of the Tulip. The Polaris features a bigger subdial for quite a long time concentrically interlaced with the auxiliary seconds. The enormous sunray guilloche encompassing the two dials is left space to be appeared to advantage, while the skeletonized segment inside the subdials flaunts the way that each and every noticeable component inside the development has been carefully decorated by hand.

Grieb & Benzinger Blue Tulip in pink gold

Floral extreme

The Tulip models take the idea to a more flower extraordinary: here, Benzinger’s workshop has skeletonized the base plate to its absolute minimum before delicately etching a botanical pattern into the plates and scaffolds – which are presently scarcely unmistakable as such.

Then the plate is stirred with the blue platinum coating extraordinary to Grieb & Benzinger. A portion of different components are excited to match the case (either pink or white gold). The complex, vaporous impact is no less breathtaking than that of the sheer guilloche of the Polaris models. To pick between them would be amazingly difficult!

Grieb & Benzinger Blue Tulip Diamond

The Blue Tulip Diamond Model is furthermore set with 77 splendid cut precious stones (2.55 ct) around the bezel, adding a touch of scintillating sparkle.

Grieb & Benzinger Blue Polaris Midnight Imperial

The Blue Polaris Midnight Imperial watch, then again, flaunts 66 imperceptibly set dark Princess-slice jewels to match the midnight tones of the subdials. The impact is on the double manly and formal – covertness extravagance at its best.

It abandons saying that these are for the most part uncommon and adaptable timepieces.

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Quick Facts Blue Polaris

Case: 43 mm, pink gold or platinum; 66 imperceptibly set dark Princess-cut jewels accessible for bezel of platinum model (Blue Polaris Midnight Imperial)

Development: profoundly changed physically twisted Unitas 6498 with endless hours of hand decoration

Dial: two-section hand-guilloche somewhat skeletonized base dial; platinum adaptation’s upper dial is decorated with Breguet iced finish

Capacities: hours, minutes

Valuing: €43,500 (rose gold), €65,000 (platinum), €85,000 (Blue Polaris Midnight Imperial in white gold)

Quick Facts Blue Tulip

Case: 43 mm, pink gold or white gold; 77 splendid cut jewels (2.55 ct) accessible for bezel of white gold model (Blue Tulip Diamond)

Development: exceptionally changed physically twisted Unitas 6498 with endless hours of hand decoration

Dial: hand-skeletonized and – engraved dial with platinum blue coating

Capacities: hours, minutes

Valuing: €40,500 (rose gold), €52,500 (Blue Tulip Diamond in white gold)