Off To The Super Trofeo Races With Blancpain And Automobili Lamborghini | Quill & Pad

Off To The Super Trofeo Races With Blancpain And Automobili Lamborghini | Quill & Pad

There I was, sitting in a 2014 Lamborghini Aventador shouting around Road Atlanta doing close to 220 kmh/160 mph, and the solitary thing I could consider was, “Goodness, this thing has unimaginable grip!”

Ok, that is not altogether evident, I was likewise pondering the slowing down, the cornering, the speeding up, and the easygoing discussion the driver was attempting to have with me while pushing the vehicle to what I can just accept that was past the constraints of physics.

The creator giving a Lamborghini a shot . . . it appears to fit just fine

There were two disadvantages to the Hot Lap insight with Lamborghini: for one, it just endured around two minutes; for another, I idiotically attempted to record it with my telephone so I was really focusing more on attempting to keep the video stable as opposed to getting a charge out of the ride. Goodness, the second thoughts we’ll have.

But that is the means by which my Blancpain Lamborghini Super Trofeo weekend went to a heart-beating close: wishing I had yet another lap, or two, or a hundred.

The 2014 Atlanta Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo

When I showed up on Friday morning, it was wet with a sluggish yet weighty downpour appropriate bound to destroy the day for great happiness regarding the races. Be that as it may, inside an hour of appearance the downpour let up, the sun came out and the day looked set for incredible occasions and quick racing.

A Ferrari motor smoking at the 2014 Atlanta Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo race weekend

The Super Trofeo arrangement was nevertheless a piece of the four days of hustling covered by the Petit LeMans on Saturday evening. Different races incorporated the Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge, the Prototype Lites Powered by Mazda, the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge USA, and the Mazda MX-5 Cup.

A stable of Lamborghinis and Blancpains

But for us, the attention was on the stable of Lamborghini Gallardos all set to destroy the track for the last stop on the Super Trofeo arrangement. That and the stable of inconceivable Blancpain watches that were in plain view and – good for me – on my wrist for the afternoon. The watches present incorporated the L-Evolution and Super Trofeo pieces, select Villeret watches, the Bathyscaphe and Fifty Fathoms, and the consistently shocking female assortment including the Chronographe Flyback Grande Date, which is exceptionally great in the metal.

Blancpain’s female line is completely mechanical and now makes up roughly 30% of the whole deals, up from only 5% a couple of years prior. Sounds like they are accomplishing something right.

The Villeret pieces for the most part make up my features at this brand, as they are the exemplification of what I search for in a Blancpain watch and are staggeringly very much planned. This goes twofold for the Quantième Complet with protected under-drag correctors, just an awesome watch.

The other feature was what graced my wrist for the afternoon: the L-Evolution-R Chronograph Flyback Rattrapante Grande Date in carbon fiber and red gold.

The subtleties are all around considered in this piece, with the carbon fiber bezel not just being in a bad way on like on numerous watches, yet rather deliberately cut and gathered with the drags and the case back created in carbon also. The rotor is completely open-attempted to consider programmed winding while as yet having a fascinating perspective into the magnificent Caliber 69F9.

The extra subtleties are the place where it truly sparkles, the Lamborghini-roused shield for the hour counter, the 9 and 12 numerals in the typeface that all the Super Trofeo vehicles use for the numbers, even down to the split-seconds pusher and Blancpain name machined into the side of the case. It truly is an energetic yet neatly planned watch.

The 2014 Atlanta Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo

Up close and personal

I appreciated having it on my wrist for the afternoon, and my numerous wristshots ought to demonstrate so a lot. After the horological conversation, we had some lunch and afterward got down to the race-powered fun. We were given a visit through the Super Trofeo Village and Lamborghini race enclosure, where we got very close with a small bunch of the sixteen vehicles competing that weekend.

Our direct let us in on some fascinating realities about the races and the vehicles. The entirety of the Gallardo models are basically the equivalent, and are based on the very line that the standard Gallardo models were worked, with a couple of components left off, similar to the twelve-circle CD transformer or the back seat video theater setup. Gracious, pause, they didn’t have those anyway.

The enclosure region likewise contained a full Lamborghini vendor that sells just parts. Actually, it was a whole race trailer semi on two levels only containing parts available to be purchased. It had any and each part found on a Gallardo Super Trofeo vehicle. All drivers and groups have accounts with Lamborghini and if, whenever, they need a new part (which happens a great deal during a race end of the week) they simply walk around to the truck, sign for the part, and are charged later.

Everyone abhors when a vehicle crashes, however the people running that vendor have a somewhat mischievous grin when talking about it, since they realize they will do a great deal of business for a driver wanting to remain racing.

The 2014 Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo in Atlanta

Pirelli tire garage

We were likewise given a visit through the Pirelli Tires carport, where there was a little group mounting tires for the entirety of the race groups. In the event that you are an individual from the Super Trofeo arrangement, you are “given” three arrangements of tires for each end of the week (as a feature of your enrollment in the series).

You may buy more, however there is a tight arrangement of power over the tires and Pirelli oversees it with style. They generally bring 400 tires for each end of the week and are doing changes continually. With the sixteen groups all two or three sets, and with there being precipitation the end of the week we were there, the Pirelli team was busy.

After this I meandered the open enclosures and took a gander at all the vehicles hustling that end of the week; both the torque and ability were clear. This wasn’t an end of the week race for a couple of speed addicts; this was a genuine stop on a world visit through dashing for whole groups of individuals and whole “urban communities” of equipment.

The level of innovation and designing was obvious all over, and I got my fill of car epicness in each direction.

I invested some energy watching different races and the Le Mans models meeting all requirements for the next day’s race when it was the ideal opportunity for our headliner: the season finale of the Blancpain Lamborghini Super Trofeo Series.

Time to watch

It was now that we visitors of Blancpain and Lamborghini resigned to the rooftop deck of the Super Trofeo Village and watched the race from this fabulous vantage point. The exciting race went on for 60 minutes, and finished with an energizing completion and a very late mishap that made for an astonishing platform. The victor of the race, unfortunately, was not the champ of the whole Super Trofeo arrangement, which was the #29 Change Colas vehicle, which came in third on this specific day.

After the energizing races it was the ideal opportunity for a stupendous supper and the season finale grants function. Four classes were granted with prizes given out from Lamborghini, Blancpain, and different supporters. Blancpain, obviously, gave three champs a L-Evolution Super Trofeo Chronograph Flyback in titanium, which they were extremely eager to get. What’s more, I will concede that I was quite jealous.

The champs of the 2014 Atlanta Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo: Dillon Machavern (first), Cody Ware (second), and Corey Lewis and Aaron Povoledo (third)

It was an awesome encounter to get so near the activity and Blancpain was a great host in the Super Trofeo Village. The solitary thing left was to come back in the first part of the day for a truly mind-blowing ride: the hot lap insight in the 2014 Aventador driven by one of the race drivers.

A large thank you should go out to Blancpain, Lamborghini, and Squadra Corse for the chance to encounter that scene, and an additional gratitude to Blancpain for the time with the L-Evolution-R and the incredible cordiality stretched out to this geek essayist and Quill & Pad. This one is certainly going in my diary.

The 2014 Atlanta Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo

For more data if it’s not too much trouble, visit at-street atlanta-to-focus in-on-novice title and .

Quick Facts L-Evolution-R Chronograph Flyback Rattrapante Grande Date Case: 43 x 16 mm red gold and carbon fiber Movement: programmed Caliber 69F9 Functions: hours, minutes; split-seconds flyback chronograph with minute counter, hour counter, larger than average date Price: $55,000