OMAS Celebrates 90th Anniversary With Dante Alighieri | Quill & Pad

OMAS Celebrates 90th Anniversary With Dante Alighieri | Quill & Pad

Founded by Armando Simoni in 1925, OMAS is one of Italy’s transcendent pen producers, and it praises 90 years of activity this year. The manufactory is as yet situated in Bologna, Italy, where it was established, and today conveys its pens to a fan base that has spilled worldwide.

The name OMAS is really an abbreviation for Officina Meccanica Armando Simoni, and the organizer stays a loved nonentity, however as of the mid-2000s the company is presently don’t family-owned.

One of Simoni’s #1 articulations was, “A pen should make composing pleasurable.” So with this objective up front, he drove the best approach to making really wonderful – and exceptionally practical – pens that are found in the absolute best composing instrument assortments around the world.

The OMAS Dante Alighieri is motivated by one of Italy’s most powerful writers

As an admirer of Greek culture, his plans frequently offered an old style reasonableness with faceted covers and barrels or Greek key-adorned cap groups. The materials, as well, were and are splendid. OMAS almost immediately acquired a standing for its utilization of celluloid and valuable metals, later utilizing cotton pitch, titanium, and even wood.

I own few OMAS pens – obviously the wellspring pens are my top pick – and I’ve generally made the most of their extraordinary equilibrium and weight, which was frequently on the lighter side gratitude to the materials used.

Checking the nib on the OMAS Dante Alighieri Anniversary Limited Edition

The OMAS pens I have are for the most part downplayed works of art from the Paragon assortment, and each helps me to remember my first visit to the manufactory quite a while prior in the dazzling walled city of Bologna. I use them regularly, delighting in their standout workmanship and their smooth nibs.

90th anniversary

Several new pens were presented for this present year out of appreciation for the company’s 90th commemoration, including a staggering arrangement of three faceted celluloid wellspring pens: one in green, one in red, and one of every a warm caramel tint OMAS calls “Radica.”

Each pen is surrounded by nine rings, one for consistently the company has been in presence, and each is fitted with an uncommon commemorative nib.

Another ongoing assortment, the 90th Anniversary Icons set, is so named on the grounds that every one of the three celluloid wellspring pens addresses a significant assortment from the company’s set of experiences: a faceted Paragon, which was first planned by Armando Simoni in 1931; a smooth Ogiva, initially planned in 1927; and a contemporary 360 model made in 1996.

OMAS Dante Alighieri Anniversary Limited Edition

Dante Alighieri Anniversary Limited Edition

The Dante Alighieri Anniversary Limited Edition, from the Great Artist Series, was likewise presented recently, and it truly grabbed my attention. Curiously, this assortment agrees with another commemoration: that of the Italian epic artist’s introduction to the world; Dante Alighieri – the Shakespeare of Italy – would have been 750 years of age in 2015.

The OMAS Dante Alighieri

This commemoration pen, made with a sponsorship from the Società Dante Alighieri , comes in a detailed composing work area style box that incorporates a container of OMAS ink.

Produced in a release of 575 cylinder filled wellspring pens and 175 rollerballs managed in silver, just as seven cylinder filled wellspring pens and five rollerballs managed in 18-karat gold, the assortment is a respect to the Italian artist in its detailing.

The OMAS Dante Alighieri Anniversary Limited Edition is engraved with the primary trio of Dante’s Canto I, ‘Inferno,’ in its unique archaic text

The numbered cotton-gum pens have a cast plume formed clasp and a wide cap ring slyly engraved with the main trio of the Canto I, Inferno , in its unique middle age text. The trio in English peruses (full content found toward the finish of the story):

Midway upon the excursion of our life

I wound up inside a woods dark,

For the clear pathway had been lost.

Richly engraved gold subtleties on the OMAS Dante Alighieri Anniversary Limited Edition

The decision of this particular idyllic section, as indicated by OMAS, “Isn’t just a recognition for his most celebrated work, however addresses the genuine significance of the actual work. This is the start of his moral story recounting the excursion all through time.”

What an extraordinary illustration for a company that is sharing its own excursion in the manner it knows best.

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Quick Facts Dante Alighieri Anniversary Limited Edition

Editions: wellspring pen, rollerball

Cap and barrel: dark cotton pitch with silver or 18-karat gold enumerating

Nib: 18-karat gold, accessible in a few widths

Impediment: 575 cylinder filled wellspring pens and 175 rollerballs managed in silver; seven cylinder filled wellspring pens and five rollerballs managed in 18-karat gold

Value: wellspring pen $2,995 (authentic silver); rollerball $2,925

Inferno, Canto I by Dante Alighieri (1265-1321)

Midway upon the excursion of our life

I ended up inside a backwoods dark,

For the direct pathway had been lost.

Ah me! how hard a thing it is to say

What was this timberland savage, unpleasant, and stern,

Which in the exceptionally thought recharges the fear.

So severe is it, demise is little more;

But of the great to treat, which there I found,

Speak will I of different things I saw there.

I can’t well recurrent how there I entered,

So full was I of sleep at the moment

In which I had deserted the genuine way.

But after I had arrived at a mountain’s foot,

At where the valley terminated,

Which had with shock pierced my heart,

Upward I looked, and I viewed its shoulders,

Vested as of now with that planet’s rays

Which leadeth others directly by each road.

Then was the dread a little quieted

That in my heart’s lake had suffered throughout

The evening, which I had passed so piteously.

And even as he, who, with distressful breath,

Forth gave from the ocean upon the shore,

Turns to the water risky and gazes;

So did my spirit, that actually was escaping onward,

Turn itself back to re-view the pass

Which never yet a living individual left.

After my fatigued body I had rested,

The way continued I on the desert slope,

So that the firm foot at any point was the lower.

And lo! nearly where the rising began,

A jaguar light and quick exceedingly,

Which with a spotted skin was covered o’er!

And never moved she from my face,

Nay, rather hindered so much my way,

That multiple occasions I to return had turned.

The time was the start of the morning,

And up the sun was mounting with those stars

That with him were, what time the Love Divine

At first moving set those beauteous things;

So were to me event of good hope,

The variegated skin of that wild beast,

The hour of time, and the tasty season;

But less, that didn’t give me fear

A lion’s angle which appeared to me.

He appeared as though against me he were coming

With head inspired, and with voracious hunger,

So that it appeared to be the air feared him;

And a she-wolf, that with all hungerings

Seemed to be loaded in her meagreness,

And numerous society has caused to live forlorn!

She brought upon me so much heaviness,

With the dismay that from her viewpoint came,

That I the expectation surrendered of the height.

And as he is who energetically acquires,

And the opportunity arrives that makes him lose,

Who sobs taking all things together his contemplations and is despondent,

E’en such made me that monster withouten peace,

Which, coming on against me by degrees

Thrust me back there where the sun is silent.

While I was hurrying descending to the lowland,

Before mine eyes did one present himself,

Who appeared from since a long time ago proceeded with quiet hoarse.

When I viewed him in the desert vast,

“Have feel sorry for on me,” unto him I cried,

“Whiche’er thou workmanship, or shade or genuine man!”

He responded to me: “Not man; man once I was,

And both my folks were of Lombardy,

And Mantuans by country both of them.

‘Sub Julio’ was I conceived, however it was late,

And inhabited Rome under the great Augustus,

During the hour of bogus and lying gods.

A artist was I, and I sang that just

Son of Anchises, who approached from Troy,

After that Ilion the heavenly was burned.

But thou, why goest thou back to such annoyance?

Why climb’st thou not the Mount Delectable,

Which is the source and reason for each joy?”

“Now, workmanship thou that Virgilius and that fountain

Which spreads abroad so wide a waterway of speech?”

I made reaction to him with reserved forehead.

“O, of different writers honor and light,

Avail me the long examination and incredible love

That have affected me to investigate thy volume!

Thou craftsmanship my lord, and my creator thou,

Thou craftsmanship alone the one from whom I took

The lovely style that has done respect to me.

Behold the monster, for which I have turned back;

Do thou shield me from her, popular Sage,

For she doth make my veins and heartbeats tremble.”

“Thee it benefits to take another road,”

Responded he, when he viewed me weeping,

“If from this savage spot thou wouldst escape;

Because this monster, at which thou criest out,

Suffers no one to pass her way,

But so doth disturb him, that she obliterates him;

And has a nature so censure and ruthless,

That never doth she overabundance her insatiable will,

And after food is hungrier than before.

Many the creatures with whom she weds,

And more they will stay composed, until the Greyhound

Comes, who will cause her to die in her pain.

He will not benefit from one or the other earth or pelf,

But upon astuteness, and on affection and virtue;

‘Twixt Feltro and Feltro will his country be;

Of that low Italy will he be the saviour,

On whose account the servant Camilla died,

Euryalus, Turnus, Nisus, of their wounds;

Through each city will he chase her down,

Until he will have driven her back to Hell,

There from whence begrudge first let her loose.

Therefore I think and judge it for thy best

Thou follow me, and I will be thy guide,

And lead you henceforth through the everlasting place,

Where thou shalt hear the urgent lamentations,

Shalt see the old spirits disconsolate,

Who shout out every one for the second death;

And thou shalt see the individuals who contented are

Within the fire, since they desire to come,

Whene’er it very well might be, to the favored people;

To whom, at that point, if thou wishest to ascend,

A spirit will be for that than I more worthy;

With her at my takeoff I will leave thee;

Because that Emperor, who rules above,

In that I was insubordinate to his law,

Wills that through me none come into his city.

He administers all over the place, and there he reigns;

There is his city and his grand throne;

O upbeat he whom thereto he elects!”

And I to him: “Artist, I you entreat,

By that equivalent God whom thou didst never know,

So that I may get away from this burden and worse,

Thou wouldst direct me there where thou hast said,

That I may see the entryway of Saint Peter,

And those thou makest so disconsolate.