Omega Seamaster: The Ultimate Collection Buying Guide

Omega Seamaster: The Ultimate Collection Buying Guide

At first look, the Omega Seamaster assortment seems like a varied arrangement of watches. There are proficient plunging watches, exquisite games watches, and vintage-propelled watches – also all the various kinds of complications. However, in the event that we burrow somewhat more profound, we see that the first ethos of the absolute first Seamaster watch from 1948 permeates through the cutting edge assortment: top caliber, water-safe watches worked for a functioning lifestyle.

Omega is known for delivering a tremendous combination of extravagance watches, yet it categorizes them all into only four principle assortments: Seamaster, Speedmaster, De Ville, and Constellation. In any case, inside these principle assortments of Omega watches, there are various sub-assortments of different models. Go along with us as we investigate the Omega Seamaster assortment, investigating its set of experiences, features, alternatives, and must-have references.

Omega Seamaster

Omega Seamaster Key Facts

–The Seamaster is Omega’s most established line of watches still underway today.

–The primary Omega Seamaster was presented in 1948

–Omega Seamaster watches are characterized by their water-safe cases.

–The Omega Seamaster assortment contains 8 distinctive sub-collections

–The Seamaster is the most diverse assortment of Omega watches.

–Omega Seamaster watches can be fueled by both mechanical and quartz movements.

–James Bond has worn Omega Seamaster watches since 1995.

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Omega Seamaster History

As you may have just guessed, the Seamaster is Omega’s interpretation of water-safe watches. The series hit the market in 1948, similarly as the brand celebrated its 100th commemoration, and it has developed and extended throughout the years to incorporate a flock of various models and choices to suit an assortment of adventuristic ways of life. From the meeting room to the decks of an extravagance yacht and even several hundred meters underneath the outside of the sea, there is an Omega Seamaster out there for practically every wrist.

The Omega Seamaster range is presently isolated into eight distinctive sub-collections:

Seamaster 1948

The Seamaster is Omega’s most seasoned assortment of watches that stays underway today. Therefore, it is no surprise that there are a couple of vintage-propelled models pulled from the Seamaster documents. The Seamaster 1948 assortment of watches houses unwavering reissues of the principal Seamaster models that made their introduction in 1948. During that time, the Seamaster models were situated as extreme yet rich watches motivated by the watches Omega provided to the British Ministry of Defense during WWII. They are waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, and antimagnetic; in any case, their general esthetics are far closer to customary dress watch plans than any of the other models in the Seamaster range.

Seamaster 300

Omega dispatched the Seamaster 300 out of 1957 as the brand’s first jump watch, complete with a rotating timing bezel, a dark dial with a lot of lume, and a water obstruction rating of 200 meters. The contemporary Seamaster 300 assortment comprises of present day iterations of these vintage jumpers, offering fundamentally the same as plans however with current updates like larger cases, 300-meter profundity ratings, sapphire gems, Super-LumiNova glow, and of course, state-of-the-workmanship Co-Axial movements.


The Railmaster was likewise presented in 1957 however was situated as Omega’s lead antimagnetic watch for the prospering academic community of the time. Be that as it may, the Railmaster presently sits inside the Seamaster assortment. The plans of the watches stay relatively close to the first, with steel cases and time-just dials featuring Arabic numerals at the four quarters. However, what has improved dramatically is the attractive opposition of the present Railmaster watches, which is currently up to 15,000 gauss – without the use of such an interior development shield.


In 1969, Omega released the Seamaster Bullhead chronograph, named so for its particular case outline suggestive of a bull’s head with its twisting crown at 12 o’clock flanked by two chronograph pushers, alongside an extra crown at 6 o’clock to control the interior rotating bezel. Once more, the momentum creation Seamaster Bullhead watches are re-issues of the first model, however they profit by present day upgrades in the two mechanics and materials.

Aqua Terra

The Seamaster Aqua Terra is Omega’s contribution in the regular extravagance watch sort. It is named after the Latin words for “water” and “earth” to stress the sentiment that these watches can be worn constantly, both on dry land and keeping in mind that out on the water.

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra watches are not explicitly planned for jumping and they don’t have rotating timing bezels. Be that as it may, with a water opposition rating of 150 meters, Aqua Terra watches can absolutely deal with water-based exercises. The center watches of the Aqua Terra assortment feature round cases, smooth bezels, scored dials (to copy the wooden decks of extravagance yachts), and time and date usefulness. The Aqua Terra sub-assortment is quite possibly the most differed Omega watches, offering a tremendous variety of metal, arm band, dial tones, and complications.

Aside from the standard time and date Aqua Terra models, there are likewise a small bunch of time-just models, close by more complicated ones like GMTs, Annual Calendars, Worldtimers, and Day-Dates. Also, there are Aqua Terra “Golf” watches, which underline Omega’s longstanding commitment to the game and feature splendid flies of shading on their dials and hands.

Straps and arm bands for Aqua Terra models incorporate metal wristbands, both leather and elastic lashes, and even Omega’s own Nato ties, which are commonly fitted to the different golf-release models in matching tones. At the point when worn on a metal wristband, the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra seems as though a legitimate regular games watch. In any case, when on a dim leather tie, the versatile plan of the Aqua Terra permits it to handily be combined with a suit for formal attire.

Diver 300M

Omega presented the Seamaster Diver 300M in 1993 as the company’s go-to current plunge watch. As its name infers, the Seamaster Diver 300M has a water-obstruction rating of 300 meters and incorporates a helium get away from valve (HEV) on its case, permitting it to be used for proficient saturation plunging applications. Likewise with all advanced plunge watches, the Diver 300M additionally incorporates a unidirectional rotating timing bezel and radiant subtleties on the dial. In obvious Omega structure, there’s a wide exhibit of case materials, tie/arm band alternatives, and dial colors accessible, and the most present day adaptations are outfitted with earthenware bezels.

Planet Ocean

In 2005, Omega revealed the Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M jumping watch with much greater water opposition and bolder plans than the Diver 300M arrangement. While the watch model is loosely based on the Seamaster 300 from 1957, the Planet Ocean is completely current in execution. Beside the standard time and date Planet Ocean models, Omega likewise makes Planet Ocean Chronographs and Planet Ocean GMT watches. Also, the assortment flaunts some intriguing case material choices like titanium, earthenware, and platinum, alongside the standard treated steel, gold, and two-tone decisions All Omega Planet Ocean watches have helium get away from valves, and ebb and flow creation models are outfitted with clay bezels.


In the mid 1970s, Omega dispatched the Ploprof 600M and Ploprof 1000M (Plongeur Professionnel, or “proficient jumper” in French) to serve specialized plunging. In any case, rather than fitting the watches with helium get away from valves to manage caught helium particles, Omega built the Ploprof so that helium atoms couldn’t penetrate the case. While the present iterations, the Ploprof 1200M, do without a doubt have HEVs, their particular and stout case shapes are practically indistinguishable from the 1970’s versions.

Whether you’re searching for a first class jumper, a regular extravagance sports watch, or an advanced watch intended to seem as though it was made many years prior, the Omega Seamaster assortment has a lot to offer.

Vintage versus Current Models

The Omega Seamaster assortment is very broad. For quickness, we will compare the vintage Seamaster 300 with the flow Diver 300M to illustrate the distinction among vintage and present day Seamaster watches.

Despite its name, the first Seamaster 300 ref. CK2913 was simply waterproof up to 200 meters – rumors from far and wide suggest that this was because of Omega’s trying equipment of the time, rather than really being the limitations of the watch itself. Altogether, there are eight variations. In any case, every one features a comparative matte dial finished off with triangle hour markers and variations of the bolt hand, contingent upon the year it was created. The case was humble, estimating approximately 38.5mm in width and it featured either a case back with or without the famous seahorse logo. Controlling the watch was an automatic cal. 501 or cal. 500 development with a 46-hour power reserve. The Seamaster 300 was restored in 2017 to celebrate the 60th commemoration of the first model, and albeit fundamentally extraordinary both all around, it showcases a very much like plan as the ref. CK2913.

Fast-forward several decades to 1993 and the release of the Seamaster Diver 300M. Next to each other, the contrasts between the vintage and flow Seamaster Diver 300M are very evident. While there are more than 40 references of the Diver 300M right now underway, they all offer comparative skeleton hands, strong glowing hour markers, and rotating timing bezels. Furthermore, the profundity rating matches the watch’s name at 300 meters. The Diver 300M likewise incorporates case measures that range from 42mm for the 3-hand version to 44mm for the chronograph. Naturally, the assortment additionally offers an advanced series of developments that gloat the brand’s Co-Axial escapement.

Omega has not spurned the first Seamaster 300 that established the framework for the whole Seamaster assortment as far as we might be concerned today. In any case, it likewise hasn’t avoided indefatigably culminating the whole Seamaster catalog to stay ebb and flow both in usefulness and in design.

How Much is an OMEGA Seamaster?

On the retail level, Omega Seamaster costs begin at under $5,000 and increase from that point contingent upon the particular model, materials, and features. Retail costs are regularly reachable by most spending plans; in any case, you’ll get more an incentive on the used market and with a tad of searching, you can at times discover Omega watches limited up to 60% off their retail costs. Each model will change and (of course) the watch’s condition is likewise a critical factor to consider. In case you’re shopping used, you can hope to spend around $5k or less for most hardened steel Omega Seamaster watches.

Omega Seamaster: Buying New versus Pre-Owned

If you’ve chosen to put resources into an Omega Seamaster, you’ve most likely asked yourself the inquiry, would it be advisable for me to purchase used or new? There are advantages to both, with the most clear being that a used watch is quite often less expensive than another one. Then again, there are several variables to consider when buying a used Omega rather than another one, like the watch’s condition and its authenticity. In the event that the watch is used, does it come with the first box and desk work? Additionally, has the watch been serviced? Does it incorporate the entirety of its unique parts?

None of that is a factor when buying new. Notwithstanding, contingent upon the watch, there is the factor of depreciation. Like purchasing another vehicle, most extravagance watches will quite often depreciate (somewhat or another) when you purchase them. Omega watches do hold their worth very well, yet it is critical to get them at the correct cost. In the event that you realize where to shop, purchasing used can frequently be the most ideal alternative, permitting you to get precisely the same watch at a huge discount.

The Best Omega Seamaster Watches

It would be almost difficult to audit each Omega Seamaster watch. All things being equal, we’ve selected a couple of models, both ebb and flow creation and ceased, to feature in more detail that represent the various sides of the Omega Seamaster collection.

The James Bond Seamaster

The exemplary blue wave dial ‘Bond Seamaster’ – altogether of its various generations – reliably stays one of Omega’s most well known watches for its appearance in numerous James Bond films (more on that beneath) and its easy plan. It offers a profoundly refined, practically dressy esthetic combined with serious expert plunge watch features. Omega delivered several versions of the blue wave Seamaster consistently. One such model that you can add to your watch box today is the ref. in tempered steel and elastic. It features the brand’s Master Chronometer cal. 8800 development, 42mm case, and wave dial finished off with a lot of lume.

Its appearance may not interest everybody, except it is unquestionably an exceptionally competent watch with a versatile plan that could undoubtedly be the solitary watch that an individual possesses for the remainder of their life. It wouldn’t at any point watch strange, whether or not it was worn at a poolside grill or a dark tie event.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Chronograph

The Planet Ocean is viably a Seamaster on steroids – increased water obstruction, chunkier cases, and by and large more rough esthetics. When picking a Planet Ocean to kick this rundown off, going with this 45.5mm titanium-cased monster of a chronograph was a simple decision. The combination of a light dim dial and orange accents combined with a matching dim and orange elastic lash works uncommonly well.

At a practical level, this piece is likewise unshakable, as Omega had the option to keep up the standard 600m of water obstruction on it despite the fact that it is fitted with a chronograph complication. While it is standard practice on most watches to never operate the chronograph features underwater, more up to date Omega Seamaster chronograph pushers can really be operated at profundity. Also, in the same way as other of the other expert plunge watches in the Seamaster assortment, the case of this Planet Ocean Chronograph is fitted with a physically operated helium get away from valve at the 10 o’clock location.

Omega Seamaster 300

The reference is based on one of the early Seamaster Trilogy releases from 1957. It features a relatively flat case profile with long drags, making the 41mm piece wear somewhat larger than its specs would otherwise indicate. The Omega Seamaster 300 is offered in different metals, with this model being made in steel and gold and fitted with a ceramic and Ceragold™ bezel.

While the style of text style and use of beige-shaded Super-LumiNova on all fours give the piece a very vintage-inclining esthetic, its automatic Caliber 8400 Co-Axial chronometer development makes it appropriately present day regarding precision and mechanical performance.

Seamaster Diver Chronograph – America’s Cup Edition

The Omega Seamaster Diver Chronograph America’s Cup release is from a similar general line of plan as the first ‘Bond’ model. Notwithstanding, it is a long way from the model worn by Agent 007, as it is fitted with blade hands, a polished dark dial, and a chronograph complication to boot.

At 41.5mm across in this packaging, this jumpers chronograph wears compactly when compared to the Planet Ocean. Furthermore, it additionally turns out to be evaluated essentially underneath the Planet Ocean, representing a serious expect the measure of watch you get. Getting an automatic extravagance chronograph with a 300m of water obstruction and timing bezel at this value point is a flat out take, even without its additional family being an Omega Seamaster in the first place.

Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT 600M

Everyone needs a decent GMT – an exemplary complication in the jump watch category, however one that is altogether immaterial for a plunge watch when used for its real expected assignment. While the Planet Ocean is Omega’s scope of super skilled expert plunge watches, an amazing number of various GMT models have been offered inside this broad sub-collection.

Once once more, we get a strong yet not domineering blue dial, this time matched with those orange accents that are the informal distinguishing mark of the cutting edge Planet Ocean setup. The trade to a 24h rotating bezel makes a wonderful showing of changing the piece’s general look; nonetheless, the LiquidMetal bezel holds a radiant marker at the 12 o’clock location, which permits it to keep quite a bit of its jump prepared usefulness. Utilizing titanium for its case and arm band additionally works really hard of helping the piece, as its steel-cased partner can be somewhat on the weighty side.

OMEGA Seamaster in Hollywood (films & celebs)

Omega Seamaster watches can be spotted on the wrists of by numerous individuals of note, including superstars, world dignitaries, and accomplished athletes.

George Clooney – notwithstanding regularly being spotted wearing a Speedmaster, the Omega envoy wears both the Seamaster Planet Ocean and the Aqua Terra.

Sergio Garcia – Professional golf player and Omega brand represetative, Sergio Garcia can frequently be seen wearing the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Ultra Light

Gianni Agnelli – The PloProf is frequently spotted on the wrist of Gianni Agnelli, the head of Fiat.

Prince William – The moderate size adaptation of blue wave dial Seamaster Professional Diver 300M was a blessing from his mother, and it has been an installation on Prince William’s wrist for decades.

Adam Savage – While he additionally wears the Speedmaster, the Mythbuster’s star has likewise been known to a few distinctive Seamaster Planet Ocean watches.

The James Bond Omega Legacy

Throughout the years, Agent 007 has worn a wide range of watches from various brands going from Rolex to Seiko and everything in the middle. Notwithstanding, since the 1995 release of the film Goldeneye, there has consistently been some sort of Omega Seamaster watch on his wrist. The primary reference was the quartz-fueled 2541.80.00 with a blue wave dial, matching blue bezel, and steel-on-steel finish.

Two years later, Pierce Brosnan was equipped with the automatic chronometer-rated form (reference 2531.80) for his return as Bond in the 1997 film, Tomorrow Never Dies. He would proceed to wear that equivalent watch for the rest of his residency as 007. A blue Omega Seamaster 300M can be seen in the two his third and fourth (additionally last debuts) as James Bond during The World Is Not Enough (1999) and Die Another Day (2002).

The 2006 release of Casino Royale denoted another generation for 007 with the presentation of another Bond entertainer and another Bond watch. Pierce Brosnan had passed the light to Daniel Craig, and to accompany Craig’s more rough and dirty depiction of James Bond, the watches were currently device free, and various Omega Seamaster watches showed up on screen during the film. The exemplary blue wave dial Seamaster showed up in Casino Royal; notwithstanding, it was the updated form featuring Omega’s Co-Axial escapement. Moreover, keeping with Daniel Craig’s more rough and coarse interpretation of Bond, a Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m with a dark dial and a dark elastic lash could likewise be spotted on Craig’s wrist during scenes of Casino Royale.

For the 2008 release of Quantum of Solace, Bond seemingly dumped the exemplary blue Seamaster Diver 300m that had been his go-to demonstrate for over 10 years. All things being equal, it was a 42mm tempered steel Seamaster Planet Ocean with a dark dial on a matching steel arm band (again without devices) that Craig wore during the greater part of the film. Omega additionally began to release several diverse 007-themed restricted and extraordinary version Seamaster models during this time – a training that proceeds right up ’til today. While the watches worn on-screen are commonly standard-creation Seamaster models, these 007-version watches ordinarily feature uncommon James Bond subtleties and frequently incorporate elaborate 007-themed boxes and packaging.

More James Bond Seamaster Watches

Craig wore two distinctive Omega Seamaster watches during the 2012 film Skyfall. The 42mm hardened steel Planet Ocean that he wore in Quantum of Solace restored, this time accompanied by a Seamaster Aqua Terra with a blue dial. Albeit the exemplary blue wave dial Seamaster Diver 300m didn’t show up in Skyfall, the specific Aqua Terra model worn by Daniel Craig during the film is enigmatically suggestive of the first “Bond Seamaster” with the two watches featuring tempered steel cases, matching steel wristbands, and blue dials that are engraved with lines (straight and vertical on the Aqua Terra, level and wavy on the Seamaster 300m).

For the 2015 dispatch of Spectre, James Bond got another watch, despite the fact that it was as yet an individual from the greater Seamaster assortment. Rather than proceeding to wear models from the Seamaster Diver 300m and Planet Ocean sub-assortments, Bond got another watch – the Seamaster 300 – which is an advanced re-interpretation of the absolute first plunge watch at any point delivered by Omega route back in 1957. While the standard-creation of the watch featured an hour long jump bezel, the form featured in the film (which was additionally unveiled accessible to the as a restricted release) was fitted with a 12-hour bezel and an alternate ‘candy style’ seconds hand

In No Time to Die, Craig wears an evaluation 2 titanium Omega Seamaster ref. on his wrist. Craig was vigorously associated with the plan of 007’s latest watch, which incorporates a lattice Milanese wristband, a matte-completed dial and bezel, and right military-roused markings.

 James Bond Omega Seamaster Filmology

1995: Goldeneye – Seamaster Diver 300M 1997: Tomorrow Never Dies – Seamaster 300M 1999: The World isn’t Enough – Seamaster 300M 2002: Die Another Day – Seamaster 300M 2006: Casino Royale – Seamaster Diver 300M; Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M 2008: Quantum of Solace – Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M 2012: Skyfall – Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M; Seamaster Aqua Terra 2015: Specter – Seamaster 300 Co-Axial 2020: No Time To Die – Omega Seamaster Diver 300M

*Additional pictures graciousness of OMEGA.