Phillips Sets 3 Rolex World Records in Geneva

Phillips Sets 3 Rolex World Records in Geneva

Vintage Rolex watches have been in the news a lot recently as a hot “new” speculation vehicle – something Bob’s Watches fans have been conscious of for a long while. And all the ink is by all accounts sending esteems considerably higher – which is extraordinary information for those of you for certain decision pieces sitting in your vault.

Phillips sales management firm in relationship with Bacs & Russo are answerable for the most recent round of record-breaking, at the two-day The Geneva Watch Auction: NINE in Switzerland which just accomplished a general aftereffect of $25,496,177 for 216 lots, surpassing the pre-deal gauge and making it the season’s best watch sell off yet. Besides, bidders from 73 unique nations partook in the deal, showing how genuinely worldwide the extravagance watch market has become.

The Geneva Watch Auction: NINE was a triumph, setting various world records. (Picture: Phillips)

3 New World Records for Rolex Watches

Of boss interest to us are the three new world records that were set for Rolex watches . These incorporate a “Little Crown” Submariner ref. 5508 that was being unloaded interestingly, which got $494,100 – more than twofold its pre-deal high gauge.

Topping that was its “sister” model, a “Major Crown” Submariner ref. 6200, which came from the first proprietor’s family and was additionally being offered at closeout interestingly, which got $588,967.

This Rolex “Padellone” ref. 8171 sold for $968,436. (Picture: Phillips)

And then there was the minty 1950s ref. 8171 Rolex “Padellone” which went for an eye-popping $968,436, setting another world record for the reference in yellow gold.

Also important was the noteworthy Rolex Daytona ref. 16528 with an etching from Formula 1 Legend Ayrton Senna to his coach, administrator, and companion Angelo Parrilla, which pounded for $160,582.

This “Huge Crown” Submariner ref. 6200 sold for $588,967. (Picture: Phillips)

Beyond Rolex

obviously there was a lot of activity on the Patek Philippe front also, with an amazingly uncommon platinum reference 5208P selling for $802,418, alongside a reference 1436 split-seconds chronograph in pink gold going for $529,675.

Falling in the middle of the two as far as acknowledged cost was the extraordinary “Wear Pancho” Vacheron Constantin minute repeater from 1940 with day and retrograde date, which accomplished $731,269 – another world record for a vintage Vacheron Constantin wristwatch sold at closeout.

This “Little Crown” Submariner ref. 5508 sold for $494,100. (Picture: Phillips)

Another record cost was indented for a Zenith El Primero ref. A382, which went for $39,528, showing that this to some degree underestimated model might actually net large returns in years to come.

And at last Longines additionally got a lift from the Eberhard Longines A7 ref. 3592 pilot’s watch retailed by Eberhard Milano, which went for a cool $247,050.

The George Daniels Grand Complication pocket watch was the most elevated selling piece of the sale with a cost of $2,391,444. (Picture: Phillips)