Rolex Day-Date Ultimate Buying Guide

Rolex Day-Date Ultimate Buying Guide

The Rolex Day-Date – also called the Rolex Presidential – is a watch that needs no presentation. It is effectively one of the brand’s most unmistakable watches with both day and date gaps on the dial and a mark three-interface arm band. From dignitaries to VIPs and even U.S. Presidents, a significant number of the world’s first class pick this celebrated watch and it has become inseparable from progress and force. Snap here to shop the Rolex Day Date collection.

Today, the “President’s Watch” is wanted by authorities from varying backgrounds. Because of a great creation run that traverses many years and incorporates various references, possessing one of these Rolex watches is simpler than at any other time. On the off chance that you realize what to search for, it’s conceivable to add this piece of Rolex history to your watch box at almost any financial plan. While the assortment has advanced extensively in the course of recent many years, its center plan stays as before. This suffering force, combined with a noteworthy standing, makes the Rolex Day-Date President a particularly sought-after wristwatch among a portion of the world’s more regarded figures.

Rolex Day-Date Collection

Key Features

Introduced: 1956 Case Diameter: 36mm; 40mm; 41mm Materials: 18k gold (yellow, white, rose); 950 platinum Functions: Time with running seconds, date of the month, day of the week. Bezel: Fluted, smooth, finished, jewel set Dial: Multiple alternatives accessible Bracelet: President; Oyster; leather lash Water resistance: 100 meters/330 feet

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The History of the Rolex Day-Date

The Rolex Day-Date’s heritage started in 1956. The primary references delivered inside the arrangement were the 6510 and 6511, which included the now-notable President wristband, a fluted bezel, and a 36mm Oyster case. These references were the primary watches on the planet to show both a date of the month and the day of the week, explained in full through windows in the dial. As an individual from the Oyster Perpetual arrangement, the 6510 and 6511 additionally wore Rolex’s protected waterproof Oyster case and self-winding Perpetual movement.

The original put the wheels into action. It didn’t take long for the arrangement to advance to incorporate a more extensive choice of dial tones, metal choices, bezels, arm band types, and developments. The remainder of the Rolex Day-Date assortment was presented as follows:

1959: 180x Series – cal. 1555, later 1556 1977: 180xx Series – cal. 3055 1977: OysterQuartz Series – cal. 5055, later 5355 1988: 182xx Series – cal. 3155 2000: 118xxx Series – cal. 3155 2008: Day-Date II with 41mm case – cal. 3156 2015: Day-Date 40 – cal. 3255 2019: 1282xx Series – cal. 3255

The acrylic (plexiglass) precious stone was ended for the sleeker and stronger sapphire gem with the appearance of the 5-digit age. Around a similar time, the wristband’s catch was moved up to the disguised Crownclasp, which actually stays underway today, yet in another and refreshed structure. Present day references additionally gloat a refined wristband with completely strong connections, an improved fasten plan, a marginally more hearty case with thicker carries, and various more beautiful dial options.

Movement Evolution

The first Rolex Day-Date references 6510 and 6511 were fueled by the cal. 1055, which required a bulkier case to house the new day circle and crude self-twisting system inside the development. Similar to the case with virtually every wristwatch that Rolex produces, the development and case configuration were enthusiastically culminated to offer a sleeker and more easy hang on the wrist. This development was at last supplanted with the cal. 1555 in the 180x arrangement of Day-Date watches

The next huge change to the development came during the 1970s with the expansion of hacking seconds in the cal. 1556 and a Single Quickset capacity in its replacement cal. 3055. Hacking seconds permits the wearer to stop the seconds hand while setting the time, empowering synchronization and expanded exactness. The Single Quickset permits the wearer to change the date of the month autonomously from the time, by basically pivoting the winding crown.

The Quartz Crisis likewise hit around this time – a time that saw a critical move in patterns from mechanical developments towards quartz-controlled watches. To stay on-pattern, Rolex built up an assortment of quartz development watches, including the Day-Date arrangement, which was controlled by the in-house cal. 5055, then later the cal. 5355. The Rolex OysterQuartz arrangement stayed underway until the mid 2000s in any case neglected to get on with the public.

The 182xx arrangement hit the market in the last part of the 1980s, carrying with it the cal. 3155 and the now-standard Double Quickset capacity. With a Double Quickset, the wearer can address both the date and day shows without bending the crown full 24-hour pivots. The cal. 3155 stayed the Day-Date’s go-to development for the following a few decades.

The Rolex Day-Date II carried with it a bigger 41mm case size and the cal. 3156 with a 48-hour power hold. While the watch was absolutely on-pattern, it was in the long run ceased for the current Day-Date 40 and the shiny new cal. 3255.

Today, the cal. 3255 forces both the Rolex Day-Date 40 and Day-Date 36. It flaunts attractive safe and hostile to stun innovation and it is proclaimed for its uniquely exact perusing. It additionally includes a more extended 70-hour power save and it is ensured by a sum of 14 patents.

The Origin of the “President’s” Watch

With its select utilization of valuable metals, the Rolex Day-Date immediately turned into a status watch pursued by a portion of the world’s most persuasive pioneers and visionaries. It oozes force and achievement, so it appears to be just regular that the Day-Date would become the watch of decision among numerous American Presidents.

While the watch is officially named the Rolex Day-Date, it has additionally become known as the “Rolex President” or “Rolex Presidential” – an epithet that started due to the 36th President of the United States, Lyndon B. Johnson broadly wearing a yellow gold Rolex Day-Date while in office.

It’s regularly inaccurately expressed that Dwight D. Eisenhower was the man behind the ‘Rolex President’ moniker as he was skilled a gold Rolex to praise the brand’s 150,000th chronometer. Nonetheless, the watch was really a 18k yellow gold Datejust, not a Day-Date. Eisenhower was broadly shot wearing his gold Rolex on the front of TIME magazine. Nonetheless, since this magazine shoot occurred in 1952 and the Day-Date was not delivered until 1956, it is incomprehensible for Eisenhower’s Rolex to be from the Day-Date collection.

JFK additionally apparently claimed a Rolex Day-Date, which was given to him by in all honesty Marylin Monroe. The story behind the real watch – which was recorded with “Jack with affection as consistently from Marilyn May 29th, 1962” – still remaining parts a secret. Supposedly JFK never kept the watch; be that as it may, it as of late sold at 2005 sale for $120,000.

The Rolex Day-Date isn’t generally Presidential

In general, the expression “Rolex President” alludes to any watch inside the brand’s portfolio that wears on the notable semi-round connection arm band. Few out of every odd Rolex Day-Date watch is fitted with this arm band type. For instance, the Rolex Day-Date ref. 118205 in Everose takes on a sportier esthetic with a smooth bezel and level connection Oyster arm band. Albeit as of late ended, this alternative remaining parts mainstream among present day authorities who look for a Rolex Day-Date watch with a more current and one of a kind appearance. Also, some Rolex Day-Date watches come from the processing plant fitted with leather ties and these models highlight haul hoods for a more incorporated appearance.

Another model that may astonish some is the Rolex Day-Date Pearlmaster in platinum ref. 18946, which incorporates both day and date openings on the dial yet wears on the brand’s super extravagant Pearlmaster wristband. On the other hand, few out of every odd Rolex President is a Day-Date observe either. For instance, the “Woman President” Datejust ref. 69178 is introduced on the semi-roundabout connection President wristband, however the actual watch hails from the Datejust family and does exclude a day system on the dial, just the date.

How Much is a Rolex Day-Date?

The excellence of the Rolex Day-Date is that it stands to hold its worth better than some other watch in the Rolex inventory – accepting that you get one on the auxiliary market at a decent cost. The sole utilization of valuable metals, combined with the arrangement’s standing for greatness and extravagance, concrete the Day-Date’s place as a genuine investment.

While the Rolex Day-Date orders a more exorbitant cost than other Rolex watches that offer steel or a combination of steel and gold (particularly at retail), your cash will unquestionably not go to squander. Past the estimation of it as a Rolex watch – which is absolutely not something to neglect, your watch will consistently merit a critical wad of cash because of the estimation of the strong gold or platinum that is utilized in its construction.

Backed by the guarantee of value Rolex craftsmanship, any Day-Date will keep an exact perusing for quite a long time, and these notorious extravagance watches have all the makings of treasure pieces to be delighted in for ages. The Rolex Day-Date offers a value point for practically every spending plan. While anything is possible with regards to the value range for this commended extravagance symbol, the most moderate models can be found on the used market at around $5k and costs go as far as possible up to well-above $30,000.

Buying New versus Pre-Owned

While the facts confirm that the Rolex Day-Date will hold its worth long haul, there is an impressive favorable position when buying utilized watches rather than new ones. Similar as purchasing a shiny new vehicle, most Day-Date watches will devalue very quickly. For instance, the strong gold reference 128238 right now underway retails for $33,150 and is accessible for around $30k used.

This isn’t too critical of a distinction in cost, to a great extent in light of the fact that the ref. 128238 is as yet underway. Notwithstanding, more seasoned Day-Date models guarantee a considerably more noteworthy distinction in worth when compared to ref. 128238, like its prompt archetype ref. 118238, which sells for generally a large portion of the cost on the auxiliary market with costs floating around $16k to $20k contingent upon the particular model and its configuration.

There is no denying the fervor of being the first to wear a pristine Rolex watch. Yet, there are advantages to buying a used model in the event that you realize where to shop. It’s additionally difficult to deny the speculation potential at almost half reserve funds compared to a pristine Day-Date with a comparative list of capabilities. Used Rolex observes quite often remain to increment in incentive since the underlying devaluation has just been consumed by the first purchaser. Why not give yourself a preferred position by buying a Rolex for well beneath retail?

Pros and Cons of New versus Used Rolex Day-Date Watches

The quick advantages of shopping for another watch are that the model will flaunt the best in class in Rolex innovation. You additionally don’t need to stress over the wristwatch being fake or harmed and it will come sponsored by Rolex’s full plant guarantee. Considering that, a believed used seller will consistently guarantee that the Rolex is veritable, ensured used, and prepared to wear.

The greatest disadvantage to purchasing a used watch is that you need to do your exploration to ensure that you are purchasing from a confided in source. In the event that you realize where to shop, the pressing factor of guaranteeing the authenticity of the watch will fall on the vendor’s shoulders. Also, Rolex plans are immortal, and the brand’s developments are intended to keep going for ages. On the off chance that you can oppose the enticement of a shiny new watch, the stars of shopping used ought to handily exceed the cons.

What to Know before you Shop Pre-Owned

There are not many interesting points prior to purchasing a used Rolex Day-Date:

1. Pick a Reputable Seller. This is effectively the main advance in the buying interaction. eBay and Craigslist are the absolute most hazardous alternatives; the familiar axiom, “purchase the vender” will consistently be genuine here.

2. Do Your Research: Do your schoolwork on the particular watch that you plan to purchase and become acquainted with its list of capabilities and normal cost. Understanding what makes the watch’s worth will set you up for progress before you even start shopping.

3. Ask Questions. Does it come with unique papers? Has it been adjusted? Does it actually have its unique parts? These are only a portion of the inquiries that ought to be kept in mind.

Rolex Day-Date highlights and Options

The Rolex Day-Date incorporates an endless determination of arrangements, some of which are as yet underway today and numerous that have since been ceased. The following is a short outline of the few element choices that have been accessible inside the Rolex Day-Date series.


The Rolex Day-Date procures its name from the double openings on the dial: the mathematical date at 3 o’clock and the day (explained in full) at 12 o’clock. The day of the week is presently accessible in 26 dialects. The plan of the actual dial incorporates customary stick records, Arabic numerals, Roman numerals, and even precious stone set files. The dial is additionally accessible in endless shading alternatives, including green, champagne, white, silver, blue, and even colorful material dials that component cuts of semi-valuable stones or uncommon materials like fossil or meteorite.


The instance of the Rolex Day-Date appeared in 36mm. While a 41mm Day-Date showed up as the brief Day-Date II, the assortment is at present just accessible in either 36mm or 40mm. Contingent upon the time of creation, the Oyster case is waterproof up to 100 meters and is equipped with either a smooth, fluted, finished, or jewel bezel. More current models highlight scratch-safe sapphire gems over the dial, while vintage editions sport ones made from acrylic. More recent generations likewise incorporate Twinlock crowns, which screw into the Monobloc center case to guarantee water-obstruction up to 100 meters.


The President wristband is the most notable arm band alternative accessible on the Rolex Day-Date arrangement. It appeared close by the debut Day-Date and stays an installation of the assortment today. Beside certain editions of the Midsize and Lady-Datejust, the President arm band is held solely for the Day-Date assortment. It is recognized by a concealed Crownclasp and semi-roundabout, three-piece interfaces, the focal point of which is typically polished.

While the President wristband is a sign of the Rolex Day-Date assortment, it isn’t the solitary arm band alternative that has been accessible. As we previously referenced, a few editions of the model have additionally been made accessible on Rolex’s notable Oyster arm band, and a few models have likewise been fitted with leather lashes. A large number of the tie alternatives are dynamic tones that coordinate the dials and mirror the “Stella” Day-Date watches from the 1970s. The lashes are gotten with a solitary crease Oysterclasp in a metal that coordinates the case.

Metal Options

Precious metals presently accessible inside the Rolex Day-Date list incorporate 18k yellow gold, white gold, pink gold (otherwise known as Everose gold), and 950 platinum. Despite shading, all gold is 18-carat and is created by Rolex’s in-house foundry. Today, the Rolex Day-Date is just accessible in either strong gold or platinum; nonetheless, there are a couple of extremely uncommon vintage tempered steel editions that are known to exist from the early long periods of the assortment’s history.

Rolex Day-Date Watches by Price

Rolex Day-Date – $5,000 to $10,000

For the purpose of this guide, we will audit choices for the assortment in three distinctive value levels. Costs for the Rolex Day-Date can begin as low as $5k, contingent upon the watch’s list of capabilities and condition. This may come as an amazement to a few, thinking about the colossal standing of the watch and the elite utilization of valuable metals. Quality isn’t lost on the more established alternatives, and their plan is similar as the watches that are presently being delivered by the brand.


If you’re on the lookout for an early on gold Rolex, vintage references are an incredible spot to begin. The 4-digit arrangement starting with the 180x are promptly accessible available with changing plans and designs. Quite possibly the most pervasive on the auxiliary market is the yellow gold Rolex Day-Date 1803, delivered from the 1960s until around the late 1970s.

With a conventional President arm band, fluted bezel, and 36mm case, it is immediately conspicuous. It has a ground-breaking effect without surpassing the wrist (or holding your wallet prisoner). Moreover, the ref. 1803 highlights an assortment of metal completes and dial tones, introduced in the retro “Pie Pan” style that is praised by vintage collectors.


Next on our rundown is the reference 18038. This edition of the Rolex Day-Date is one age more up to date than the past ref. 1803. It incorporates a cal. 3055 self-winding development that beats at a higher recurrence of 28,800bph. It likewise flaunts an advantageous Single Quickset capacity. The watch is strikingly comparative in plan to the ref. 1803 with a fluted bezel, President wristband, and 36mm Oyster case – nonetheless, this rendition includes a level dial (rather than Pie Pan) and a scratch-safe sapphire gem. This edition of the Rolex Day-Date is likewise accessible with the valued concealed Crownclasp, which is basically vague from the wristband’s connections aside from a little crown tab on the very bottom.


For around $10k, you can add a special bark-finished Day-Date to your watch box. Beside the middle connections and bezel, the ref. 18078 looks much the same as some other Rolex President watch. The case is 36mm in measurement and houses a self-twisting development with both a day and date component. Moreover, the watch wears on a President arm band with semi-roundabout connections. What separates it is the bark-finished completion on the bezel and focus joins (other surfaces have likewise been offered however are more uncommon). This treatment adds measurement and character to watch and is a clique top pick among numerous vintage enthusiasts.


The OysterQuartz arrangement is another special edition of the Rolex Day-Date accessible for under $10k. Created during the Swiss Quartz Crisis during the 1970s, the watch incorporates a quartz development and interesting case and coordinated wristband plan. While the actual case estimates 36mm in width, it presently includes more rakish hauls and a coordinating precise. This plan set seepages 1970s engage and will speak to any individual who appreciates retro extravagance watch design.

Rolex Day-Date Watches – $10,000 to $20,000

Modern Rolex Day-Date watches show up around the $10,000 value range and past, incorporating the 182xx arrangement with the Double Quickset cal. 3155 and a portion of the ended 6-digit references. In case you’re looking for a present Day-Date, this level is an amazing beginning stage offering cutting edge comfort at an altogether more moderate price.


The ref. 18238 was the primary Rolex Day-Date to offer a Double Quickset capacity. It additionally incorporates a scratch-safe sapphire precious stone and to a great extent looks like the past ref. 18038 however with an improved development. Most often introduced in gold, it is comparable in plan to the recently referenced 1803 and 18038. In case you’re on the lookout for a gold Rolex watch that carries somewhat more usefulness to the table, the Day-Date 18238 may be ideal for your wrist.


Also inside the 5-digit arrangement is the uncommon Tridor Day-Date ref. 18239. As you would have just speculated from its name, it comprises of three distinct shades of 18k gold: white, yellow, and rose. The three metals are combined on the middle connections, making a special plan that is not normal for some other Rolex watch. The remainder of the watch remains consistent with customary President styling with semi-roundabout connections and a 36mm case.


If yellow gold isn’t exactly your style, the ref. 118239 of every 18-carat white gold may get your attention. It gives the advantage of strong gold while offering the adaptability of a white metal completion. As a 6-digit reference, the ref. 118239 additionally includes an overhauled wristband and catch. The outcome is a Rolex Day-Date that feels discernibly more significant on the wrist when compared to its 5-digit archetypes. For around $15k, you can add one to your watch box


Also accessible in white gold is the Rolex Day-Date 118209 on an Oyster arm band. The level connections and smooth bezel loan themselves to a sportier generally esthetic. Mainstream dial pairings incorporate contemporary Rhodium decorated with either Roman numerals or precious stones. You can possess one used for around $15k, which addresses a great expect a strong 18k white gold Rolex watch.

Rolex Day-Date Watches – $30,000 and Beyond

For more than $30k, choices inside the Rolex Day-Date assortment are interminable. The determination incorporates spic and span references dribbling with precious stones to watches with bigger case sizes and dazzling 950 platinum. The Rolex Day-Date’s most up to date development cal. 3255 is additionally accessible at this cost range.

Day-Date 36:

The current 36mm Day-Date is a foundation of the Rolex brand. It addresses many years of indefatigable refinement and master designing and the watch is almost faultless. Despite the fact that, we’re certain Rolex will discover approaches to improve its plan later on as watchmaking advances keep on progressing. Inside the assortment are various contemporary dial alternatives, bezel types, and metal completions. Current references incorporate yellow gold (ref. 128238), white gold (ref. 128239), and rose gold (ref. 128235). The 1282xx assortment is fueled by the commended cal. 3255 movement.

Day-Date II:

For many years, the 36mm rendition was the solitary case choice inside the Rolex Day-Date arrangement. That all changed in 2008 when the Day-Date II was delivered. It highlighted a 41mm case size and a then-new cal. 3156 development. While on-pattern, there was unquestionably opportunity to get better, and the Rolex Day-Date II was suspended. During its creation, the watch was accessible in yellow gold (ref. 218238), pink gold (ref. 218235), white gold (ref. 218239), and platinum (ref. 218206). Gatherers who look for a sportier interpretation of the rich Day-Date frequently pick the suspended Day-Date II, as it is the biggest of all Rolex Day-Date watches.

Day-Date 40:

The Rolex Day-Date 40 supplanted the Day-Date II in 2015. While just 1mm more modest than its archetype, there is a significant contrast between the two models when on the wrist. The Day-Date 40 is considerably more refined with sleeker drags and an in general less thick plan. The ideal equilibrium of contemporary and exquisite styling, it seems like the Rolex Day-Date 40 is staying put. The assortment is accessible in each valuable metal accessible to the brand, including 18k yellow gold (ref. 228238), white gold (ref. 228239), pink gold (ref. 228235), and cold 950 platinum (ref. 228206).

Choosing the Perfect Day-Date for your Wrist

With powerful venture potential, desirous plan, and unrivaled precision, it isn’t likely that the Rolex Day-Date is going anyplace at any point in the near future. For the greater part a century, the Day-Date assortment has been Rolex’s lead line of watches, and it addresses a sure thing in case you’re on the lookout for an extravagance watch in which to contribute your well deserved money.

The Rolex Day-Date is accessible in an apparently endless choice of varieties and arrangements. Picking the ideal reference at last comes down to individual taste and spending plan, yet there truly are no off-base decisions while choosing a model from this ageless assortment of extravagance watches.