Rolex Submariner 16618: A Comprehensive Review

Rolex Submariner 16618: A Comprehensive Review

The story of the Rolex Submariner is a celebrated one, impacting the world forever in 1953 as the world’s first plunge watch equipped for being water-impervious to a profundity of 100 meters (330 feet). Created as a jumper’s instrument, it was furnished with a rotating hour long bezel to securely time decompression stops and iridescent subtleties for perceivability in the sea’s tremendous haziness. Throughout the long term, the Submariner has gone through incalculable overhauls, notwithstanding taking on various varying looks utilizing a scope of materials, tones, and configuration subtleties. For the greater part a century, the Rolex Submariner has stayed the best quality level in extravagance plunging watches.

Let’s investigate the strong 18k yellow gold Submariner 16618, including its set of experiences, value, features, and, in particular, where to purchase it.

Rolex Submariner 16618

Rolex 16618 Key Features:

Case Diameter: 40mm

Materials: 18k Yellow Gold

Functions: Time w/Running Seconds, Date Display

Dial: Black; Blue

Bezel: Aluminum Insert. Black; Blue

Crystal: Flat Sapphire w/Cyclops Lens

Movement: Rolex Caliber 3135

Water Resistance: 300 meters/1,000 feet

Strap/Bracelet: Oyster Bracelet w/Wetsuit Extension

Price Range: $22,000 – $30,000 (Pre-Owned)

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History of the Submariner 16618

When the Submariner hit the market during the 1950s, the watch was just delivered in steel. It featured a period just dial, a bi-directional bezel, and was water-safe up to 100 meters. Obviously, the entirety of this in the long run changed, clearing a path for the Submariner 16618 as far as we might be concerned today. During the several generations, the hardened steel references saw various updates, including the appearance of chronometer-affirmed rated development, an expansion in the event that size, the implementation of crown monitors, and the expansion of a date window and accompanying Cyclops magnification lens.

The first Submariner to feature a date window on its dial was the ref. 1680. A variation of this model, the ref. 1680/8 was the main Submariner created taking all things together gold (not to be mistaken for reference 16808, which Rolex delivered a brief timeframe later). Much the same as the treated steel variant, it featured an acrylic gem over the dial, an aluminum bezel supplement, and water-opposition up to 200 meters. Notwithstanding, while the steel variation was fitted with a matte dark dial, the ref. 1680/8 got either a sparkle dark or sunburst blue “Areola Dial” with brought markers up in matching 18k yellow gold.

Following the ref. 1680 is the momentary Submariner 16800. It was the main Sub to run on a high beat type 3035 Perpetual development with an operating recurrence of 28,800bph.  The Submariner 16800 likewise acquainted the arrangement with the scratch-safe sapphire precious stone and an expanded profundity rating of up to 300 meters. It was during this time that the bezel got unidirectional. The ref. 16800 was created uniquely in steel and featured a dark dial and aluminum bezel.

The next stop throughout the entire existence of the ref. 16618 is the Submariner 16808, which is the all-gold variation of the momentary ref. 16800. It featured overall similar overhauls as its all-steel partner and was created with a dark or blue dial and bezel. While early instances of the ref. 16808 featured areola dials much the same as its archetype, later-creation adaptations featured dials with applied markers considerably more intently take after those fitted to present day Submariner watches. Furthermore, the Submariner 16808 was additionally offered with “Serti Dials” that featured precious stone and sapphire hour markers set against either a dull rhodium or champagne-hued dial.

That carries us to the ref. 16618 in strong 18k yellow gold. Supplanting the ref. 16808, the subject of our survey was the principal all-gold Submariner to run on the type 3135 development. While genuinely comparative in plan as the type 3035, the cal. 3135 is an improved rendition with 31 gems (up from 27), a more extended 50-hour power hold (up from 42 hours), and a full offset connect with a bigger equilibrium wheel. Moreover, Rolex likewise updated the cal. 3135 out of 2000 to feature its restrictive blue Parachrom hairspring. Additionally delivered during this time was the two-tone Submariner ref. 16613 and the all-steel ref. 16610 with white gold-managed glowing hour markers. The 1980s, with improved usefulness and materials, denoted the progress from the vintage Submariner to the advanced generation. Despite the fact that Rolex delivered the Submariner 16618 during this time, a few authorities believe it to be neo-vintage as it keeps on making the progress towards becoming a vintage watch.

The Submariner 16618 stayed underway until 2010 when it was supplanted by the 6-digit reference 116618 with a ceramic bezel and bigger “Maxi” dial. Albeit the two references measure 40mm in breadth, the ref. 116618 Submariner shows up somewhat bigger with greater crown monitors and more extensive carries. Like its archetype, this 6-digit arrangement of Submariner watches additionally runs on the type 3135 development, complete with Rolex’s blue Parachrom hairspring.

Rolex ceased the first 6-digit gold Submariner in September 2020 and supplanted it with the fresh out of the box new reference 126618. New to the arrangement is a bigger 41mm case and the type 3235 Perpetual development, supplanting the long-running type 3135 and carrying with it Rolex’s exclusive Chronergy escapement and a 70-hour power hold. Rolex additionally traded the gold textual style on the dial for white, creating a cleaner, more contemporary esthetic. The lume introduced on the dial is presently exclusively Chromalight, which produces a brilliant blue sparkle for as long as 8 hours. Rolex’s commitment to delivering profoundly accurate jump watches that twofold as sophisticated regular watches bears, even several decades later.

Rolex Submariner 16618 Features

The Rolex Submariner 16618 is, beyond question, a notable gold watch. It’s cherished by many brand fans for its attractive feature set, comfortable size, and solid development. We should investigate the features that characterize this extraordinary extravagance jump watch.

Oyster Case

The Submariner features a strong Oyster case in cleaned and satin-completed 18k yellow gold. Rolex operates its own foundry, guaranteeing complete authority over the whole plan and development measure. The Oyster instance of the Submariner 16618 likewise ensures water opposition up to 300 meters (1,000 feet) through an innovative screw-down Triplock crown and case-back. Planned at first in light of remote ocean jumpers, the Rolex Submariner is both an esthetically satisfying extra and an apparatus for investigating the depths.

The focal visual component of the Submariner 16618 is its dial. Interesting to globe-trotters, the dial is uncommonly intended for neatness with a radiant showcase set in glistening gold encompasses. This plan guarantees perceivability at all occasions, even in obscurity waters of the sea, with the time addressed by Rolex’s famous Mercedes handset. The Oyster case and dial are finished off with a scratch-safe sapphire precious stone, complete with a Cyclops focal point over the date window.

The Submariner’s bezel is another significant feature. The 18k gold bezel has matching brilliant hour long graduations that permit jumpers to screen plunging time and decompression stops accurately. Since the bezel on the ref. 16618 is unidirectional, inundation time will just at any point be overestimated (rather than underestimated) should the bezel incidentally get thumped or moved while underwater. The furrowed edges likewise consider a simple grasp in the water, permitting a jumper to use this uncommon feature completely. While the bezel was intended for underwater use, it is likewise very useful while ashore, permitting clients to effectively follow occasions as long as an hour as they approach their day.

Oyster Bracelet

The Rolex Submariner 16618 is completed with an Oyster wristband fitted with a collapsing Oysterlock catch with a crease out wetsuit augmentation. the Oyster wristband is produced using 18k gold to match the case. The wristband is intended for solidness and comfort, and it is not difficult to wear both ashore and in the ocean. The fasten is intended to forestall incidental opening and the wetsuit expansion permits clients to immediately extended the arm band without the utilization of any instruments so it can fit over the sleeve of a thick wetsuit. The ref. 16618 is a more seasoned model Submariner, so the connections on the arm band are empty (despite the fact that they don’t have open spaces on the sides of the connections themselves). Compared to 6-digit references with strong connections, the ref. 16618 wears recognizably lighter on the wrist. This gold Submariner will engage gatherers who appreciate the plan of a gold Rolex yet who favor a watch that doesn’t overload the wrist.

Perpetual Movement

The Rolex Submariner 16618 sudden spikes in demand for oneself winding type 3135 Perpetual development. The straightforwardness and comfort of an automatic development are unmatched, as a development, including day by day wear, will keep the watch running. The development is additionally ensured by the free non-benefit gathering, the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC). The COSC foundation completely tests the development, presenting it to different components and conditions to guarantee exactness and the most elevated level of solid performance. Newer editions of the Submariner 16618 (those delivered after the year 2000) additionally advantage from Rolex’s Parachrom hairspring, as it builds the watch’s protection from stuns and temperature fluctuations.

Notable Rolex 16618 Variations

16618LN & 16618LB: As a full 18k yellow gold model, the ref. 16618 is the lavish rendition of the Rolex Submariner plunge watch. During its creation, a few dial and bezel configurations were delivered. There’s the dark dial and dark bezel reference (16618LN) and the blue dial with matching blue bezel rendition (16618LB). These two alternatives come furnished with radiant hour markers and brilliant Mercedes style focus hands for ideal decipherability in the midst of the dinky waters of the deep.

Gem-Set and Stone Dials: On the “Serti” dial assortments of the Submariner reference 16618, the dials sparkle splendid for another explanation – the jewel and sapphire pearls that fill in as the watch’s hour markers. A considerably more valuable variation is the super uncommon ref. 16618 brandishing a lapis lazuli dial – a couple were delivered in the mid 1990s. In 2011, Christie’s sold a Submariner ref. 16618 with a lapis lazuli dial for more than $90,000 during their Important Watches deal in Geneva. In 2014, they sold a comparable model for more than $84,000 at the Hong Kong Important Watches occasion, and it is estimated that the current estimation of these amazingly uncommon watches is more than six-figures.

Rolex Submariner 16618 Price

The Rolex Submariner ref. 16618, is a great gatherer’s thing for anybody inspired by Rolex watches. Throughout the long term, this model has seen a consistent expansion in worth. At the point when it went to the market, the ref. 16618 retailed for around $10,000. Today, it commands anyplace between $22k – $30k on the auxiliary market (barring the uber uncommon lapis lazuli dial adaptations). On the off chance that you were sufficiently fortunate to buy one on the retail level years prior, your Rolex 16618 is currently more than twofold its unique value.

Although this variant of the all-gold Submariner was suspended quite a while in the past, it’s still relatively simple to discover one on the used market. By and large, buying a gold watch used is consistently a sound venture since most extravagance watches depreciate immediately in the wake of leaving the retailer. For this situation, the ref. 16618 is not, at this point accessible at retail and hasn’t been for over 10 years. With the always rising cost of gold, it’s required to hold its worth very well (at the exceptionally least) and conceivably even see it appreciate in an incentive in the coming years. Should you decide to sell the Submariner 16618 subsequent to buying it, your odds of recovering your underlying speculation are very high. Clutch the watch, and it may even fill in value.

Where to Buy the Rolex 16618 Submariner

Any strong gold Rolex watch requires a critical venture. Nonetheless, in the event that you realize where to shop (and buy your watch from a confided in merchant), purchasing an important used Rolex doesn’t need to be an unpleasant cycle. Sway’s Watches is the most believed name in utilized Rolex watches. Each watch recorded available to be purchased is confirmed used to ensure that it is 100% authentic and comprises of only certified Rolex parts. Furthermore, we additionally administration the watches we sell to guarantee that the watch is both running appropriately and looks as near fresh out of the plastic new as possible.

If you like to shop face to face, other choices incorporate adornments stores, autonomous watch sellers, or pawn shops. While you will actually want to grasp the watch and review it face to face, shopping nearby isn’t generally the most ideal choice when purchasing a utilized Rolex. A significant factor to consider is that physical shops regularly have a higher overhead and aren’t set up to offer a competitive cost. These shops ordinarily additionally convey other stock and do not have the restrictive Rolex information expected to appropriately cost and authenticate a utilized Rolex. To put it plainly, you probably will not get as great of an arrangement if you somehow managed to shop online.

With that said, discussions, for example, Craigslist and eBay are enticing choices to consider when shopping on the web. In any case, they represent their own arrangement of dangers as there is no assurance that the watch is real. While the sites themselves are very notable and legitimate, you are not really purchasing the watch from the actual site, and are rather getting it from an arbitrary dealer. A portion of these merchants will be completely legit and respectable, while others will be deceitful people that are attempting to exploit unconscious purchasers. By and large, now and again paying somewhat more forthright will save you a huge load of cash (and a monstrous cerebral pain) in the long-run.

What you Should Know Before You Shop for a Pre-Owned Rolex Submariner

1. Do your research. Even on the off chance that you shop with a confided in merchant, it’s essential to arm yourself with some information about the watch before you get it. Knowing the watch’s normal cost and its most distinctive features will guarantee that you’re getting a veritable watch for a great deal.

2. Locate the privilege seller. As we previously covered above, finding the correct dealer is inconceivably significant. Not exclusively will it guarantee that you don’t wind up purchasing a phony watch, yet it will likewise help ensure that you get the best arrangement when shopping pre-owned.

3. Request extra information. Don’t be reluctant to pose inquiries about the watch before you buy it. Elements, like the first box and papers, alongside whether or not the watch has been overhauled can fundamentally influence its worth. A believed vender won’t be hesitant to give further information upon request.

Final Thoughts

Rolex’s restrictiveness and flawless 18k yellow gold are combined with the Submariner’s extreme, straightforward usefulness. This plan ethos is what makes the reference 16618 a particularly extraordinary watch to wear and claim. Furthermore, because of its strong gold development and the far and wide allure of the Submariner assortment in general, the Rolex Submariner 16618 likewise offers a phenomenal venture opportunity. In the event that gold is your style, adding the Rolex 16618 to your assortment is a simple choice.