Rolex vs Omega | The Rolex Sea Dweller or The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean

Rolex vs Omega | The Rolex Sea Dweller or The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean

Poseidon, who? Today, you can be a leader of the oceans – with a little assistance from a Swiss horlogerie, obviously. In case you’re hoping to dare to a portion of the ocean’s most profound profundities, or simply need a genuinely waterproof (and attractive) watch, there’s no compelling reason to seek the stars for the appropriate responses. The closest (online utilized) extravagance watch vendor will do.

But on the whole reality, two of the world’s best jump watches are Omega’s Seamaster Planet Ocean and Rolex’s Sea-Dweller. Albeit, the similitudes practically end there. With various developments and functionalities, these watches should be oceans separated. So who might win in a battle of Rolex versus Omega? We’ll let you decide. 

Rolex versus Omega: Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Coaxial

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Coaxial

You could say the Omega  Seamaster Planet Ocean is the newcomer. Yet, the way that it was delivered in the mid 2000’s hasn’t kept it away from becoming famous in the watch and plunging communities. Furnished with a water opposition up to an incredible 600 meters (2,000 feet), a helium get away from valve and top notch 8500 self-winding development, the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean is an exceptionally useful watch for the individuals who spend extensive stretches in the profundities of the ocean.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Coaxial

It’s likewise an extraordinary looking watch that you will need to wear long after your jump. The large 44mm hardened steel case and arm band keep it sharp while adding genuine wearability for everyday wear. That dark, unidirectional fired bezel is attractive as could be, and adds to the naturally lively feel of this watch.

There’s likewise the mark orange six, nine and 12 o’clock markers in Arabic numerals that help you read a clock effectively submerged as well as will grab the attention of any passerby. Lean in and draw a nearer see that dark face, as well. The date is situated exactly where you’d expect it at three o’clock and the brilliant markers sparkle however don’t glare under that scratch-safe sapphire precious stone.

Rolex Sea-Dweller 126600

The Rolex Sea Dweller

The Rolex Sea Dweller has a more drawn out history than the Seamaster, the primary models acquainted with the market, harking back to the 1960’s. From that point forward, the Sea Dweller has gone through different redesigns and changes all for the sake of better profound plunging. So for comparison purposes, we’ll compare the more current ref. 116600 which was created from 2014-2017 to the Seamaster.

Looking at the ref. 116600 with that unidirectional rotatable jumper’s bezel, unmistakably this is a sportsmans’ watch. What’s not obvious from the outset, however, is that behind that tempered steel waterproof case and scratch-safe sapphire gem is an advanced 3135 programmed development with that alluring blue parachrom hairspring. Be that as it may, the actual watch gives proper respect to the early Sea Dwellers, including the considerable, yet more modest than the Seamaster, 40mm case. You’ll additionally see that while this watch includes the date at 3 o’clock, it doesn’t have the mark cyclops focal point to amplify it, much the same as the early models. It’s additionally equipped with the helium get away from valve which is introduced for the most outrageous profundities — did we notice this watch can go down nearly 4,000 feet?

Sea-Dweller 16660

Amongst the other new highlights are the enduring glowing hands and hour markers, the cutting edge ceramic Cerachrom bezel and 904L tempered steel Oyster wristband with Glidelock catch that can be stretched out to sit outside the plunge suit.

Rolex versus Omega: The outcomes are in

While the Seamaster has a greater vibe on the wrist, the Sea Dweller has it beat regarding profundity — with the capacity to go twice far. Regarding looks, the two watches are energetic — the Seamster having a smidgen more blaze with those mark orange markers and the Rolex being consistently attractive.

Where these watches both adjust, however, is the way that their tempered steel, waterproof cases make them basically indestructible and ideal looks for ordinary wear. While the 44-mm Seamaster may be a touch more in your face than the 40-mm Sea Dweller, the two of them have attractive, simple to peruse faces that highlight the date (but, both without a cyclops focal point). Eventually, it’s protected to say you’ll adore jumping with these watches similarly however much you will wearing them.

At the day’s end, in a heads up Rolex versus Omega competition, the two watches have their splendid characteristics. We’ll leave it to you to choose.