Romain Gauthier’s Ingredients Are The Best Basis For A True Value Recipe | Quill & Pad

Romain Gauthier’s Ingredients Are The Best Basis For A True Value Recipe | Quill & Pad

Romain Gauthier , the youthful proprietor and originator of the independent extravagance reproduction watch reviews brand of a similar name, has worked in horology all his grown-up life: his first occupation was as a machine software engineer/administrator at a manufacturer of horological components in the Vallée de Joux .

Romain Gauthier Logical One on the wrist

This actuality isn’t inconsequential: it explains the reason for his vision of watchmaking, what begins with the “ingredients” of an imitation watch reviews the components themselves.

Bird’s eye perspective on watchmakers at their seats in Roman Gauthier’s workshop

His haute horlogerie approach isn’t not normal for that of haute cuisine or high fashion. As he mundanely explained to me during a visit of his manufacture in Le Sentier, “Anyone can make a pizza, however it is the intrinsic nature of the ingredients that make an extraordinary pizza.”

And indeed with Romain Gauthier’s watches we are talking about Alba white truffle pizza!

Chasing the dream

Gauthier’s fantasy was to make his own image, and he began by building the establishments of a genuine haute horlogerie manufacture. He purchased crème de la crème machinery and hired profoundly talented specialists and experts to make a genuine in-house haute horlogerie workshop.

CNC machines in the foundation with programmed lathes in the closer view at Manufacture Romain Gauthier

The actuality that Chanel, one of the most dynamic rescuers of one of a kind specialties in the style world – which includes Lesage nearby weaving, Michel in millinery, and Barrie in cashmere knitwear – purchased a “agreeable” cooperation in this office in 2011 (see Surprising Ties That Bind: Chanel And Romain Gauthier ) says a lot about the degree of greatness Gauthier’s workshop achieves.

But it is just when you visit the manufacture with Gauthier himself and inundate yourself in the perception of his component manufacture that you can get a handle on the extent of the work done.

The level of finishing of components coming straightforwardly out of the CNC machine is simply outstanding, better than some “hand-finished” ones I’ve seen.

Romain Gauthier (left) and watchmaker Patrick Martin in the brand’s atelier in Le Sentier

I asked how he accomplishes this outcome. “Basic,” he reacts: his CNC machine is the “Moves Royce” of CNC machines, costing in the neighborhood of 650,000 Swiss francs. In any case, in addition to the fact that he makes sure to purchase the best machinery, Gauthier’s long involvement with extremely complex CNC programming is fundamental as he trains his workers personally.

But it doesn’t stop here. Each progression of the component machining happens with this fixation of greatness, with each progression becoming a fine art all alone. Profile turning (to make round components) and burnishing (compressing metal to increase hardness of components like turns) are completed with Gauthier’s enchantment contact; the hardening interaction of metals (called trempe in French) is directed in a vacuum climate to forestall changes in shading, yet most importantly to arrive at the most elevated level of resistance.

Romain Gauthier HMS Ten in red gold

Why go to such a difficult situation, I inquired? “It isn’t to look good,” Gauthier answered. “It is to arrive at an unmatched degree of unwavering quality, of toughness . . . from which accuracy and genuine worth ensue.”

Supply and demand

No wonder Gauthier’s workshop supplies balance haggles springs to the absolute most lofty brands in the industry. In any case, shhhh . . . remain quiet about this, they all “do it in-house.”

Just a couple of the basic points that must be cautiously hand finished on this lower consistent power connect for Romain Gauthier’s Logical One

Once his painstaking work on components is complete, he can focus on the more “common” sorts of finishing on the developments, however it should abandon saying that nothing is “common” with Romain Gauthier.

Finishing as a workmanship form

If you need seriously convincing simply take a gander at Romain Gauthier’s standout anglage. Gauthier is one of a little modest bunch of watchmakers creating marginally bended chamfers for anglage, which is incredibly hard to accomplish with consistency, and even offers twofold chamfered anglage on certain models. “Anglage” is the term for a cleaned chamfer.

Rounded anglage on a component by Romain Gauthier

At Romain Gauthier anglage is painstakingly completed by hand just and the finish can require as long as 20 hours for only one component!

Where most of brands use sandblasting as a speedy and simple machine-made finish, Gauthier utilizes the painstakingly lethargic, conventional hand sanding strategy in light of the fact that the outcome is outwardly predominant: intelligent sharp edges are not rounded.

This presumably explains why the Gauthier has been known as the “profound child” of Philippe Dufour, one of the living legends of Swiss watchmaking and the watchmaker with maybe the finest finishing in the whole industry (see Why Philippe Dufour Matters. Also, It’s Not A Secret ).

Philippe Dufour with Romain Gauthier in 2010 (photograph civility Allen S)

Romain Gauthier Logical One

In terms of the watchmaking viewpoint, Gauthier is continually looking for helpful innovations in the most flawless feeling of customary fine watchmaking and is acclaimed by devotees and friends the same. In 2013, his Logical One, with its multi-patented chain-and-fusée consistent power framework featuring ruby chain links, was granted the profoundly desired prize for best men’s complications imitation watch reviews at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève .

Romain Gauthier’s grant winning Logical One with Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève Golden Hand prize

My visit of Gauthier’s remarkable and comprehensively-prepared workshop left me wide-looked at with feeling and loaded up with a tranquil feeling of calm.

Hand-finishing is paid attention to very at Romain Gauthier

Logical One Black by Romain Gauthier

The just lament is maybe that he just creates 40 reproduction watch reviews a year . . . also, that I actually need to save a considerable amount to manage the cost of one. However, that is the thing that fantasies are made of.

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