The Citizen Caliber 0100 Is the World’s Most Accurate Watch – but Is It Worth More Than a Rolex?

The Citizen Caliber 0100 Is the World’s Most Accurate Watch – but Is It Worth More Than a Rolex?

Would you pay $16,800 for a sun based controlled Citizen watch that’s more accurate than a Rolex – also more accurate than virtually every other watch available? We can’t see numerous individuals past truly in-your-face Citizen authorities (or somebody with outrageous OCD with regards to timekeeping) saying yes to that one; anyway in any case, the Japanese watch brand merits some credit for the accomplishment of its new Citizen Caliber 0100 “Eco-Drive” watch.

The Caliber 0100 is the most accurate light fueled watch on the planet. (Picture: Citizen)

Unparalleled Accuracy

The watch self-governingly tracks time with a precision of give or take one second out of each year, while Rolex ensures an exactness of +/ – 2 seconds out of every day. Obviously, comparing mechanical and quartz watches equates to that old saw about apples and oranges; anyway on the other hand, quartz watches are customarily a lot less expensive than their mechanical partners. Also, with a precision rating of +/ – 1 second out of each year, the Citizen Caliber 0100 is definitely not your normal quartz watch, which ordinarily guarantee an exactness rating of +/ – 15 seconds out of every month.

The Caliber 0100 guarantees timekeeping exactness to inside only 1 second out of every year. (Picture: Citizen)

Citizen will make 100 bits of the 37.5mm Caliber 0100 in white gold, evaluated at for $16,800; and 700 in Super Titanium, which will cost $7,400. The plan of the watches is unmistakably moderate and unquestionably doesn’t deceive their expense. The Caliber 0100 owes its precision to an excessively high recurrence temperature-controlled quartz oscillator running at 8.4 MHz (8,388,608 Hz), dramatically higher than a standard quartz watch development.

Citizen previously introduced the Caliber 0100 out of a pocket watch case as a non-creation model a year ago, and clearly they concluded there was sufficient interest to warrant these new wristwatches. On account of Citizen’s sunlight based and light controlled Eco-Drive innovation, the watch doesn’t need routine battery substitutions, and has a surprising half year power hold – or eight months in force save mode.

The Caliber 0100 development previously showed up in a non-creation pocket watch model a year ago. (Picture: Citizen)

Rolex or the Citizen Caliber 0100

While surely not comparable to Rolex, the two brands are attempting to make the most accurate watch development that they can. Obviously nowadays, Rolex has no interest in quartz innovation; anyway we envision that even they should be intrigued with the Caliber 0100’s abilities.

Citizen, established in 1930 by Japanese and Swiss financial backers, has consistently been at the cutting edge of super-accurate watchmaking. In 1993 they dispatched the world’s first multi-band atomic timekeeping watch, despite the fact that their image picture in most buyer’s psyches is unyieldingly connected to cheap computerized watches. Nonetheless, numerous individuals don’t understand that Citizen is additionally the parent company of celebrated American watch brand Bulova, having paid $250 million for it in 2008; just as Swiss maker Frederique Constant, which it obtained in 2016.

Given the comparable value point, would you rather have the Citizen Caliber 0100 or a Rolex? (Picture: Citizen)