The History of the Vulcain Cricket: The First President’s Watch

The History of the Vulcain Cricket: The First President’s Watch

Say the words ‘President’s watch’ to a lot of gatherers and the model that comes to mind will be Rolex’s inescapable Day-Date.

The solely valuable metal-fashioned brand lead is for sure a piece that has ended up on the wrists of some of the White House’s senior inhabitants, just as others at the actual top of their calling, regardless of whether it is ready to go, sports or the performing expressions.

But maybe the watch that better merits the title, one that has been worn by a greater number of commanders-in-boss than some other, is the Cricket by little free Swiss assembling Vulcain.

The present day Vulcain Cricket


Vulcain was established in 1858 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, by the Ditisheim family—Jacque, and his children Maurice, Gaspard and Aron.

Originally creating fine pocket watches, it wasn’t until the mid forties, amidst WWII, that the company directed its concentration toward the production of wristwatches.

By at that point, the maison was constrained by Ernest-Albert, the child of Maurice Ditisheim, who had passed on in 1891, and it was he who renamed the house Vulcain, after the Roman divine force of fire and volcanoes.

But it was one more of the family’s posterity, Robert, who had the possibility of a mechanical alert watch. Despite the fact that there had been two different attempts, in 1910 and 1920, by rival firms, the specialized difficulties had delivered them of little use; the cautions were too calm to be in any way beneficial and the vibrations destroyed the precision of the timekeeping.

The caliber 120 from Vulcain

By 1942, Robert had delivered a model which went some way or another to overcoming these past snags. His Caliber 120, a 22mm, physically twisted instrument, tackled the issue of the vibrations by using two separate barrels, one for the actual development and the other for the caution work. By keeping the two free of one another, the caution not drawing energy away from the development, it implied it could sound for as long as 25 seconds when completely twisted.

However, it was the issue of the volume which demonstrated generally hard to break. Robert talked with physicist Paul Langevin on the errand, who recommended that on the off chance that a little cricket could deliver sufficient commotion to convey significant distances, a similar should be workable for a watch instrument in a little case.

It would require an additional five years before all the pieces were set up. Robert patented his technique for utilizing a mallet to strike an inward layer, which would resonate under the effect, and he presented a perforated twofold case back to go about as a reverberation chamber and intensify the sound. The commotion it created had an obnoxious note, suggestive of the call of the cricket.

The Caliber 120 was a weighty piece of design; a 17-gem development with a 42 hour save, beating at 18,000vph. The solitary disadvantages were slight; in view of the spearheading complication, the watch hands must be set advances, for example. Be that as it may, the Cricket, introduced to people in general in 1947, was a huge achievement and proceeded to win the international Chronometry Competition the next year a the Neufchatel Observatory.

The exemplary Presidents watches were worn by four U.S. Presidents

The Presidential Connection

The Cricket just needed to stand by until 1953 preceding it was given such a picture support cash can’t accepting. The White House Press Photographer’s Association gave Harry S Truman a 14k gold variant of the watch just before him leaving office. They had the back engraved with the legend; ‘One More Please’, an expression regularly yelled at the president during photograph shoots.

It was the beginning of the Cricket’s association with U.S premiers, Vulcain maybe gaining from Rolex’s illustration of presenting different heads of state with a portion of their best.

Truman’s replacement, Dwight Eisenhower, all the more commonly associated with the Day-Date, was given one, similar to his VP Richard Nixon, who got his from the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors in 1955.

Lyndon Johnson was conceivably the watch’s greatest fan , purchasing his own piece in Geneva and having his signature remembered for the dial. He likewise gained a mass request of 200 Crickets to part with as endowments during his term. Yet, while the president may have been an admirer, with bits of gossip stating he would frequently set the caution to go off during gatherings to give him a pardon to leave early, it caused everyone around him only migraines. The instrument’s consistent rambling commotion was confused with a bomb on a few events, frightening his mysterious assistance detail.

The Vulcain Cricket Nautical was presented in 1961

The Other Crickets

The president’s watches were so effective, Vulcain had the option to broaden the reach. The Cricket Nautical, a 42mm jumper rated to 300m, arose in 1961 and had the option to indicate when decompression stops were required and even featured an alert that could be heard underwater. Furthermore, the Golden Voice, basically a more modest adaptation of the watch for ladies, was presented in 1964.

But the entirety of Vulcain’s initial victories came colliding with the ground, as they did across the remainder of Switzerland, during the 1970s, when the quartz emergency began thumping.

Refusing to embrace the new innovation coming in from the east, the brand chose to stay with mechanical developments, and it would demonstrate their destruction. It wasn’t encouraged by the substitution to the first Caliber 120 development, the Caliber 401 which, in spite of the fact that it had a seconds sub dial and the additional comfort of a date work, did as such to the detriment of a separate barrel for the caution, which was hence decreased to only 15 seconds. It affected deals and, after over 100 years, the company was constrained into liquidation.

Richard Nixon receiving his Vulcain Cricket

The Revival of The Vulcain Cricket

That could well have been that for the Cricket, in the event that it hadn’t been for a Finnish gem dealer named Keijo Paajanen. He met with Robert Ditisheim’s child Michael during the 1980s and recommended reinstating the act of gifting the watch to American presidents during state visits to Finland. So it was that in 1988, Ronald Reagan turned into the principal U.S. pioneer in twenty years to get his own model, trailed by George Bush Sr. two years later. In 1995, Gerald Ford visited the country for the commemoration of the Helsinki Accords, at last granted his own Cricket 20 years sometime later.

Clinton and Carter both visited Finland in 1997, each leaving with one of Keijo’s endowments and Obama was sent significantly more than one his inauguration in 2009. On the off chance that accounts are to accepted, Trump has additionally since taken possession.

That simply leaves two presidents from the cutting edge time without one. George W Bush presently can’t seem to encounter Finland and JFK left us too soon.

The new Vulcain Cricket X-treme

The Cricket Today   

All the additional exposure prompted the company being fired up again in 2001 by business visionary Bernard Fleury, whose first demonstration was to reinstate creation of the Cricket, the sequential construction system of which, extraordinarily, still endure.

It was to get a significant update nonetheless, trading from a physically twisting development to an automatic, bringing about the new Caliber V-21. While the changeover presented not many issues where fundamental capacity was concerned, getting the caution to work took a complete reconsidering. The new development contains 257 components, 100 more than its archetype, alongside Vulcain’s Exomatic framework with its metal roller mounted unidirectional rotor guaranteeing predictable abundancy for better exactness.

The alert is currently given by an arm striking a blacksmith’s iron upheld by an equilibrium spring and the whole development is delightfully completed, as opposed to the rather utilitarian appearance of the first.

The V-21 would now be able to be found inside various Vulcain watches, going from the retro-roused ’50s President’ assortment to the all out games piece, the Cricket X-Treme.

They, and the remainder of the brand’s broad group of delightfully created models, have breathed life into a production with a fascinating history and splendid future. Their exquisitely attractive watches have set the norm for mechanical caution pieces for quite a long time and they have a genuine appeal to them in the cutting edge age.

The Rolex Day-Date may have informally received the name, yet it is the Vulcain Cricket which actually stays the genuine president’s watch .