The Most Expensive Rolex Watches Ever Sold

The Most Expensive Rolex Watches Ever Sold

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In the most recent couple of years, auction costs for exemplary references have spiraled out of circle into the domain of super-rich fiction. Furthermore, with each special or ultra uncommon model that breaks the past record, the bar is raised for those that follow.

It’s an entrancing chance to be a Rolex gatherer, and near difficult to anticipate what’s on the horizon. However, until further notice, we’ve assembled a rundown of the top most costly Rolex observes ever sold.

(And there’s in a real sense no prizes for recognizing the topic that goes through our list!)

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona “Paul Newman Oyster Sotto”

6. 1969 Rolex Daytona Ref. 6263 ($2,001,562)

Formerly a feature of one of the world’s most significant private assortments, the reference 6263 appeared here is one of just two such known Tropical “Shellfish Sotto” – matured flawlessly with some lovely chocolate and creme patina. The special and staggering dial was quite possibly the main Paul Newman Daytona’s presented at auction when it was recorded in 2016. It has since been overshadowed in cost consistently, yet this was perhaps the main Daytonas to go up at auction.

This 1942 Antimagnetique ref. 4113 was sold at a $2.4M (credit: Forbes)

5. 1942 Antimagnetique Rolex Ref. 4113 ($2.4M)

One-increasing the Clapton Daytona’s accomplishments, this ref. 4113 Antimagnetique chronograph has held the record for most costly Rolex at any point sold at auction not once, yet twice. The latest $2.4M hammer drop at Phillips’ START-STOP-RESET auction in 2016 dramatically increased its previous entirety only three years beforehand – demonstration of the runaway prevalence of the brand’s vintage collection.

Measuring 44mm in distance across, the biggest watch Rolex at any point made, just 12 were created – all in steel and never unveiled accessible to the. All things being equal, they were given as blessings to a handpicked determination of celebrated hustling groups and their drivers. The brand’s nearby connections to the marvelous universe of motorsport returns similar to the 30s, and a few of these larger than average pearls have advanced toward auction through the groups of the first recipients.

Now one of only eight idea to in any case exist, Rolex’s just split-seconds chronograph could all around set more records tumbling in the future.

This Paul Newman is nicknamed “The Legend” (Credit:

4. 1969 Paul Newman Daytona ref. 6263 ($3,717,906)

When a vintage Rolex is given the moniker ‘The Legend’, you realize it won’t be modest. At the point when you at that point think of it as’ one of only three at any point made, and that it’s an illustration of what fight solidified gatherers depict as their vessel watch, you understand a standard size check likely will not be sufficiently large to fit all the zeroes on.

Sold recently, and denoting the third time in only a year Phillips auctioned off a record-breaker, the yellow gold Oyster Paul Newman Daytona’s last count of $3.7m dramatically increased its underlying estimate.

The ref. 6263, with screw-down pushers and a similar Cal. 727 development as Eric Clapton’s Albino (which presently seems as though something of a deal), is finished off with a dazzling lemon grené dial with differentiating dark sub-dials, complete with their Newman-esque Art Deco font.

In wonderful condition and with an inconceivable extraordinariness esteem, it’s not difficult to perceive any reason why this legendary model accomplished the value it did—without a doubt the most anybody will ever pay for a Rolex Daytona!

The Bao Dai was before the defending champ and held the title as the most costly Rolex until… (Credit: SJX)

3. 1954 Bao Dai ref. 6062 ($5,060,427)

The Bao Dai ref. 6062 , the just one of its sort to be furnished with a dark dial and precious stone files, addresses one of the savviest. Last coming up for public auction in 2002, it might have been yours for just $235,000—a record breaking sum for a Rolex route back in those more stark times.

15 years after the fact, and the yellow gold triple schedule with moonphase watch sold for in excess of multiple times that. It took more than $5m to wrest it away from its past proprietors, their feeling of misfortune at losing a novel piece of Rolex history apparently hosed whenever they’d done the sums.

Specially made in 1954, it was commissioned by the last Emperor of Vietnam—Bao Dai, or Keeper of Greatness. A man referred to for his amazing taste just as his reformist mentalities, he had an eye for the better things throughout everyday life, and acquired a standing as a traveling playboy once his Emperor obligations were not, at this point required after Vietnam’s part in 1955.

With the remainder of his life revolved around golf, scaffold and ladies, in Paris and along the French Riviera, he ultimately passed on, grinning, in 1997 at the time of 83.

His watch matured considerably more nimbly. Unique in each regard, the stand-out model with uncommon family was constantly bound to be a world-mixer. We can just think about what it will bring in another 15 years.

The Rolex Daytona Unicorn is the second most costly Rolex observe ever sold

2.1971 Rolex Daytona Reference 6265 “Unicorn” ($5,900,000)

The watch is a reference 6265 Rolex Oyster Cosmograph Daytona, and this specific watch is the solitary known illustration of the reference 6265 to have at any point been fabricated in 18k white gold.

The reference 6265 was first made in 1970, and utilizations a similar Oyster case and screw-down chronograph pushers as the reference 6263; anyway the reference 6265 was fitted with a metal bezel as opposed to one produced using acrylic.

Vintage Rolex Daytona watches were customarily fabricated in either hardened steel or 18k yellow gold; and keeping in mind that some 14k yellow gold models were created for the North American market, this white gold reference 6265 is really special, and is the solitary known illustration of its kind.

While the actual watch is totally exquisite and really probably as uncommon and elite as Rolex watches get, the main insight concerning this white gold, reference 6265 is that 100% of the returns from its deal went to the cause, Children Action.

This amazingly uncommon watch was sold by Phillips at auction in May 2018 for $5.9 million USD, right away becoming the second most costly Rolex observe ever sold.

Last however not least, we have the Paul Newman worn by Paul Newman.

1. 1968 Paul Newman Cosmograph Daytona ref. 6239 ($17,752,500) – The Most Expensive Rolex Ever Sold

When Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona reemerged in 2016 following a three-decade nonappearance, most would agree the vintage watch world lost its aggregate mind.

The scale as to exactly how much that brain had been lost was uncovered when the mallet dropped after only 12 minutes of irate offering at Phillips’ debut New York auction in October. An unknown voice on the finish of a telephone acquired responsibility for most significant watch to be disclosed in an age, and at $17.7m this white whale of the horological world turned into the most costly Rolex ever sold.

It devastated the past record for most costly Rolex at any point sold, held for only a half year by the clearance room Bao Dai moon phase.

Owned by the film legend from 1972, when his significant other Joanne Woodward introduced it to him as a blessing to commemorate the beginning of his expert dashing vocation, Newman parted with it to his girl Nell’s sweetheart James Cox in 1984. Why? The kid didn’t have a watch of his own.

Cox wore the horological Holy Grail in joyful obliviousness concerning its unmistakable quality for a very long time before it was spotted on his wrist by an educated up collector.

By at that point, he was the financial officer of the Nell Newman Foundation, a cause set up by his previous sweetheart to carry on her dad’s broad altruistic inheritance. The mammoth continues of the offer of the Daytona will help store the organization.

To say the auction was profoundly foreseen would be an unfathomable misrepresentation of reality. A watch that was just supposed to in any case exist, the model that had dispatched the vintage market as far as we might be concerned today and the most sought after variation once possessed by the one who gave it its epithet—maybe we shouldn’t have been so stunned at the monetary lengths somebody was set up to go to get it.

Even along these lines, $17.7m is probably going to be the cost to beat for quite a while, maybe until Paul Newman’s proprietor chooses to sell it on again.

If and when that occurs, or other Rolex’s break into the main six, you can be certain you’ll have the option to find out about it here.