The Perfect Rolex for Lazy Summer Days

The Perfect Rolex for Lazy Summer Days

You know what? You’re working too hard.

Here at Bob’s Watches, we’re formally allowing you to take yourself off on a merited excursion. Time to re-energize, absorb a couple of beams on some brilliant sands and swim in a reasonable blue ocean.

Of course, you’ll actually have to know when it hits margarita-o’clock, so going furnished with a lovely and dependable watch is non-debatable. A watch fixed against all the mid year occasion components that look as great whether you’re relaxing in shorts poolside or getting a charge out of a long comfortable lunch in easygoing wear.

Below, we’ve chosen a determination of ideal watches to leave your wrist with a lucky, a Summer Rolex tan line.

Summer Rolex: Yacht-Master 116655

First off, we have the watch that summarizes the ideal lavish way of life. The Yacht-Master appeared in the mid nineties and involves that infrequently trample the center ground between the instrument like solidness of the Submariner and the far and away dressiness of the Datejust. It’s an easily snazzy watch for those at home in the best places.

The Yacht-Master is an ideal summer Rolex for its ultra comfy band.

For 2015, Rolex delivered the ref. 116655, a really dazzling model in Everose, their own restrictive amalgam of 18k gold, mixed with copper to add a pinkish shade, and polished off with a scramble of platinum to guarantee it remains as such. It’s the main Yacht-Master with a dark dial and, combined with a matt dark Cerachrom bezel and raised, shiny markings, it leaves the watch with a careful, covertness like appearance.

But the wristband stands the 116655 separated from, all things considered, pretty much every other Rolex you can purchase. The first, and up until the latest Daytonas arose for the current year, just watch in the arrangement to include an elastic lash, the Oysterflex arm band denotes an enormous flight for Rolex and takes the Yacht-Master’s sumptuous yearnings in another, lively direction.

Of course, this being Rolex, portraying the Oysterflex as an elastic tie is a touch pretentious. At its center is a titanium and nickel ‘edge’, housed inside an elite elastomer, which gives it the solidness of a metal wristband with a wonderful flexibility and comfort. Gotten with the Oysterlock security fasten to keep from coincidental opening even in the pains of a regatta, the wristband is additionally padded to assist with ventilation and to keep it settled on your wrist.

The Yacht-Master ref 116655 is a downplayed magnum opus and, to act as an illustration of a watch that would be an ideal wear for those long late spring days, it’s difficult to beat.

A Summer Rolex like this Yacht-Master is difficult to beat.

Sandy Beaches: Submariner 116613LB

A Submariner was continually going to appear on this rundown some place. They are and have consistently been, the watch to suit each event. Picking a specific model from across a sixty-year life expectancy, in any case, presents something of a test. However, as issues go, it is anything but an awful one to have.

For the greatest adaptability, expecting your truly necessary excursion will see you parting your time between sea shore, bar and café, the two-tone shading of the ref. 116613LB makes an ideal go-to.

The Submariner 116613LB is an ideal summer Rolex.

Known lovingly as the ‘Soul-filled’, its 40mm Oyster case is produced using Rolex’s own Rolesor, a combination of 18k yellow gold and incomprehensibly extreme 904L steel. The mix gives the watch the most awesome aspect the two universes; manly to not post of spot over a wetsuit and eye-getting without being flashy.

The level blue of the Cerachrom bezel encompasses a sunburst dial, giving the 116613LB’s face a consistently changing look contingent upon the light falling across it. In direct sun, it echoes the electric blue of the bezel, in more encompassing conditions, it obscures to a profound sapphire.

At its heart, the bombproof type 3135 ticks away inside. Rolex’s best and broadly utilized development, it’s ensured by an Oyster case appraised waterproof to 1,000 feet. Regardless of whether actually the for you amazing summer break includes nothing more demanding than lying on the sea shore, the Sub’s Triplock crown watches keeps out even the best sand.

The Rolex Submariner, in whatever pretense, is the compulsory expansion to any genuine watch assortment. The splendid blue face and unpretentious bi-shading metals of the 116613LB give it the edge for the ideal excursion wear.

The Sunburst Dial is an incredible touch to the Submariner.

Simple Looks: Explorer 214270

As great families go, the Explorer arrangement may very well take the prize, even among the social occasion of over-achievers that make up the remainder of Rolex’s collection.

Descended from the principal watch to see the highest point of the world when it joined Hilary and Tensing to the culmination of Everest, its latest age has remained tenaciously retro, the embodiment of moderate style.

While the Explorer is anything but an extravagant watch, it is unquestionably sturdy.

Unassuming even by Rolex norms, the Explorer’s plan is viewed as perhaps the most outwardly engaging from any watchmaker. The streaming lines of the 39mm case are immediately conspicuous, and the tightened drags give it a class that matches with any circumstance. A watch made for swashbucklers—regardless of whether that deciphers as finding another boondocks or another cocktail.

The freshest Explorer, the patched up 214270 delivered in 2016, is so like its archetype from six years earlier that it even offers a similar reference number. The subtlest changes to its dial and a protracting of the much-insulted hands are the lone components that different the two.

Inside, the 3132 type impeccably mirrors the attributes of the remainder of the watch—straightforward, unfussy and worked to last a lifetime.

With all you require and nothing you don’t, worked around one of the unequaled famous plans, the Explorer 214270 is the astute decision for a mid year watch.

A genuine summer Rolex for the individuals who need to investigate new lands.

The Dark Knight: GMT-Master II 116710BLNR

Keeping track of the time back home can give you a lift when attempting to ward off the feared jetlag, and Rolex’s GMT-Master arrangement has for some time been the benchmark by which all double time region watches are judged.

Originally made for Pan Am’s overseas pilots, the GMT’s bi-shading bezels assumed the twin parts of assisting with separating among night and day, and giving the watch an indisputable visual personality. One of the brand’s most enduringly famous contributions, we might have incorporated any of the variations from its long and distinguished history as the ideal reference to fly off with you on vacation.

This GMT-Master is nicknamed the Batman.

However, we’ve generally had a weakness for the GMT-Master II ref. 116710BLNR, the first of the clay bezel models to brandish that celebrated two tone scheme.

When Rolex previously acquainted its licensed Cerachrom with the index, the amazingly solid and scratchproof material’s just evident downside was with the trouble of delivering it in various tones. Or then again the ‘difficulty’ as Rolex put it. So the primary earthenware GMT-Master II showed up with an all dark bezel, in the midst of incredible dissatisfaction from the faithful.

Proving themselves a major bother a couple of years after the fact, the blue/dark encompass of the BLNR, promptly nicknamed the Batman , dispatched to an euphoric welcome.

As a shading plan, it had never been seen on a Rolex, giving the watch a significantly more unmistakable appearance and getting its status as a future work of art. For our motivations as a versatile occasion wear, it has all that you could need. The 40mm case wears bigger gratitude to its wide carried hauls, giving the GMT a commanding look, while the bezel attracts the eye a more controlled path than the red of a Coke or Pepsi reference. It’s intense enough to withstand essentially anything and has sufficient flexibility to go from poolside to the restaurant and back again.

From the genuine explorer to the tired holidaymaker, a GMT-Master II is a conspicuous choice.

This watch is effectively perhaps the most adaptable watches.


That’s our rundown of undisputed top choices to wile away the long, sluggish summer. We’d love to hear your opinion and hear your own recommendations. Which is your ideal occasion watch?