The Rolex Submariner Price History

The Rolex Submariner Price History

The Rolex Submariner is effectively the most famous plunge observe at any point delivered. Dearest for its notorious dial, blend of metal, and beautiful bezels, this wristwatch is revered by proficient jumpers and gatherers the same. The Rolex Submariner is additionally perhaps the most long-running watches in the brand’s set of experiences, with creation beginning right back in 1953.

The cost of a Rolex Submariner has been expanding since 1953.

Rolex Submariner Price History

Over the many years, this watch has seen a ton of changes and updates. In any case, quite possibly the most stunning changes is the cost of the Submariner. A great deal of the time, individuals accept that low costs from many years past can be cleaved up to expansion, yet indeed, there is a ton of history that has moved the Rolex Submariner from a watch that a few hundred bucks to one that will interfere with you eight or nine thousand for an essential model in treated steel. We should make a plunge, will we?

The reference 6204 was the absolute first Rolex Submariner.

The value history of the Rolex Submariner beginnings with its delivery during the 1950s when you could get one for a cool $150. In any event, when considering, that works out to just around $1,434 – still very ‘modest’ for an extravagance watch in the present market. Yet, we’ll return to that.

Over the following twenty years, between the 1950s and 1970s, the Submariner acquired genuine prevalence. It was at that point prestigious for its water-opposition, however its exceptionally flexible feel, alongside highlights in significant movies, similar to the James Bond arrangement, made this watch in excess of a jump device, and transformed it into a standard status symbol.

Over the years the Submariner has consistently evolved.

Yet, by the 1970s there hadn’t been a colossal cost increment for the Rolex Submariner, regardless of its huge achievement. I’ll give you a couple of models, beginning with the treated steel Submariner with date that was going for only $230 at that point, just $1,200 today. Indeed, even the full strong 18k gold Submariner was going for $2,000, what might be generally $11,585 in 2019. Yet, the generally low costs of this decade are an immediate impression of the ruin the business was looking all in all with the Quartz Crisis. In short (in case you’re inexperienced with it),  during this time the mechanical watch industry was being surpassed by lighter, less expensive quartz watches. To such an extent, that it nearly destroyed the business altogether with numerous brands being purchased and consolidated.

However when the 1980s were introduced, the business had generally recovered its balance and repositioned itself on the lookout. Without precedent for quite a while, mechanical watches weren’t viewed as obsolete innovation, yet rather an extravagance thing, and the new costs reflected it. Rolex watches had consistently been viewed as very good quality things; in any case, it was during this decade that we saw them (alongside numerous others in the business) completely embrace their extravagance status.

The Rolex Submariner has made the change from instrument watch to extravagance watch.

In reality, the cost of the Rolex Submariner was practically destroyed. The 18k gold Submariner that went for a couple great during the 1970s was presently valued at $10,850 – or $26,859 today, adapting to expansion. The recently presented two-tone hardened steel and yellow gold Rolex Submariner was valued at $2,975 (generally $7,364 today). Indeed, even the standard hardened steel Submariner saw a significant cost increment, bouncing a few hundred in the mid 1970s to $1,325 simply 10 years later.

During the 1990s, the costs kept on ascending, with the tempered steel Submariner Date leaping to $3,350 in 1996 and afterward to $6,000 by 2008. Today, after a new cost increment in 2020, the cutting edge adaptation of that equivalent watch (ref. 116610) will cost you some $8,950 – another critical hop in 10 years. Indeed, even the fundamental no-date Submariner presently costs $7,900.

Even with costs ever on the ascent, multi-year shortlists exist at retailers for most Rolex Submariner models. Furthermore, numerous individuals will address well-above retail cost on the auxiliary market for Submariner, supporting the case that – notwithstanding consistent cost increments – these watches remain underestimated. As the world’s most renowned extravagance brand, I can just envision Rolex’s costs will keep on ascending throughout the long term… and if the last 50 years is anything to pass by, it will probably not hinder Rolex Submariner purchasers one bit.

Today the Submariner is accessible with a wide range of options.