The Sonnerie Souveraine By F.P. Journe: A Legend In Its Own Time | Quill & Pad

The Sonnerie Souveraine By F.P. Journe: A Legend In Its Own Time | Quill & Pad

Babe Ruth once said, “Saints get recollected, however legends never die.”

Alright, so an entertainer playing Babe Ruth in the film The Sandlot really said that, yet it’s an incredible line in any case. It advises us that legends rise above culture, language, and time to become immortal.

But what happens when that legend is still around to see itself develop? During the 1960s, Elvis Presley was one such legend. Given a lifetime accomplishment grant at the youthful age of 36, he later became something similar to a cartoon of himself, scarcely looking like the man that had become the legend in the first place.

That example may display the clouded side of being a remarkable individual, yet what might be said about the lighter side?

Being all around known for expertise and creativity and having the option to accept everything, indeed, that takes a special sort of personality. Small time who has that gift is François-Paul Journe .

Now I don’t have to sing the praises of F.P. Journe; there are numerous out there who have accomplished such work before me. In fact, I question there are many (if any) perusers of Quill & Pad oblivious of who and what F.P. Journe is.

So skipping over the unfathomable work he has done over the most recent 40 years and the multiple honors and GPHG Aiguilles d’Or he and his pieces have won, we should get directly to business.

Give it the business

One of the most extraordinary timepieces Journe has made to date is a timepiece that has few (if any) rises to: the Sonnerie Souveraine .

Francois-Paul Journe collecting the first prototype of the Sonnerie Souveraine

The development for the Sonnerie Souveraine started in 2000, and it took Journe until late 2005 to fully flesh out the Sonnerie Souveraine development before presenting it to the public. Further screening of the development for dependability and consistency was obviously attempted to guarantee that this watch could bear upping to being worn in the genuine world.

Development required six years in light of the fact that the Sonnerie Souveraine is an exceptionally complicated watch, yet in addition in light of the fact that there was just a single person developing it, and time was likewise being dedicated to producing various other watch plans and movements.

F.P. Journe Sonnerie Souveraine

During that time Journe additionally developed ten patentable innovations only for the Sonnerie Souveraine in an effort to make a terrific sonnerie that was resistant to, let’s face it, “awful” owners.

The Sonnerie Souveraine possesses a particularly foolproof component that you could give the watch to a kid to operate without any concerns. This really was the expectation for the development sturdiness and usability, the eight-year-old test.

The result was a grande sonnerie striking component that the wearer can’t interrupt or disrupt during operation (the reason for most problems). The strike component will debilitate itself if the crown is pulled and the time attempted to be set while the strike system is operating.

The Sonnerie Souveraine features the F.P. Journe knurled crown

Problem avoidance

That is a primary region of concern when wearing a grande sonnerie: coincidentally attempting to connect with it while it is ringing. Since the toll is a passing example (“en passant”), it can begin its daily practice without your input, which means if you were not paying consideration, you could inadvertently attempt to change your watch while the fragile striking system is in motion.

To evade this, Journe made various safety instruments for winding, time-setting, and striking. The main safety feature is the hindering component, which bolts the crown when the striking system is operating and obstructs the striking instrument when the crown is pulled.

Computer drawing of the striking instrument of the F.P. Journe Sonnerie Souveraine

The striking instrument additionally is impeded when the power hold falls under 24 hours, all gratitude to different implementations of locking cams, shaking arms, and an exhaustive thought of how things can go wrong.

But that isn’t all.

The ten patents additionally reach out to take frail points in conventional striking watches into thought. There are a handful of patents specifically identified with how the striking instrument is chosen (grande sonnerie, petite sonnerie, quietness mode), how the hitting racks cooperate with the strike train, how the strike is started naturally every quarter hour or on interest, and how the gongs connect with the strike train.

Bottom (left) and top perspectives on Caliber 1505, which powers the Sonnerie Souveraine by F.P. Journe

Basically, that’s a ton of springs, switches, grasps, pinions, and triggers making a dance of mechanical sorcery 35,040 times each year. More if you appreciate enacting the on-request minute repeater function.

Power behind the sound

However, the entirety of this resonating action has a disadvantage: power consumption. Around 60 percent of the mainspring’s power is committed to tolling. In all, the mainspring has sufficient power for 24 hours of stupendous strike, which is 94 full en passant rings and somewhat more than 30 additional long periods of time sign. That is without using the moment repeater function.

The striking sledges of the F.P. Journe Sonnerie Souveraine can be found in the opening to the left of the time sign subdial

To put that in perspective, if the tolls are set to quiet and the moment repeater not utilized, at that point the development can run for a full five days.

This required a complete modifying of the going train and the strike train to decrease power consumption as much as possible.

The single mainspring additionally conveys power in a fascinating manner: from the two closures of the spring, which acquired one more patent.

The mainspring barrel of the F.P. Journe Sonnerie Souveraine discharges power from both ends

The time side of the development is driven by the barrel’s drum, which is fixed to the external finish of the mainspring and pivots a clockwise way. This is pretty norm and can be found in each mechanical watch. Be that as it may, the strike train is really determined by the arbor in the focal point of the mainspring, pivoting a toothed wheel in a counterclockwise direction.

This implies the mainspring is loosening up in two ways on the double, providing power in every one of those headings. That is the reason the power consumption of the development was a particularly large deterrent to overcome; the mainspring being pulled in two ways is doing twofold duty.

F.P. Journe Sonnerie Souveraine

To ensure the wearer will not run out of power, Journe needed to figure out how to display the save on a spring loosening up from the two closures. The outcome, not surprisingly, finished in another patent and a bunch of three differential pinion wheels to drive the power save indicator.

Impressively, the barrel and arbor going in different ways have a bunch of coaxial cross section outfits that meet a third (still coaxial) differential stuff, which is the thing that provides the found the middle value of power hold display. If you see the power sign dipping near the base you would then be able to wind the mainspring.

F.P. Journe Sonnerie Souveraine

Seriously, there’s more?

The long stem of a typical winding system was dispensed with in favor of a sliding square arbor and permanently fit crown and transmission wheels. The transmission wheel is additionally permanently coincided with a bunch of two pinions for time setting and another moderate wheel for winding. This is completely mounted on a rocker arm that moves when the crown is pulled to draw in with the going train and set the time.

François-Paul Journe holding the almost completed first prototype of the Sonnerie Souveraine in 2005

To wind the mainspring, the crown is gotten back to its beginning position – which withdraws the rocker arm from the going train . . . and the mainspring barrel. Just when force is applied to the transmission wheel does the rocker arm swing to work with the mainspring and wind the watch, separating when pressure is delivered. This feature is important for operation of the various hindering frameworks incorporated into the movement.

All of this staggering development detail features why grande sonneries are astounding (there truly aren’t numerous in presence, for one); why F.P. Journe is pretty much a virtuoso (huge loads of patents and creations over a long vocation); and how claiming a Journe watch immediately separates you from the typical WIS.

F.P. Journe Sonnerie Souveraine

The raging appreciation of any Journe watch will check you as a one-percenter among the individuals who are deep down the horological hare opening, and the styling is something so exemplary but then incredibly not. There are watches like that in the business, yet there aren’t watches like a Journe.

Both the actual watches and the man are remarkable individuals, and the Sonnerie Souveraine is the crème de la crème of the Journe universe.

And to address the inquiry I posed toward the start in regards to what happens when you are alive to see your legend develop . . . indeed, François-Paul Journe accepts it. He keeps on making new manifestations and even smirks or two nowadays, proving he couldn’t care less about the watch fame yet rather about the horology, pure and simple. That is the reason he is pretty much as extraordinary as his watches: Elvis ain’t got nothing on him!

Let’s break the Souveraine down!

  • Wowza Factor * 10 It’s a F.P. Journe, so it has that working for it. Be that as it may, the development is the genuine shocker in this watch.
  • Late Night Lust Appeal * 111 » 1,088.538 m/s2 It’s a repeated numeral for the repeated striking of the development and the repeated minutes. You can’t resist the urge to drool!
  • M.G.R. * 72 Yup, that is a perfect score for the development. I don’t give that out again and again, so you realize this development is as quirky as they come.
  • Added-Functionitis * Severe Grand and petite sonnerie, minute repeater, and the useful power save makes this watch a beast of added functions. You will definitely require crisis prescription-strength Gotta-HAVE-That cream for that pleasant swelling!
  • Ouch Outline * 13 – Stepping on a Lego in obscurity! Most people will know this pain and concur that they would happily accept this punishment if it implied getting the Sonnerie Souveraine on their wrist. I know I would.
  • Mermaid Moment* 15 minutes or 15 seconds, depending on how soon you flip over the watch. If oddly enough you don’t promptly flip this watch over to scope out the development, it will in any case just require all things considered 15 minutes until the following quarter hour rings and you comprehend the affection. By the following ring you will as of now have booked a chapel and held two white ponies to head out into the nightfall together. Scratch that, I suppose you will simply require the one since watches can’t ride ponies solo.
  • Awesome Total * 35,040 That is the occasions that the Sonnerie Souveraine tolls each year if the watch is left in full terrific strike mode. Also, that is a magnificent complete all its own.

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Quick Facts

Case: 42 x 12.25 mm, hardened steel

Development: physically winding Caliber 1505 with pink gold plates and scaffolds requiring ten patents

Functions: hours, minutes, auxiliary seconds; excellent and petite sonnerie, minute repeater, power save pointer and ring marker

Price: 702,000 Swiss francs