The Styljoux Le Calibre Pen With Watch Technology And A Real Dial | Quill & Pad

The Styljoux Le Calibre Pen With Watch Technology And A Real Dial | Quill & Pad

Earlier this year Styljoux unveiled another bend on composing instruments with the new Le Caliber collection, whose sleek look misrepresents what’s happening inside the barrel.

Styljoux Le Caliber pen with perfect timing, dial, and indication

The pens join a weight adjustment component that connects by just curving the ring on top of the barrel. This makes a wavering weight skim here and there the barrel, viably changing the focal point of gravity to the flavor of the pen user.

The weight adjustment component in the Styljoux Le Caliber pen


“Le Caliber intends to present the energy and richness of the watch world into the pen world to make a cutting edge and relevant composing instrument,” says Iunal Giumali, originator of the brand and of the well known site .

p id=”caption-connection 22398″ class=”wp-caption-text”>Cap release component of the Styljoux Le Caliber pen

“For example, the end component for the cap is motivated by the pushers found on chronograph watches. The dial on the top the pen [indicating the overall situation of the swaying weight inside the barrel] is an immediate reference to watch dials. Besides, the utilization of cog wheels and practical gems are straightforwardly motivated by watch movements.”

Clip pusher system on the Styljoux Le Caliber pen

The two pushers arranged on the barrel control two snares that lock safely onto an accuracy cut notch situated within the cap. At the point when the pen is capped, the pushers are in a raised position comparative with the barrel. When pushed to release the cap, the pushers will secure in a level situation to dodge any impact on the composing experience. The pushers additionally release a sliding ring that covers the hooks.

Clip pusher component on the Styljoux Le Caliber pen

Sapphire gem: a “hot” material right now

Sapphire gem is a hot material in watches these days as confirmed by new collections from Richard Mille and Hublot among others (see Give Me Five! Sapphire Crystal Cases At Baselworld 2016 From Hublot, 4N, Rebellion, MB&F, And Bell & Ross ).

Styljoux Le Caliber in sapphire crystal

Le Caliber Sapphire is created from a strong square of it. Future collections will be made from such materials as straightforward hard pitch, titanium, carbon fiber, clay, steel, and more.

Styljoux Le Caliber pen and cap in straightforward sapphire crystal

A self-claimed admirer of pens and micromechanics, Giumali established his company less than two years prior as a feature of Swisspens Ltd., which he set up in London.

The Styljoux Flamingo collection

The pens are essentially Swiss made, anyway for specific models, “Parts are made in France, Germany, or Italy. The thought is to exploit the best innovations and craftsmans available in the districts,” Giumali explains.

He portrays his crowd as, “Adroit with regards to current accessories and not reluctant to offer an incredible expression. Some will be watch enthusiasts and watch collectors due to the undeniable plan and personality connection.”

What seems as though a De Bethune-enlivened dial of the Styljoux Le Caliber pen with the blue hand showing the focal point of equilibrium on the Styljoux Le Calibre

The second collection available from Syljoux is the Flamingo. As indicated by Giumali, it is the more conventional of the two.

“Flamingo will claim more to people searching for more old style understandings yet at the same time searching for a touch of flavor. Consequently the closeness caution.” This astute little gadget, associated with your telephone, lets you discover your pen on the off chance that you lose it (so no more reasons about purchasing modest pens since you lose them!).

It comes with three distinctive shutting systems – screw, push, and vacuum held – and the clip can be fixed or pivoted. Giumali says this model offers to “pen collectors, plan darlings, or people from an expert background.”

 Flamingo by Styljoux

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Quick Facts Le Caliber

Editions: rollerball

Cap and barrel: sapphire precious stone

Restriction: 5 pieces

Cost: £50,000