URWerk Changes the Game (AGAIN) With New UR-111C

URWerk Changes the Game (AGAIN) With New UR-111C

The game-changing brand finds one more cunning better approach to show time with the UR-111C.

If we’ve at any point met, you’re likely very much aware that I’m a major fanatic of the remarkable and freakish manifestations from URWerk. Not ones to surrender rout to the standard shows of watch plan in any structure or style, the now 21-year old firm has dropped cover on its most recent futuristic and smart creation; the UR-111C. The new delivery features a special round and hollow barrel with a neon yellow stripe that turns along to show current minutes. To one side, a more exact computerized minutes sign is available, and to one side a bouncing hours show. In the upper window on the facade of its mechanically propelled case, running seconds are shown on a one of a kind satellite system in 5-second spans.

URWerk UR-111C

The designing of this watch from a period show viewpoint was obviously no little accomplishment ( as you can see from this splendid video ), anyway the fun doesn’t stop there. You’ll see a wide roller up front on its case, just as a weird looking level joined to its side. In spite of the fact that the type beating inside is self-twisting, with the switch resting in its standard “shut” position this roller can be utilized to end up the development. Overlay the switch out aside, notwithstanding, and the roller becomes your methods for setting the time. This plan detail is a great representation of how URWerk keeps on maintaining the “structure follows work’ mantra with every one of their deliveries. Does the watch look fantastical and futuristic? It totally does, but at the same time it’s astoundingly simple to utilize and simple to peruse, which can’t be said for a ton of high horology wonders.

Definitely one of the more extraordinary watches we have ever seen

As you can see from the pictures, this is in no way, shape or form a slim dress watch, however having taken a stab at some of their pieces throughout the long term you’d be surprised at how comfortable they feel when on the wrist. By and by, I will in general lean towards the titanium and steel variations, as the additional weight of gold can be somewhat overwhelming. On account of the new UR-111C it is being offered in either cleaned or gunmetal completed hardened steel (restricted to 25 pieces in each finish), with a retail cost of CHF130,000.

The UR Werk UR-111C comes in two styles