Video: Dan Spitz Of Anthrax, Watchmaker | Quill & Pad

Video: Dan Spitz Of Anthrax, Watchmaker | Quill & Pad

Thrash metal rocker Dan Spitz has had a fascinating life that has seen him go from being the prime supporter of Grammy-selected band Anthrax to becoming an important watchmaker.

Dan Spitz in his previous lifestyle as a weighty metal lead guitarist

Getting engaged with watches was in Spitz’s blood: he has related in meetings that his granddad was a goldsmith and watchmaker. He went to watchmaking school at the Bulova School of Watchmaking in New York City (which shut in the last part of the 1990s), at that point won a grant to go to a Wostep complications course in Neuchâtel.

Dan Spitz in his new life as a certified watchmaker

You can peruse substantially more about Spitz on his own site, . Notwithstanding, this three-minute video by Great Big Story truly recounts his story in a cool, compact way.