Vintage Watch of the Week: The Explorer 1016

Vintage Watch of the Week: The Explorer 1016

Simple time-just functionality housed in a hearty stainless steel case, the vintage Explorer 1016 is a favorite reference among vintage Rolex watch gatherers. Discreetly assertive without any of the flashy in-your-face approach of some other Rolex sports watches, the Explorer 1016 may have been situated as a watch to scale mountains, yet it’s a great everyday Rolex watch to wear today. We should discover more.

The History of the Explorer 1016

As many of you already know, the Explorer assortment made its introduction in late 1953 to pay tribute to Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay landmark ascent to the highest point of Mount Everest earlier that same year. Early references of the Explorer assortment incorporated the ref. 6298, the ref. 6150, and the ref. 6610. In fact, some ref. 6298 and ref. 6150 models didn’t come with the EXPLORER label yet.

Rolex presented the Explorer 1016 out of 1963 to replace the previous Explorer 6610. As the company was already a decade into the making the Explorer assortment, the ref. 1016 boasts the majority of the plan traits will always be associated with the model. Rolex kept on manufacturing the Explorer 1016 until about 1989 when it was replaced by the Explorer ref. 14270.

The Explorer 1016 is a versatile watch that can accommodate a variety of styles

The Design Evolution of the Explorer 1016

When the Explorer 1016 made its introduction, it retained the steel development and dial plan of past models. The steel Oyster case measures 36mm, fitted on the familiar steel Oyster bracelet. Nonetheless, a notable distinction was the 1016’s increased water resistance—100m meters compared to the 50m rating of the 6610.

As is normal with vintage Rolex watches, early examples of the Explorer 1016 feature shiny black dials with overlaid details. In the late 1960s, Rolex presented matte black dials with white textual style to the Explorer 1016.

Aside from the polished to matte and plated to white textual style change, the Explorer 1016 always protected the notable dial layout with the larger than usual 3/6/9 Arabic numerals situated alongside the stick hour makers and upset triangle at 12 o’clock. The dial is what differentiates the Explorer from other Rolex watches. Indeed, even today’s Explorer watches have essentially the same dial plan. Since this particular watch was sold as a companion to take with you on treacherous campaigns, Rolex had to guarantee that the dial was profoundly decipherable—subsequently the larger than usual numerals and broad Mercedes-style hands. As with all Rolex watches made in the same era, the Explorer 1016 initially utilized radium followed by tritium for iridescence.

Protecting the face of the Explorer 1016 is the vintage style domed acrylic crystal. Notwithstanding, it’s normal to discover pieces in today’s market that have replacement administration acrylic crystals, which are flattened rather than domed.

Another change that happened with the Explorer 1016 during its creation run was the change from Caliber 1560 to Caliber 1570 during the 1970s.

A 1016 Explorer with a tropical dial

The Current Value of the Explorer 1016

Since the Rolex Explorer 1016 is a favorite among gatherers, it has the sticker price to match. The value of the Explorer 1016 has steadily increased in the course of the last couple of years with interest in this important Rolex reference developing. In addition, although an understated watch, the vintage Rolex Explorer 1016 even has a fan base among big names like Aziz Ansari, Orlando Bloom, and John Mayer. In addition, notwithstanding its long manufacturing run, a genuine example of the Explorer 1016 is certifiably not an easy vintage Rolex watch to discover.

Depending on the creation time frame and current condition, vintage Explorer 1016 costs typically range from about $12,000 to just shy of $30,000.

Let’s not fail to remember that smaller vintage-enlivened men’s watches are a gigantic pattern in current extravagance watches at this moment. That will undeniably help interest in the original vintage watches that fill in as the wellspring of inspiration—including the Rolex Explorer 1016. So in case you’re sufficiently fortunate to locate a great example of a vintage Explorer 1016, don’t wait too long to even think about making it yours because there will be a long queue of individuals behind you wanting the same one!