Watch Release: DOXA Revives the SUB 300 “Silver Lung”

Watch Release: DOXA Revives the SUB 300 “Silver Lung”

Revivals and reissues keep on being extremely popular in the extravagance watch world of late, and with DOXA’s most recent delivery—the SUB 300 Silver Lung—the brand is poised to have one more limited edition model rat instantly, having recently gone up for pre-order toward the beginning of today .

DOXA released the SUB 300 Silver Lung today

Modeled after an early Sea Rambler model designed and implicit association with the famed dive gear maker Aqua Lung, this 300-piece edition is probably pretty much as consistent with unique as it gets. Aside from its air pocket domed sapphire gem and COSC chronometer certified ETA 2824 self-winding development, the Silver Lung is an entirely steadfast entertainment that essentially didn’t need retooling similarly that numerous modern reissues generally do.

The Dial on the DOXA Silver Lung includes an old school diving logo

Of the innumerable dive watches available today, there’s something to the fit and feel of DOXA’s SUB 300 case strapped on the wrist that essentially needs to be experienced to be appreciated. The generally slender case profile, broad bezel, and short case drags make the 42mm diver wear a lot more modest on the wrist than you’d anticipate from stock symbolism, and the brand’s smooth beads-of-rice wristband is right up ’til the present time quite possibly the most comfortable available, effectively matching things like the Rolex Jubilee. In this Silver Lung structure, you’re adequately bamboozling the two worlds from a design and wearability standpoint. Its sunray silver dial is significantly more impartial than the bold orange of the limited edition Black Lung that launched a year ago, yet the old-school Aqua Lung U.S. Divers logo in dark and yellow adds the correct hint of verifiable legacy that helps the piece stand out when compared to the standard SUB 300 Searambler it is based off of.

The details on the caseback merit a nearer look

With not many pieces being released, fortunately DOXA isn’t in danger of soaking the market here the manner in which incalculable different brands have with their limited edition models, leaving the lone inquiry of how rapidly these Silver Lung pieces will take to sell out. The first Black Lung reissue from a year ago vanished inside 24-hours, while the polarizing brilliant yellow Poseidon model that launched at Baselworld this year took somewhat more, which was understandable considering a splendid yellow watch simply doesn’t have a similar degree of mass-market request. Fortunately despite the fact that this is a pre-order, with evaluating set at $2,190 instead of $2,490, deliveries are scheduled for at some point in August. In the event that stock figures out how to stay right until full estimating kicks in we’ll be VERY surprised.

Deliveries for the DOXA Silver Lung are scheduled for at some point in August