Watch Review: The Panerai Submersible 1950 3 Days Automatic 42mm

Watch Review: The Panerai Submersible 1950 3 Days Automatic 42mm

2019 Update:

Since we initially distributed this piece, Panerai has chosen to separate the Submersible from the Luminor, and permit it to be its own, standalone assortment of expert jump watches. Up until 2019, the Submersible was essential for the greater Luminor assortment within the Panerai catalog; anyway the Luminor assortment was gradually becoming a catch-just for any Panerai watch that was not a Radiomir, leading Panerai to separate out the Luminor and make the Submersible its own collection.

The Luminor remains a group of watches in the Panerai catalog; anyway it is currently joined by the Luminor Due – a more refined interpretation of the exemplary Luminor tasteful, and the Submersible – a genuine assortment of expert jump watches that likewise follow a similar essential Luminor stylish. Present day Panerai Submersible watches won’t have the ‘Luminor’ name on their dials; anyway the Submersible 1950 3 Days Automatic that we featured underneath pre-dates the Submersible becoming its own line, so you will in any case see the ‘Luminor’ branding on the dials in all the photos.

Notice how this Panerai Submersible from 2019 doesn’t have the ‘Luminor’ branding on its dial? (Image: Panerai)

Panerai Submersible 1950 3 Days Automatic 42mm

The prevailing pattern for the most recent decade or two has clearly been for ever bigger watches, with even the most difficult conservatives (we’re looking at you Rolex) being compelled to deliver both new and updated models that go a long ways past their revered 40mm measurements.

In the realm of Panerai, greater has consistently risen to better and their magnificently strong jumper, the Luminor Submersible, is now accessible in 44mm and 47mm adaptations.

Undoubtedly one of the most conspicuous watch arrangement on the planet, with its famous scaffold style crown monitor, and effectively among the coolest, would-be Paneristi have frequently wound up sidelined by the larger than average extents.

The 47mm Luminor Submersible isn’t actually the most unassuming watch ever made

For those favored with the lower arms of Sylvester Stallone, the patron saint of Panerai , a 44mm or 47mm chunk of steel on the wrist takes a gander at home. For those of us with a more humble musculature, it was only a bit, or decidedly to an extreme, watch.

A New Audience

At a year ago’s SIHH occasion, Panerai disclosed the response to each non-Rambo’s fantasy when they dispatched a newly downsized 42mm edition of their Sub. While it may not seem as though a ton, losing two millimeters off the moderate size or a full half centimeter off the biggest rendition has an evening and day effect to the general stylish of the model.

Luminor Submersible 42mm in Rose Gold (photograph courtesty of A Blog To Watch supporter James Stacey)

Available in steel (costly) or rose gold (crippling) it has opened up the watch to a totally different and appreciative crowd. While it may not be the primary 42mm piece Panerai have made, it is the principal Submersible in that size and thusly, the first you could practically wear under a shirt sleeve.

It is maybe a typical issue. Watches, all things considered, can just get so huge before they become unwearable for enough individuals as to make them unfruitful.

The decrease of the Panerai followed the pattern of various different producers in the most recent year, Breitling and Omega among them, to offer more modest forms of set up marques.

More Manageable

Apart from the more comprehensive size, nothing much else has changed. The dial is still pretty much as clear as they get, with enormous round indexes and batons at the 12 and 6. They are loaded up with a lot of lume, just like the tips of the two skeletonized main hands. On the steel form, the sub dial at nine o’clock is given somewhat fly of shading with a brilliant blue range seconds hand, and one little distinction with the 42mm model is the absence of magnifying focal point over the date window at three o’clock.

Luminor Submersible 42mm in Rose Gold (photograph courtesty of A Blog To Watch donor James Stacey)

The 1950s case remains the equivalent, secure from any point and with the bends and wrinkles that resemble the bodywork of a lively cantina vehicle. It estimates 51mm drag to carry, so still not a little watch, but rather with its short, descending sloping carries it becomes an entirely reasonable and comfortable wear.

It is likewise observably thinner than its siblings at simply 14.5mm, and is outfitted with the Panerai make P.9010, which itself is slimmer than the past P.9000 type by nearly two millimeters. The automatic development has a 4Hz recurrence and features a new equilibrium connect which is gotten at the two finishes, alongside a twin barrel to give it its multi day power save.

The Variations

The steel PAM 682 Acciaio has a brushed, satin finish to its case, bezel and fasten which is repeated across on to the hands. It gives an amazing differentiation in any lighting conditions, especially against the matte dial, and is water impervious to 300m.

The rose gold, or Oro Rosso PAM 684, is simply rated down to 100m (as though you would take it diving in any case), is similarly lucid and has the additional extravagance of an earthenware bezel. As you would expect, the encompass on the two models is totally weighted and sounds great on its 60 snap rotation.

The dial on this watch is very meaningful, however risks are you’re never going to go diving with this thing

But will either find a home in the assortment of the genuine colored in-the-fleece Panerai fan? For some, it is the genuine oversize-ness of the Panerai range which addresses its USP. The two relatively dainty new deliveries may well not be macho and rough enough for the conservatives. Nonetheless, they offer an undeniably more accessible choice to most of us, the ones who have since a long time ago respected that brand name shape from far off yet have never had the wrist size to take it away.

And one other component which remains the equivalent is the simplicity with which the exceedingly significant Panerai arm bands can be changed. The two renditions come provided with a 22mm dark Caoutchouc elastic tie, roared for diving and with a channel down the center on the underside to help keep the air flowing in sweltering weather. However, the Paneristi love nothing more than varying their look by fitting changed ties, and the new Subs persist the fast change feature from their bigger stable mates. Pressing a tiny catch under the hauls on each side, and using a pusher apparatus to bump the bar out through the bored drag openings, makes swapping out wristbands incredibly speedy and simple, without the danger of scratching the case.

This watch will interfere with you around $27,000

In the End

The 42mm Luminor Submersibles are specialty variants of an as of now reasonably specialty watch from Panerai. At the outset it may appear to be an abnormal decision of model to deliver in this more modest size, yet we wouldn’t be astounded if there was a spot of statistical surveying going on. In the event that they find sufficient individuals digging the new look, hope to see a portion of different greats in the catalog unexpectedly show up in more mainstream sizes.

One thing is without a doubt, the two models remain reassuringly costly. The steel PAM 682 retails at a Rolex Submariner-bating $8,700. Its red gold partner comes in at an eye-watering $26,700.

But for the individuals who can bear the cost of them they offer stunning expressions, and you needn’t bother with biceps like Rocky to lift them.