Welcome To The First Quill & Pad Photo Caption Competition | Quill & Pad

Welcome To The First Quill & Pad Photo Caption Competition | Quill & Pad

We see a great deal of photographs here at Quill & Pad that make them scratch our heads, not which are all essentially of watches. By far most of these pictures, in spite of being fascinating in some by and large incomprehensible manner, are lamentably bound to remain carefully encoded on a hard drive concealed in a cabinet, presumably never to be seen again.

Which is  a shame.

So for your (confident) delight, we have chosen to begin a photograph caption competition in which we distribute a picture. The next Saturday we will distribute the best caption (or captions) received.

You can present your caption by means of the comments at the lower part of the post here on Quill & Pad or through Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

The caption can either appear as text being spoken by a person or thing in the picture (envision an animation text bubble) or a caption under the picture that clarifies it or gives setting, both genuine or imagined.

You are welcome to present any captions you like, yet if it’s not too much trouble, note that we will just distribute the most awesome aspect those that we don’t think about inconsiderate or offensive.

And to kick things off, here is picture number 1 of the Quill & Pad Photo Caption Competition.

The next candidate enters the field wearing a tuxedo and the group goes wild!

We will distribute the best captions next week.