What’s the deal with Leica watches? Bob’s takes a look

What’s the deal with Leica watches? Bob’s takes a look

The name Leica is inseparable from excellent cameras and focal points. Those earphones, packs and cell phones – not really. Leica is likewise renowned for authorizing out their excellent name to different companies. So when we heard mumbles about an extravagance watch delivered by Leica, we began to ponder, is this the genuine article? Ends up, it is.

Leica L1 and Leica L2 watches

Leica has uncovered their in-house L1 and L2 watches which will hit the market this fall, and we need to say, they look extraordinary. Like the cameras, the appearance of the watches are moderate and emphasized with red — the company enrolling the assistance of Achim Heine, the German item creator who likewise chipped away at optical gadgets for the company, for the plan. The mechanical development was created by Lehmann Präzision GmbH, another individual German company.

Leica L1 and Leica L2 watch movements

Now, in case you’re having a sensation that this has happened before taking a gander at these watches, you’re correct. Leica has permitted licenses for different watches in previously. Only a couple years prior in 2014, the brand cooperated with watchmaker Valbray to deliver a restricted release watch that praised their 100th commemoration. The enormous distinction with the L1 and L2 are that they’re being made straightforwardly under the Leica brand, and it would seem that the company definitely plans to work close by the previously mentioned companies to lead this new item class.

Okay, presently the significant stuff — the actual watches.

The L1 Watch is a period and date just model

While the L1 is a period and date watch, the L2 is a GMT model which can follow a subsequent time region and highlights a turning bezel . What they share for all intents and purpose, however, is their curiously large 41mm distance across and 14mm thick brushed spotless case. It’s downplayed and perfect, exactly what you’d anticipate from the brand.

L2 GMT highlighting a pivoting bezel

It’s the little subtleties that have prevailed upon us — like the ruby trimmed in the crown like the famous red dab the brand is known for. It’s additionally the way that Leica went for a brilliant system — choosing an uncommonly made hand-twisted development by Legmann that runs at 4hz and flaunts a 25-gems and a 60-hour power hold.

We likewise need to take note of the novel highlights like a crown you can push rather than go to reset the seconds to nothing and set the time. The date is additionally changed in an unexpected way, highlighting its own special pusher close to 2-o’clock. What’s more, on the L2 GMT model, you have a second crown which permits you to pivot the discrete inward bezel that can monitor a subsequent time region.

Photo kindness of InsideHook

Production of the L1 and L2 will be restricted to only 400 units each, making this a serious little creation run for the main year. We can likewise hope to see some humiliated models delivered during this time, just as an incredibly restricted release 18-karat rose gold variant of the L2. Actually, I’d love to get my hands on an embarrassed L2 — with a huge size, splendid face and Leica logo, it’s unquestionably going to be a friendly exchange.