White or Yellow Gold: Which is Your Favorite Blue Submariner?

White or Yellow Gold: Which is Your Favorite Blue Submariner?

The excellence of utilizing blue as the predominant tone in such a plan is its capacity to work agreeably with a large group of different tones and produce strikingly various impacts with each.

By nature a cool tone, coordinating blue with impartial shades, for example, white or silver gives a feeling of solidarity and changelessness. On the other hand, blending it with its contrary numbers on the shading wheel, the warm tones of orange and gold, adds a hint of lavishness and extravagance. In 2008, Rolex commended their 100th year at the highest point of the watchmaking pecking order by delivering their most popular creation, the inescapable Submariner, in two shading plans with a rich, regal blue as its base. The Rolex Submariner ref. 116619 , with its bezel and dial besting a 18k white gold case, and the ref. 116618, its indistinguishable highlights encased all in yellow gold.

Same watch, same flawless designing, same ageless plan—however two altogether different statements.

Below, we’ll investigate both and the individual looks they create.

Rolex Submariner ref. 116619 is made of white gold.

The Rolex Submariner ref. 116619LB

The current load of the world’s #1 jump watch is greater and bolder than any of the innumerable emphasess that have come previously. Though its nearest archetype was respected for its elegant extents, with a case that cleared smoothly into its arm band, this most recent variant is tied in with showing a more commanding presence.

Although in fact similar size as past issues, the present Submariners have been significantly augmented, with wide carried carries loaning the watch a squarer profile and giving an impression of a piece a lot bigger than its 40mm diameter.

Set with the new Maxi dial, with hands and lists far fatter than previously, alongside a heftier arrangement of crown watches, all the progressions amount to an all around built, handle-anything vibe.

Combining these manly redesigns with a rich blue face on a white gold body gives the ref. 116619LB a stylish that is unadulterated flexibility. While the dial and bezel give an eye-getting accentuation, the steel-like briskness of the case and wristband leaves this commemoration Sub with the troublemaker persona that put it on the map in any case. (The way that it’s nicknamed The Smurf is something we can disregard for now).

The Rolex Submariner ref. 116619, the Smurf, is a watch that holds an amazingly blue dial and bezel.

It is a watch that is without a moment’s delay both broadly conspicuous and completely new. The white gold components can undoubtedly be confused with the utility of cleaned steel, having the impression of the imperishable dark firsts, and yet, we realize Rolex holds the luxuriousness of blue shading plans for their valuable metal editions.

With the two elements of extravagance and animal power cooperating, the ref. 116619LB is a Submariner that underlines its go anyplace bid. As was demonstrated decisively by James Bond, it has consistently hosted the get-together piece of coordinating easily with whatever outfit is important—regardless of whether that is a tuxedo or a wetsuit.

In its freshest blue structure, it’s something of a Catch 22; both downplayed and eye catching—a dazzling reevaluation of a notorious classic.

The reference 116618 is another blue Submariner, yet it has been fit with yellow gold.

The Rolex Submariner ref. 116618LB

By comparison, there is not much or unassuming about an all yellow gold Submariner, and there never has been. Regardless of whether it’s set off by a dark dial or the dark blue on the ref. 116618LB, it communicates a totally different message than its white gold counterpart.

With this form, all similarity to the Submariner’s unique reason—to be a definitive device watch for submerged travelers, has been cleared to clear a path for a without a doubt cut of lavish extravagance; a wearable image of accomplishment and accomplishment.

Still, regardless of whether it could at any point be worn any nearer to the water than the pool bar, it is as yet a Rolex plunge watch, and the final result of a few ages of steady evolution.

Like the ref. 116619LB above, it is from the arrangement that acquainted Cerachrom with the Submariner. Its well known unidirectional bezel, a safeguard route for Scuba jumpers to monitor their drenching times, is currently fashioned from a blur safe and practically tough fired. Its degrees are covered with an incredibly fine layer of gold and given a last precious stone clean to leave it impenetrable to scratches, erosion and UV rays.

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Inside, the two models are fueled by a similar Cal. 3135, the most broadly utilized and generally confided in development the company has at any point created. Itself the subject of nonstop enhancements, the most recent form beating away underneath the strong gold shells is equipped with Rolex’s own Parachrom Bleu hairspring, unaffected by both attraction and temperature variety. Exact a long ways past the guidelines set somewhere near the authority COSC accreditation, it conveys the brand’s own Superlative Chronometer tag, meaning a timekeeping exactness of +2/ – 2 seconds a day.

The contrast between the gleaming gold case and the splendid blue of its dial and bezel gives the ref. 116619LB a brilliance not at all like some other model in the Submariner setup. The complementary tones make it the most vivid piece in the reach, with a practically happy quality. It’s a watch to wear on an excellent summer’s day; or on those occasions when you need reminding what summer is like.

Yellow or White?

Choosing between a white gold and yellow gold form of a blue dialed Rolex Submariner isn’t just a decent issue to have, it is likewise, obviously, completely down to individual taste.

On the one hand, you have the most amazing aspect the two universes; a watch that has kept quite a bit of its durable, workmanlike appearance, however with the expansion of a luxuriously shaded face that will win the appreciation of those with a more profound information on the brand. On the other, the extravagance of the all yellow gold model leaves nobody in any uncertainty, paying little mind to their advantage in extravagance timepieces.

Whichever you choose to go for, investigate our determination of the best instances of used pieces to guarantee you are left with the Submariner you have consistently imagined of.