You Are There: The 167th Prix De Diane Longines In Chantilly, France | Quill & Pad

You Are There: The 167th Prix De Diane Longines In Chantilly, France | Quill & Pad

Horse dashing is truly about style – the manner in which the creatures move as they run, the spruced up outing for the observers, and obviously the hats.

This finalist in the “Mademoiselle Diane standard Longines” competition at the 2016 Prix de Diane got a Dolce Vita watch

France, as you may envision, takes such a thing to an unheard of level. I have attended pony races in different nations and I can confirm that they are not generally the rich display as the Prix De Diane I saw in Chantilly as of late, with the stunning setting of the acclaimed manor arising in the background.

As Juan-Carlos Capelli, VP of Longines, said during the occasion to which I had most charitably been welcomed, “This may not be the main pony race on the planet, yet it is doubtlessly the most glamorous.”

Dolce vita: picnickers devouring champagne and caviar while flaunting fashion at the 2016 Prix de Diane with Château de Chantilly in the background

Longines is presently the main supporter of expert equestrian occasions on the planet. The brand is available at the best 36 worldwide flat pony dashing occasions (notwithstanding various others in the orders of show hopping, dressage, and so on), which range from the popular Kentucky Derby through the Belmont Stakes, Prix de Diane, Royal Ascot, and past – in each country where this customary game takes place.

In all, Longines supporters and participates in excess of 400 occasions for each year.

Eddie Peng ignores the grounds of the Prix de Diane 2016 with Château de Chantilly in the background

Prix de Diane

While the Prix de Diane may not the main pony race on the planet, it is surely the most significant for expertly hustling fillies – indeed, this occasion is open only to youthful female ponies. Which explains the name of the occasion: “Diane” after the Roman deity Diana, goddess of the chase and the moon.

First run in 1843, the race remunerates the quickest three-year-old filly over a classic distance of 10.5 furlongs. One furlong is equivalent to 220 yards/201.17 meters, making it somewhat more than two kilometers.

Race day, which occurred in 2016 on June 19, comprises nine distinct races, the most significant of which is the Prix de Diane Longines, flaunting the largest tote: 1,000,000 euros; the triumphant filly’s group gets €571,400 of this.

Jockey Christian Demuro won the Prix de Diane Longines on La Cressonnière

The champ in 2016 was La Cressonnière moved by Christian Demuro. As a component of the prize-giving service Demuro, the pony’s proprietor Antonio Caro, and mentor Jean-Claude Rouget all got imitation watch reviews from the Longines Master collection.

“We share such countless qualities with the Prix de Diane,” said Capelli. “We are an ideal match. This is the solitary game where the observers wear caps and suits. This isn’t snooty; this is ageless and elegant.”

The fashion

For numerous at Chantilly, the day is more about fashion in the grandstands than the racers and fillies giving it their everything on the track.

Some of the cool fashion in evidence at the 2016 Prix de Diane (photograph civility Yves Forestier)

While an imitation watch reviews is maybe simply ostensibly critical to a genuinely rich outfit, the kinds of copy watch reviews that Longines makes do fit wonderfully with horse hustling style – particularly the Dolce Vita with its craft deco design, a non-meddling, classic approach to add a watch to an outfit that is by and large eclipsed by a flamboyant hat.

Among its visitors, Longines looked out the most carefully dressed lady with cap to become the “Mademoiselle Diane standard Longines.” I investigated all the conspicuous caps in the large VIP tent, wondering on the off chance that I’d have the option to choose the inevitable winner.

Some of the excursion fashion in evidence at the 2016 Prix de Diane (photograph kindness Yves Forestier)

As it ends up, I didn’t anticipate the champ (however I won €64 at one point by wagering on a triumphant pony utilizing an extremely non-logical methodology). Alexia Masseron, who won the competition, gotten a Longines Dolce Vita encased in treated steel and decorated with precious stone setting. However, I’ll wager she wasn’t depending on getting it from the hands of Chinese heart breaker Eddie (Yuyan) Peng – which she did.

Alexia Masseron (far right),”Mademoiselle Diane standard Longines,” most carefully coordinated her outfit to the steel-and-precious stones Dolce Vita she got; Eddie Peng and jury president, previous Miss France Sophie Thalmann, awarded it to her

In the expressions of Capelli, the Dolce Vita model commends tastefulness. “All that we do is about class; we think elegance.”

The watches

Developing “Polish is an Attitude” as its slogan in the late 1980s, Longines started to zero in on supporting rich, genuinely charged games like vaulting and equestrian competitions. This bodes well as Longines is one of the uncommon reproduction watch reviews companies that similarly targets both male and female copy watch reviews wearers with watches, promoting and selling 50% of its assessed 1,000,000 imitation watch reviews each year to men and 50 percent to women.

“And this is certifiably not another technique for Longines,” Capelli expressed. “Directly from the start we have done 50-50 percent. We are one of the uncommon Swiss imitation watch reviews brands that accomplishes such a great deal of our business with ladies’ watches.”

Charmingly effortless at the race track and somewhere else: the quartz Dolce Vita in an Art Deco treated steel case

To underscore this, he explained, “Show hopping, for instance, is one of the uncommon games where people even compete together! You see similar measure of ladies and men as observers; equine game is for the two people – and frequently the ladies are surprisingly better and quicker than the men in these sports.”

Both late insights and my short talk with Capelli affirm that this technique keeps on serving the brand well; Longines stays one of the top-selling Swiss brands today despite the all around promoted plunge in deals that Switzerland’s extravagance reproduction watch reviews industry has been experiencing.

According to , one of the world’s largest measurements entries, Longines was the fifth most important Swiss copy watch reviews brand of 2015, directly behind Rolex (#1), Patek Philippe (#3), Chopard (#4), and Swatch Group kin brand Omega (#2). That is a serious great figure, particularly when you consider that Longines’ value focuses are considerably lower than the other four brands listed.

“We will be 185 years of age one year from now; we are doing whatever it takes not to be a fashion copy watch reviews or brand,” Capelli unveiled the purpose behind this achievement. “A Longines copy watch reviews is for yesterday, today, and tomorrow – and this is something vital. Ideally we will in any case be here in 185 years!”

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