You Are There: Visiting The Vianney Halter Workshop | Quill & Pad

You Are There: Visiting The Vianney Halter Workshop | Quill & Pad

Looking at you: a presentation remain in the Vianney Halter style

One of the incredible things about making companions in the gatherer and watchmaking communities is that at some point or another, one beginnings accepting solicitations to visit where the imaginative reasoning and excellent handwork in horology really occurs: the produces of the enormous brands and the ateliers of the independents.

I’ve now had the chance to partake in numerous such visits and I can advise you most assuredly that there isn’t anything very like chatting with Vianney Halter at his workshop in the little Swiss town of Sainte-Croix.

In on the ground floor: tower clock development at Vianney Halter’s workshop

Immediately after entering the sizable manufacturing plant expanding on the ground floor, one is guided into a wonderland of mechanical peculiarities, including tower clock developments, tremendous watch development models, divider measured detonated drawings of Vianney’s watches, and interests like a limited scale, operational model of a fire engine.

Larger than life: huge scope model of the schedule subassembly of the Vianney Halter Trio

Just as the entirety of this is starting to soak in, it’s up the steps to the level where both component manufacture and watch get together happen. Luckily, these exercises occur in discrete zones as steps like warmth treatment utilizing powdered charcoal and a blowtorch lose extensive soot.

Light my fire: heat-treating Vianney Halter components

People who have visited Vianney some of the time depict the workshop as a “crazy lab rat’s lab,” and you can perceive any reason why when you are shown producing apparatuses like the hand crafted, mechanized processing machine (underneath). Produced using a combination of physically took care of processing machine, in-house-manufactured, engine driven situating rig, and what gives off an impression of being a late 1960s Univac computer bureau loaded up with clicking transfers, it is an accolade for Halter’s inventiveness and autonomous streak.

And it should fill in as it is the wellspring of countless the extensions and springs utilized in the Vianney Halter watches.

One of a sort: Vianney Halter’s home-assembled processing station

Upstairs (as on the ground floor) itemized drawings of components of Vianney’s watches are particularly in proof. On my second visit to the industrial facility, this ended up being useful; I was experiencing a touch of difficulty with the date change on my Antiqua, and the watchmakers had the option to show me precisely which spring in the interminable schedule development would should be re-made to give the legitimate thought process force.

Follow the directions: development outline for the Vianney Halter Antiqua

Since Halter’s watches are delivered in such little numbers and a considerable lot of them (like the Antiqua with its immediately bouncing interminable schedule complication) are very complex, it makes sense that over the existence of the creation runs, he recognizes and executes progressing improvements.

When prior watches come back for upkeep, Halter and his group fuse those updates. Underneath, we see an Antiqua base plate being re-machined to empower migration of other development parts.

Better than new: refreshing an early Vianney Halter Antiqua movement

The get together territory is a watch darling’s wonderland with plate of parts for the entirety of Vianney’s various watches fit to be utilized depending on the situation for new watches or repairs.

Parts are parts: stockpiling for the Vianney Halter Contemporaine and Antiqua

One of the incredible treats for me on my latest visit to Halter’s industrial facility was to see my Deep Space Tourbillon under development. It’s a brilliant encounter to see something to that effect really taking shape and furthermore to see (and examine) components of the watch –, for example, the Deep Space Tourbillon’s tightened tourbillon carriage, which is vital for its capacity yet isn’t obvious in the completed watch.

Parts for the Vianney Halter Deep Space Tourbillon in different phases of finishing

Hidden wizardry: Deep Space Tourbillon base plate and tightened tourbillon cradle

No visit with Halter is complete without a visit to the loft! All the more large tickers, sextants, and an assortment of instruments from electrical force plants number among the many things that messiness the unheated top floor.

High-strain: electrical instruments and different peculiarities in Vianney Halter’s attic

And if your pinnacle clock needs a substitution pendulum, you presently know where to go.

Tick tock: check pendulums in the upper room at Vianney Halter’s atelier

Before withdrawing, it’s an ideal opportunity to see some completed watches. A few, similar to the Goldpfeil appeared here, are in for fix or routine servicing.

Time for a little TLC: Goldpfeil “Camera” Watch by Vianney Halter

And in case you’re fortunate, you will see a genuine extraordinariness like the Classic Janvier model with its two-circle shadow moon and marchante equation of time indications.

Sun and moon: the Classic Janvier by Vianney Halter

Movement detail: Classic Janvier by Vianney Halter

Speaking of karma: on one of our visits, our gathering got a look of a highly confidential development from the Halter atelier; in the soul of “You Are There,” I will impart it to you now.

Ultra-top mystery: indeed, perhaps not!

I trust you’ve appreciated the visit, and that you currently have a feeling of the magnificent, and completely novel, climate that delivers the innovative watches we’ve come to anticipate from Vianney Halter. Sediment and mess on one hand, exquisite flawlessness on the other; a universe of logical inconsistencies that solitary serves to build my interest with this watchmaker and his work.

The man himself: GaryG with Vianney Halter (right) at his atelier

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